10 Modern Outdoor Furniture Designs With Stylish and Unexpected Features

The weather is great, the birds are chirping and all you want is to spend some time outside and to relax. The only thing that could make this experience even better is the outdoor furniture. Just like regular indoor furniture, it comes in lots and lots of different styles, sizes, and materials so choosing the perfect combination is not exactly a walk in the park, however, you usually do have more freedom since you can get away with oversized furniture pieces and certain designs that wouldn’t make much sense indoors. It’s always inspiring to check out some of the latest and greatest models that designers came up with so that what we’re going to do today.

The Ruby Daybed is an imposing and eye-catching piece of furniture with a really cool design. It has a big, almost square-shaped seat enveloped by a breezy frame that extends upwards to create a curved shell and to give the bed an egg shape inspired design. This curved section acts as a canopy and a protective shell which makes this daybed extra comfortable and cozy for its users. With a design like this it’s sure to become the focal point of the outdoor sitting area.

The Naples Armchair is a very beautiful piece of furniture with a modern and stylish design. It has a very relaxed and casual appearance while at the same time maintaining a sophisticated look. The seat and backrest are enveloped in a lovely knitted shell which is attached to four slender legs made of wood via metal supports. This gives it a hammock-inspired feel without making it flimsy in any way. Furthermore, the combination of materials and textures is wonderful and very well balanced.

The Afterglow Lounger stands out in the crowd thanks to its smooth and delicate curves and comfort-oriented design. The base extends very softly beneath the seat which gives it an organic look that’s perfect for the outdoor areas. The backrest is adjustable and can be positioned at various different angles but the best part about this design is the knitted pattern which is irresistible.

Apart from the usual furniture, an outdoor area sometimes also needs an umbrella. There are a lot of different types and styles to choose from but very few are as interesting and as eye-catching as the Eclipsum umbrella. It’s not only designed to offer shade but also to stand out and to become an oversized decoration, a sculpture-like addition to the outdoor area that it’s a part of. It’s large and elegant, with a large circular surface and a flat shade sail.

The Big Bark is a totem and as such it adds style and character to the space around it. But it’s not meant to only look pretty. This unusual outdoor accent piece is multi-functional and can also act as a light source and a music diffuser. It’s made of Corten sheets which give it a beautiful patina and a texture that simulates the tree bark. Horizontal cuts into the metal add diversity to the design and the moss patches add textures and increase the resemblance between the totem and a tree trunk.

A couple of chairs can be super useful around the house and there are a lot of cool models that are perfectly suited for outdoor use. You can have them placed around a table or a fire pit or scatter them on the patio or the deck to create a comfortable and relaxing sitting areas. You can mix and match different types of chairs and create a casual and eclectic decor. Check out all the beautiful designs on fermob and let them inspire you.

This amazing piece of outdoor furniture is the Rafael lounge armchair. It’s a comfortable and eye-catching piece with a unique look. The frame is made of teak wood and features a very interesting backrest. It’s a collection of wooden boards of different shapes and sizes connected to one another in groups of three and four. They curve around the seat and add a playful and dynamic twist to the overall design of this piece.

The Alat garden bed was designed by Andreu Carulla and has a modern and sculptural design. It’s meant to be placed outdoors in areas surrounded by vegetation and to allow its users to relax and unwind, enjoying the shade and tranquility. It’s definitely a big piece and it has a large slatted screen that frames the bed and together with the frame it gives the piece an octagon-shaped design.

Hanging chairs are always a lot of fun and the Marea series includes a very special one. This gorgeous garden hanging chair and the matching easy chair version are designed by Andreu Carulla and Joe Doucet. They’re both durable and elegant and have lightweight designs with clean lines and a stylish selection of materials and textures.

Emma armchair introduces an interesting concept: customization. There’s a wide variety of different combinations of seats, legs and backrests to choose from. The general design is simple and modern, blending clean and straight lines with smooth and gentle curves and different textures and finishes. You can choose between aluminum and wooden legs and two different upholstery options for the seat. The backrest has a distinctive design, featuring a powder-coated aluminum frame covered in hand-woven cord.

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