Hey Pandas, What Are Some Rules You Follow In Your Life?

I was doing a project for English class and I wanted to know what everyone else's "rules" that they follow for themselves was.


The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The older I get the more I see in that seemingly simple cluster of words. I should admit that I stray at times, because I am human. But when we raised our children, that was our guide. It gave us patience, and guidelines when we needed them, and made us better listeners. it also enabled us to comfortably admit when we had no idea what to do as parents. Instead of pretending (lying) we talked with them, listened, and ended up with a solution we could all accept.


Here's mine from my English class:

The 5 Rules In My Life:

1. Always Assume Disappointment.
If you are always assuming that someone will let you down, you’ll never be disappointed. And if they don’t you will be pleasantly surprised.

2.Always Respect Someone Until They Give You A Reason Not To.

When you meet someone new, you respect them. Until, they say/do something that makes it so you don’t anymore.

3.Don’t Assume Something Is True.

If you hear something about somebody that didn’t come from the person themselves, always ask them if it is true.

4.Do What Makes You Comfortable.

Who cares what John in the deli thinks? If you like that shirt, f*****g rock it! Do whatever makes you happy, not what you think other people would like.

5.Put Yourself First.

If someone, (i.e, a friend, an S.O, a coworker) wants to do something you don’t want to do, makes you uncomfortable, is pressuring you into something, don’t listen. Listen to what you want first. You are the most important person in your life. You will always come first.

Follow these and live the best life!


Always put your keys back in the exact same place! On a hook, in your front left pocket, in your purse. Otherwise, they could end up in the fridge or inside the couch!


The Golden Rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. It truly makes life better.


Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


If you’re going to complain to someone, complain to someone who can fix it. Otherwise, don’t just complain to anyone. Everyone has there own problems, don’t add to theirs.


Always be polite to strangers especially where people serve or help you.


Never get into car without using restroom first. Never leave the house without 'seeing' the cat. Don't want to leave her in a closed room without access to her litter box.


ALWAYS hug your partner when they come home. From work, the store, whatever. Hug and reconnect physically. This actually syncs your breathing, allows you both to relax, and be happy and at peace with each other.


"You can't change the past. Haw Haw!" (Nelson from the Simpsons)
What you do today will change your future.
The now you live in is a product of your actions in the past.

Summary: You can act now to change your future. Don't regret the past.
Try to live in the moment while making the best decisions you can for tomorrow.


Everything I learnt about morality:

1. Morality is subjective and relative.
2. There exist commonly held values.
3. Morality requires authority.
4. A rule is more enforceable if it has greater support and strength.
5. Religion is mankind’s first attempt at finding factual and moral truth.
6. Humans generally value their own lives.
7. More can be achieved through cooperation.
8. War is the ultimate form of conflict resolution.
9. Karma does not enforce itself, but rather your actions affect how others react towards you.
10. One has to balance self interest with the interests of others.


5 things to quit:
1. Trying to please everyone
2. Fearing change
3. Living in the past
4. Putting yourself down
5. Overthinking


Normal doesn't exist, weird is I complement.
Keep friends close, fight for them.
Never judge the looks before the person.
Expel the opinions and advice that you know will be useless to your personality.
If it helps someone else then it helps.


If you're in a tight spot, your only appropriate response to sincere offers of help is "Yes, thank you". Swallow you pride and stomp on any revulsion of "accepting charity" until it stops twitching. Your best interests are served by accepting any help offered with gratitude.


72 hour rule. I tend to be very reactionary which has caused A LOT of trouble for me in the past. At one point I realized that when I calmed down and thought things thru I generally considered things from multiple perspectives and regretted my initial reaction. So I initiated the 72 hour rule. When something makes me VERY angry or upset I inform the person involved that I will not discuss it again for the next 3 days. In that time I consider the problem and follow up accordingly. Obviously there are times that 72 hours aren’t reasonable but by using this technique most of the time I’ve become much better at responding more reasonably and less defensively. It’s now to the point that the major players in my life know when I need my 3 days and several folks (including my mother.. oh the irony!!) have adopted this rule!


1 - Treat everyone how you want to be treated
2 - (to paraphrase the Wiccan rule) An it harm none, do what you will
3 - If you can't say something nice, say nothing
4 - The only person I need to be better than, is the me from yesterday.
5 - If you aren't sure about doing something, go ahead and do it; it's better to look back and think I shouldn't have done that, than look back and say "I wish I had..." (Originally said by Cher, I believe)


I’m not moral or strong enough to follow my creed as closely as I should, but it goes, “Weigh all words and actions with compassion and reason. When in doubt, err on the side of compassion.”


Respect boundaries and property, including property you're renting/borrowing.

Allow yourself to make enough time for you and don't expect your job to schedule that for you.

Resting is being productive and most important next to nourishment. Don't feel guilty for chilling and sleeping.

Prioritize food over luxuries.

Never just eat the same things all the time. Explore that store.

Everyday is a school day. Now is the time to learn about all the things you've ever wanted to know. Curiosity should never die.

Never suppress emotions. If you feel angry, be angry and shout. If you're upset, cry. If you need to scream, scream. No one can dictate what you should feel.

Don't be such an opinionated, authoritarian towards your kids they'll never want to talk to you about real issues. Always have an open door blind of judgement, make clear rules with reasons and demonstrate healthy communication. They're not turkeys.

Don't push too hard to make things happen. You might cause a disaster. Do give opportunities a nudge and go with the flow. If you really want something else, start the process or move on.


When I have to make a decision or a choice, I think about which action I might regret the most if it doesn't work out. I play all the alternatives to the end, and focus on which one feels the most bearable if it wasn't the best one. Which one can I back out of, or most easily undo, if necessary? Most advice I read is "go for what makes you happy", "maximize profits", positive stuff like that. Positive outcomes do not come often to me and cannot be counted on, so I stick with minimizing the emotional fallout from negative ones.
A second rule I follow is to document everything and save as much as possible, and that often means on paper. You can't count on cloud storage to always be there. I am talking to you, Kodak EZ share, Verizon Pix Place, and Google Plus, where some of my photos vanished forever, and their warnings were either too late or the method they gave you to save them did not work. My most recent "thank you for saving all those boxes of crap, Mom" incident was the College Board trying to tell my 35 year old she had to take the SAT again, because they lost the record that she took it. Well I didn't lose it, they dug a bit harder and she did NOT have to relearn all that useless algebra and geometry to try and achieve her 1400 score again!


1. Never suffer a liar, a thief, or a cheat.
2. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.
3. Do what you can, where you can, when you can.


I have one that I follow very much.

Always try to be honest. The truth can be much more fascinating and easier to keep track of in your head than any work of fiction you might be tempted to come up with.


If you see a cat, you must pet it.


Life is life and you need to follow your own path.


My rules of life are
1. Never talk about anyone unless you know them and it is something nice
2. If someone looks uncomfortable, go see what's going on and if they need help.
3. Try your best to help others and adapt to what they need at that moment.
4. Be polite and kind.
5. Always defend others.
6. Never start a fight.
7. Never turn your back on someone unless they deserve it.
8. Don't try to fit in, just be yourself.
9. Stay away from the 'Cool' kids.
10. Always go at your own pace on tests.
11. Someone is innocent until proven guilty.


When you rely on someone - you are abandoned

The only person you can ever rely on and who is always there for you is yourself. That's why I don't do what I don't think is right and only do what makes me happy.


Never leave anything on a chair that you wouldn't want to sit on.


I always:
Make my own opinions of others regardless of what others think of them. Everyone has haters. What you hear may not always be true.
Be kind. You never know what someone is going through or how a simple smile may turn someone's life around.
Life to the fullest.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Be yourself and love yourself.


Don't be afraid to disappoint or upset people with your boundaries.


1. Always include what you're apologizing for in the apology. Don't just say "I'm sorry," say "I'm sorry for..."

2. If someone doesn't want to talk about something, DON'T push it.

3. If someone looks lonely, talk to them! That's how I met my best friend!

4. If you find an opportunity to do something you're interested in, DO IT! Missed opportunities can change how you live your life.

5. Be confident in your own skin! You don't have to look like an instagram model to be pretty! (Honestly, though, those people are creepy as heck.) You're perfect just how you are!

6. Most importantly, BE YOU!!! Never try to be anyone else because it's just going to make you unhappy. I believe the key to happiness is authenticity.

So there you have it. Life advice from a random 13-year-old on the internet. You're welcome. *bows*


Big decisions where the right choice isn't obvious?: Have a good night of sleep. The best choice will be clearer the next day.


Be kind to humans and animals alike.
Never give anyone any sorrows
In what you do and in what you say
Because you'll soon find that not even 1000 tomorrows
Will buy you back 1 yesterday.


The Golden Rule... Nothing else required.


Try to keep your mouth closed - especially when using the toilet brush.


Don't ask questions you do not want to know the answer to!


1. Be polite to everyone--even when you're filing a complaint. You can make your point effectively and stand up for yourself in a civil manner. How many stories are on BP about people being rude?
2. Don't assume help is on the way. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
3. Always keep a book handy. NOT an e-book, a real book that doesn't require charging.
4. Judge people by their actions, not their words.
5. Find the truth in the profit. Ask whos is gaining what by a situation.
6. Always carry an umbrella.


I'll do your laundry and deliver it to your room, but YOU have to put it in the hamper (I won't go looking for it) and YOU put it away.


My rules for shopping:

1. ALWAYS get tomatoes on the vine
2. Check dates on bread and milk
3. If it's cake you're getting, get it from publix
4. If they don't have the exact thing, don't get anything
5. Check for buy 1 get 1's


1. Be true to myself, and accept myself for who I am
2. Try to forgive and try to not hate anyone or hold grudges
3. Only spread kindness and goodness
4. Don't judge people that you don't know


1. if they ask for money and didn't pay you back don't give em anything
2. the hot water belongs to the one who wakes up early enough
3. never eat taco bell unless you want to get rid of guests
4. sound proof the windows


1. Don't be too polite and friendly with strangers because they often interpret it wrongly...
2. Don't rely on anyone but yourself
3. People are ungrateful, no matter what you have done for them
4. Nothing is what it seems at first
5. Not everything is worth the cost
6. Everything happens for a reason. Eventually you understand why... sometimes years later
7. Spend on experiences rather than things
8. You drift apart with some friends and that's okay
9. Everyone makes mistakes, but don't get stuck in the past
10. Giving is better than receiving


Once a day, do something nice for someone you don't know. Call the "How did we do?" number and give positive feedback. Help someone return a cart. Hold a door open. Bring up misplace groceries to the cashier. Small acts of kindness at least once a day.


To borrow from Socrates, "a life unexamined is not worth living"
You may and you will lie, doesn't matter if you like it, but try not to lie to yourself, at least.
Honesty above truth.
Where your personal stuff is concerned, don't make many compromises.


In my community we have a few basic rules that our men follow, and if we don't the rest of the men will have a talk/fight with you depending on what you did:

1. We never harm women, whether that be physically or verbally.
2. We never lie to our wives.
3. We do what ever we can to protect our loved ones.
4. We try to think of a plan for every situation that could endanger us or the ones we love (home invasion, natural disaster, etc.)
5. If somebody insults you turn the other cheek. If somebody insults your wife or another female in your family then they will apologize.


1. Go with your gut.
If something doesn't seem right it
probably isn't.
2. Better to be quiet and have a few
good than loud and have many fake
3. If someone can't accept you for you,
they aren't worth your time.
4. NOBODY deserves to know anything
about you.
I used to come out to people
because i thought they "deserved" to
know instead of me wanting to tell
them. This is how i was outted to my
Catholic school.


I have a few.... Never marry a guy who proposes in times square on New Year's Eve or at a football game.... Don't post anything online you wouldn't let your grandmother read... dress how I want... and when you binge a series don't tell anyone about it


Ultimately, the only person you can fully trust is yourself. If it's really important, do it yourself.


The answer is always no if you never ask.


When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


1. You teach people how to treat you. If you let someone walk all over you, they will learn that they can do it to you, and they will do it over and over again. 2. If you keep meeting the same kind of people over and over again, YOU are the common denominator. Figure out what YOU are doing wrong, and fix it. 3. Honesty ALWAYS. Nothing hurts more than being called a liar by a liar, because they are only trying to boost themselves and hurt you. 4. The Golden Rule. Always. 5. If you are your authentic weird self 24/7, you will be appreciated and trusted. 6. ALWAYS trust your gut the first time, even if it makes no sense at the time. It will later.


The best apology is a changed behavior.


1. Live every day as if it were your last
2. Ask yourself if that hill is worth dying on (pick your battles).
3. Just chill, very little is worth getting worked up about
4. Find a job you can do that brings you money and keep your passions for hobbies.
5. Be yourself and be kind to yourself.
6. Treat others how you want to be treated.
7. Low expectations of others keeps you happy.
8. Stretch, drink water, move. Keeps you healthy and well.
9. Very few people either notice you or will say something to you, do what makes you happy, wear what you want.
10. Own little, experience much.


Never clip your fingernails while sitting on the toilet.


Just be nice to other people and animals ? and always try and be polite


Look both ways before crossing a street


Try to change things you can not accept and to accept things you can not vhange.


Do the right thing even if it might not be the right thing for you.


Don’t d!e


Treat others the way you want to be treated


You're the one you have to live with forever. Make sure you're happy.


1. You can't change others, people change when they are ready. 2. People always have a reason for doing/feeling/thinking what they do, even if it's not what benefits them. And even if it's not logical to you. 3. Stand up for what you feel is right but don't be afraid to change your mind if you realize you are wrong. It's better to own up to your mistake compared to keep being wrong. 4. There is always different sides of the same story.


Give a random stranger a compliment every time you go out. You could make someone's day with just a "love that sweater" or "your shoes are great!!".


never talk about school to my mom


Started using these a few months ago.

1. Clean the room once a week. My room was a MESS for months at a time

2. Me before friends (just little thing though like saying no to going out when I don’t want to and not just agreeing with everything being said)

3. School comes AFTER mental health. Always. My family keep pushing me to put school first and go to school when I am literally having a breakdown and it ticks me off.

4. If they won’t make time for me I won’t make time for them. If you aren’t willing to give up a few seconds to message me back then don’t expect me to message you back straight away.

5. Bored panda and books are life. (Most important one of all)


Nothing good happens after 2am. Go home and go to bed.


1. Never borrow money from friend and/or especially family. It so rarely works out and even when it does, they will always be able to lorde it over you.

2. Look at the people who you're asking for advice from and ask yourself if this is a model of who you want to be.

3. Don't ever believe you are special. You're not. Goth? There are a million others like you. 'I'm just kind of weird'... not you're not. There are many like you. Don't ever think you're unique because you end up sometimes getting depressed or worried about not fitting in. Whatever you're worried about, most people are worried about, too.

4. If you really want to be differnt then be smart, push past the excuses people will allow you to give into to justify not pushing yourself and not succeeding. And don't give into mediocrity because it's easier.


1 - Try not to be a hypocrite.
2 - Be aware that everyone is the protagonist in their own story, including the villain.
3 - Sometimes you HAVE TO be the a$$h()le.
4 - Try to be self aware that behavior that seems normal or fine, may be threatening to others (this does not include snowflakes or SJW's...eff them).
5 - Just because a person has a different political view or religion than you, does not make them 'the enemy'; sometimes your side is just plain wrong.
6 - Always be prepared to change your opinion in the light of new information. Double check sources though.
7 - The beggar looking for a handout in the pouring rain or blizzard, probably needs the money.
8 - 'fess up when you mess up. Any employer that would fire you for an honest mistake, is not a place you really want to work.


Big fish eat little fish, fast fish eat slow fish, and smart fish eat stupid fish. Grasp that in all its subtle nuances and take it from there.


Mine all relate to my distrust for the people I’m forced to live with… like don’t make funny sarcastic comments unless they’re in a good mood, always keep grades up, don’t refuse things, let them guilt trip you because if you don’t it’ll get worse… etc etc :)


1# Keep learning, keep improving.
2# Say you are sorry for X. Not, I'm sorry you are X. There is a difference, and it means a lot to hear it.
3# Talk to yourself like you are your best friend.
4# Allow yourself to express bad feelings, then keep moving.
5# Listen to your body's limits.
6# When you can, offer help to someone.
7# Remember everyone makes the same mistakes, even when they know better.
8# Let other people be happy, how it makes them happy. Don't tell them why you think they're doing it wrong.
9# Learn to trust, knowing it can hurt.
10# The job does not, in fact, own you.

Others I haven't quite pinned down. This helped me really put them into words, thank you.


Learn how to say “No” to the people that only around when they need help and never reach your desperate call. It's easier and healthier to pursue a future dream than to change the past. Be a decent person, if you can't sympathize at least don't be an Ahole. It's ok to be different if you're comfortable with a small circle of friends and distance yourself from the potential trouble, that's your choice, and you're free to choose. Never engage with office drama, stay away from people who bad-mouthing colleagues. If you are traveling to a new place always learn the local wisdom and try your best to follow the guideline. Believe your guts. Try to stay within budget, never get a loan for unnecessary things. Sometimes in life being helpful to others keeps us alive, just remember not to burn ourselves out. Even if it's hard, live a healthy lifestyle, If exercise in the gym is too much hassle, static walking while watching TV is better than nothing. Do not litter. Stay away from drugs.


Excuses are for people who know they've done something wrong.


Never harm, never lie, never be unfaithful to a lady.


1. I will not litter. Haven't since I was 13 years old.
2. I will not lie to you. I haven't told a lie since I was 43. I'm in my 60's now. Telling the truth is very hard to do day in and day out. Test yourself.
3. When I meet someone and I think we could be friends. I work in this question in a general conversation. I'll ask them " Do you think it's easy or is it hard to tell the truth?". Most of the time " It's easy" pops out of their mouth way to quick. I give those people a wide berth.
3. I just wing the rest by knowing no matter what happens one day I will die. What I like about that is that I already know what I will die from. One word: Happiness.


Take people for what they are the very first time.


Made it to 73 years practicing the following;
1. Want to make god laugh? Make a plan.
I really don't believe in a "god" or religion but I don't rule out spirituality so rule #1 is followed by,
2. Take what the defense will give you (Plan 'B' so to speak when your first plan bites the dust).
And in this age dominated by social media, pundits, influencers, celebrities, politicians, etc., etc. always remember to check sources or, as an investigative reporter once wrote,
3. "If your mother says she loves you, check it out!"
Lastly, the old, old military principle of K.I.S.S. when planning anything,
4. Keep It Simple, Stupid!
That's all folks!!!!


1 Do good in school


#1 Get up on the right side of the bed. #2 Staying positive. #3 Try not to piss anyone off. #4 Read Bored Panda every day. #5 Eat healthy. #6 Enjoy life and the things that you love to do.


Not to tell someone about a flaw unless it’s something they can fix in a few seconds like a piece of food in their teeth or if their pants zipper is down


Strive to be a good person, and if you can't, be an amazing person.

Just general human decency


The 10 Commandments.


Variety is the spice of life, and everything in moderation.


1. It's easier to say I'm sorry than it is to ask permission.

2. Why walk on eggshells when you can stomp on them? They're going to get crushed either way.


In relationships with men:
I never wait in line.
I never take turns.
I never share.


-) People who are always friendly or tell you that they are good persons are suspicious.
-) Never leave without giving your loved ones a good bye kiss.
-) Be nice and help, especially if it does not cost much.
-) Don't care too much about others opinions. (Specially strangers) If it feels right for you it is good.


Whenever I wanted to say something in the public, I always think the three:
1. Is it appropriate?
2. Is it necessary?
3. Don't say it if you don't feel like it.


Never try never win


My second rule of happiness and wellbeing:

When doing something disgusting, messy or dirty, for the love of god, keep your mouth shut ! Anything that can blow up in your face will certainly do so.


Love yourself first, then only you can spread love. Sad heart is full of chaos


Organize your closet by color. Regardless of short sleeve, long sleeve, sweater, etc., you’ll quickly find what you need and your closet will forever be organized!


Not really a rule but whenever I’m scared or nervous or proud I tell myself I’m doing this for others. I try to do that whenever I can.


Keep your bathroom clean, pleasant, smelling nice, good towels, etc. You can't clean yourself in a place that feels and looks dirty and unkempt.


I believe in living and let live. And by treating others as you would like to be treated. Normally that doesn't happened but today I actually had three Angels help me. Now I'm an atheist so I mean Hurstbourne angels but I went to go pick up my paycheck and money for the bank for my mom to pay rent I ran into the landlord in the parking lot give him his money and then went shopping at Dollar Tree. When I went to look for the rest of the money it was all gone I couldn't find it anywhere. I retraced my steps I went crazy all of the bags and given me were broken and falling my phone broke it was awful but angel number one helped me when I didn't have money to pay for my food at the Dollar Tree. As I was coming home and all the boxes were breaking angel number to pulled up with a nice reusable bag I could use to get my things home. Then after a couple hours of worrying about my wallet angel number three called from the Dollar Tree to tell me it had been found and nothing was missing. People do have that in them and I'm more grateful than I can ever say if I. So thank you and my angels around Island Pond Road this morning your problems we never read this I hope you get some graduation anyway and thank you.


I mostly go by one: When you feel sad, find a fictional world to disappear into.


the top rule in my home
1 never let mom cook when she is ill


Always live in the best of the better half.

There will often be good and bad about the exact same thing, so don't waste too much energy on the bad bits, focus on the best of it instead. For example, you might have to deal with a pile of dirty diapers, but don't let that distract you from spending as much cuddle-time with the baby as you can.


My rule is that integrity matters above all else- try to do what is right no matter how hard it is. No one is perfect, but I have found that the abilty to do the right thing when no one is watching is a rare trait nowadays. It's an unpopular opinion, but I think revenge is not always the best policy, and that it perhaps says more about you than the one who wronged you first. The world has always been a mess, since the beginning, and the fact that forgiveness seems to be going out of style is a terrifying prospect. I'm not saying that you should let people walk all over you, there is absolutely a time to be firm. However, my personal rule of staying true to my morals has helped me see the good in people that I might have missed otherwise.


I actually started writing them down in a little notebook, for when I need to remind myself of one or the other. Order not neccessarily according to importance.

> live and let live.
> be honest to yourself.
> say what you think and do what you say.
> value loyalty and sincerity.
> respect should be given until disrespect was earned.
> you can promise tomorrow, but you can't buy back yesterday.
> always give second chances, never give third ones.
> have good friends instead of many friends.
> family is not a free-pass for forgiveness.
> give advice only when asked for.
> say no of you want to and don't make up excuses.
> take pride in yourself, don't belittle your own achievements.
> if you feel you're being taken advantage of, you probably are.
> don't let anyone question your ambition when instead they mean they mean they want you to want different things.
> apologize if you mean it. stand your point and accept the consequences if you don't.
> don't make yourself dependant of others.
> don't ask if you don't like the answer.
> better to think twice and work once than to think once and work thrice.
> always have the back of your loved ones
> don't say anything about someone that you wouldn't say to their face.
> everything you do is a coin toss. always have a plan b and c.
> better to apologize afterwards than to ask permission before.
> expect the worst and do your best and you'll rarely be disappointed.
> take what you earned, be neither wasteful nor forgoing.
> there can be reprimand without judgement


1. No Debt - no matter what.
2. Try not to do money transactions between friends. Lend enough so your relationship doesn’t hurt with them even when they wont be able to give it back.
3. Priorities your life needs. Sit-down and talk to yourself from time to time.
4. Plan as much as you can and after that execute it. After execution forget about the plan, forget about the result. Leave it to god.
5. Karma gonna bite you back no matter what. Keep your deeds checked.
6. Family is like a spiderweb- no matter how hard or bad things would be with each other. Its gonna connect from each other like a web connects to itself.

Oh I have too many…


1. Do not go to sleep unless you've done something useful that day. Rescued a bug. Given a beggar a coin. Written a magnum opus. Painted a picture. Built a pizza oven. Whatever. Just something useful.

2. Be kind to everyone, even a$$holes, and particularly to people who are sociopolitically weaker than you. Don't say anything unkind, it always comes back to bite you. Even if it's meant as humour. Rather avoid jokes and gossip.

3. Help everyone who needs help but not to the point where it inconveniences you or your family in a measurable way. If you see they're a repeat "needer" then sit them down and try understand why they're failing at life and see if you can suggest changes to their behaviour. BUT most people who need help all the time are self-destructive and fear change, so they're really going to waste your time. Avoid lending money to help people out. The easiest way to avoid it is to give a story about how much debt you are in, in grotesque detail, and why you are about to be foreclosed. It's the most polite well to tell people No without sounding mean/cruel/stingy.

4. Enjoy your food but keep portions small. There's zero good reason for special diets. It's quantity that's the issue.

5. Freedom is more important than approval. If your boss, spouse, partner, or friend, keeps trying to make you into not-you, leave. Commit to and bond with only people who have the same outlook, the same goals, and the same sense of humour. Everyone else will try change you.

6. Everyone wants the same things out of life. A decent place to stay, a family, maybe a car and some vacation time, and low stress levels. Chasing money is the route to these things, not the goal itself. What this means is that immigrants, and people from other races, are not coming to take away your chances. There's not a limited pool of opportunities. It's not a zero sum game. Don't be racist or xenophobic, in other words.

7. It's none of your business who sleeps with who and what gender they are. If they ask you to call them "they" or "ve" or whatever, just do it. Same as how you call priests "Father" even if you're an atheist, or how you call the president "Mr President" even if you didn't vote for him. It's no skin off your nose.

8. There's never a reason to fight in any context, every human being, unless they are on drugs, can be calmed down and reasoned with. It just takes patience and kindness.

9. You gradually change over time and so do your friends. This is not a problem. Leave the past in the past.

10. Stand first for what is right, for justice. Always defend the weak and do not tolerate bullies. After that, worry about how it affects you. If most people can't afford hospital, vote for something that will help them. How it affects you is in fact less important because you are only one person.

11. Develop yourself. Acquire new skills all the time.

12. Approach whatever you fear and learn to control it.

13. Don't think at all. Empty your mind. It's a waste of time and you will be able to make decisions without that mental verbiage going through your head. Any thought containing "I should/would/could have", or "Why do I" is going to lead to depression. Empty your mind and just do things with your hands. You'll be surprised that you do not need those word thoughts at all.

14. Don't worry about debt unless the service amount it exceeds your income to the point where it adversely affects your lifestyle. Draw up a budget including unexpected expenditures, like avocado toast, and if taking on debt will mean fewer avocado toasts, don't take it on. If however you can still have your toast AND carry the debt, it's fine. Debt lets you buy things you can't afford - like a house - and later on you can resell at profit.

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