Everyone has their own idea of what comfort looks like and this image differs depending on the setting, the decor, the ambiance or the occasion.

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For instance, a comfortable deck or poolside terrace is not the same thing as a cozy bedroom or living room. The parameters change and so does the type of furniture you should foor. Today the focus will be on the outdoor lounge chair and the many wonderful designs available on the market.

It’s modern with a little bit of vintage charm and this makes it versatile and easy to adapt to a variety of configurations and settings. The Paraggi outdoor lounge chair is handcrafted from solid mahogany and comes in two sizes, both with and without cushions. The covers are removable and washable and they come in a variety of different colors.

It would be just a bit too large and robust for indoor spaces but for the outdoors this cozy daybed is simply perfect. You can take out in the garden, in the backyard, on your large deck orby the pool. If it fits properly then you know you’ll definitely enjoy it. For more details, check the full description for the Palay daybed offered by Exteta.

Locus Solus is a chair that looks quite familiar. That’s because it remind us of vintage rocking chairs. It has a similar structure, although the design has been greatly transformed and turned into something more modern and sculptural. The frame of the chair features minimalist lines and smooth, elegant curves. As a whole, the piece is quite extravagant. In each case, the frame can be complemented by removable fabric cushions available in a variety of different colors.

The iconic design of the Locus Solus Sdraio sun lounge is inspired by the style of the 1960’s. The design is defined by spherical and tubular forms which give the lounge chair a really comfortable and enjoyable look. Its frame is made of tubular steel, available in various color options and the cushions are handmade and have removable covers.

Eclecticism is a pretty common characteristic for the products in the Paraggi collection. This sun lounger, for instance, puts together retro and contemporary elements and the unusual combo is highlighted in subtle ways. For instance, an indicator would be the selection of materials used. The lounger has a frame made of solid mahogany and its seat is upholstered in Sunbrella marine fabric. The backrest is adjustable.

If you’re looking for a lightweight sunbed for your poolside lounge deck or for your deck, have a look at the Bahia. It’s a sunbed with an aluminum frame and a really simple and user-friendly design. This is the version which wheels. Extra cushions can be added for increased comfort. You can stack the lounge chairs to save space when storing them.

Versatility and modularity are important characteristics for a lot of contemporary furniture pieces. They’re the two main attributes of the Belt system, a series of modular units which can combined in a variety of ways to create comfortable eating arrangements for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor version features solidokumé wood frames while the indoor sets have fir wood frames.

The outdoor furniture series designed by Stephen Burks includes a set of weaved chairs and ottomans created using a new type of ecological fabric. Each piece has a powder-coated aluminum mesh frame and is topped with comfortable cushions. The Dala collection is a modern interpretation of traditional designs handcrafted using weaving techniques.

Few things are more pleasant than relaxing in a comfortable rocking chair on a beautiful morning when the birds are chirping in the trees and the sun gently caresses the earth. For a wonderful experience, get yourself a rocking chair from the Mbrace collection and pair it with a matching ottoman/ footstool.

Very similar to the rocking chair we just described, the Wing chair from the same series features a stylish wooden frame and a seat that practically embraces the user, providing a cocoon like seat that’s both very comfortable and very good-looking, perfect for contemporary decors.

The Fuori sunbed is part of a collection defined by harmonious forms and very simple lines. The designs are a mixture of modern minimalism and industrial ruggedness. In order to maintain the balance between these two styles, the designer gave the lounge chairs an adjustable backrest, a simple frame with round edges and wheels that make them user-friendly.

Designed by Paola Navone for Antwerp, this series includes chairs, sofas and tables for outdoor use. Their designs and forms are simple but also playful and eye-catching, able to stand out and to look gorgeous on patios, decks and gardens. They have a refreshing spring-like vibe and they come in various different sizes.

It doesn’t look like much but the minimalist and unintrusive design is intentional and meant to look natural in casual outdoor settings. This is a combination between an armchair and a lounge seat. The two are combined and share a single frame which is linear, sleek and with a little bit of industrial character. This is the blue and green version but you can also find the unit in pink and red. {found on mullercanseveren}.

Specifically designed to be versatile and to suit various types of settings and spaces, the Aspara series designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba lets you build your own outdoor seating arrangement very much the same way you’d complete a puzzle. The modules have bases made of wooden slats and they can be arranged in multiple configurations. For instance you could have an L-shaped seating unit for your deck or you could disperse the units into several individual seats.

We really love the curved highback on this beautiful three-seater sofa. It’s a part of the Esedra collection and its wonderful signature frame is made of Natwick fiber and aluminum. The high backrest that curves around the frame creates a very comfortable and intimate setting and the design as a whole is perfect for casual outdoor spaces.

The sculptural nature of this beautiful two-seater reminds us of all the stunning pieces designed by Kenneth Cobonpue. Specifically designed for outdoor use, the daybed is accompanied by a matching ottoman with a similarly elegant frame. Imagine this duo out on a deck or in the garden by a fountain.

The go-to option when you’re not sure how to furnish a space so it looks extra cozy is the forever funky beanbag chair. But what if you want to take your comfy beanbag chairs outdoors? Well, you could cover them with an Original Outdoor Jacket from f or, if you want, you can get some specially-designed beanbag chairs and sofas for outdoor spaces such as the ones featured above. Some of these are actually inflatable loungers which you can pack flat and take with you wherever you go. Very practical and very convenient.

Of course, the classic option is the chaise-lounge which often looks something like this. You can find versions with adjustable backrests that are usually very comfortable and you can have a lot of fun customizing each chaise with cushions in the colors that you like.

Hanging chairs are also extremely comfortable and wonderful although they might present a disadvantage in the fact that they need to be hung from a branch, beam or frame. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort when you end up relaxing in a Gravity swing sofa as charming as this one. Depending on your needs, you can get this with or without a frame.

These designs are also a part of the Gravity collection. They feature the same type of graphical and sculptural frames as the hanging chair except these sit on the ground. Notice the cohesiveness resulted from the matching design elements that define all the pieces in this series.

Ramón Esteve designed the Ulm collection as a series of sophisticated outdoor furniture pieces that harmoniously combine ergonomics, technology and beautiful design, the result being a set of comfortable units with simple geometric forms. This daybed has a spherical construction, featuring a round base, a rigid but delicate frame with a backrest that envelops the seat and a parasol.

Deck furniture usually comes in the form of chairs, benches, tables and the occasional sofa. Daybeds, on the other hand, are a bit more tricky. If you want to take the daybed or even a sofa by the pool or somewhere else where there’s no roof to offer shade, you’ll most likely want a canopy over your head. The combo could look something like this.

Simplicity is the key to comfortable outdoor furniture. The whole idea is to simplify the designs and to focus on what truly matters: functionality and comfort. There’s no need for unnecessary and purely aesthetic details unless they contribute to the overall character of the collection. This whole setting, for instance, showcases the beautiful characteristics of the wood combined with textile accents. Any combination of these pieces can look great on your deck, terrace or out in the yard, around a firepit.

The Putney lounge chair is perfect for sunny decks and patios and would look beautiful by the pool or out in the garden. It has a modern design with clean and simple lines and it has an elegant and refined appearance. It’s part of a 3-piece set which includes two loungers and a small side table with a square top designed to match them.

Here you can notice a rather strong contrast between the frame of the Andrew lounge chair and the seat. The frame is crafted from metal and is thus slender and has a lightweight and sleek appearance. The seat on the other hand is focused on comfort and has a solid and plushy look. The upholstered fabric is water-resistant which makes this a very versatile piece.

The Nanette lounge chairs are designed to be both stylish and convenient. They have a modern aesthetic inspired by a classic design with soft curves and gentle lines. The chairs are made of acacia wood which has a beautiful natural color. They’re water and UV-resistant so you can leave them outside without any worries and they’re also foldable and easy to move and to transport when you want to pack them and store them for the season.

Sometimes it’s nice to cuddle up with your loved one and to enjoy each other’s company, whether you want to lounge in the sun or to relax and read a book in the garden. This Latitude Run lounger is made just for that. It’s a 2-person recliner chair with a super simple design. It has a super strong and heavy-duty metal frame which can withstand any weather and it can be adjusted in 5 different positions for maximum comfort.

This is also a 2-person lounge chair but this time the design is a bit more sophisticated and eye-catching. The Vizcarrondo lounge chair is ideal for poolside decks and patios or for sunny terraces. The frame is made of metal and is super strong and sturdy. It’s also topped with soft cushions covered in water-repellent polyester, with covers that are washable and replaceable. The element that makes this design stand out however is the curved canopy which can also be removed is needed.

If you want a double lounge chair that prioritizes comfort and also offers flexibility and a beautiful design, this one might be just what you’re looking for. The Villeneuve lounge chair is made of PE rattan and it both waterproof and weather-resistant. It also requires very little maintenance and is highly durable. Each seat can be adjusted individually and has a removable cushion for added comfort.

The Cleghorn chaise lounge has a very inviting and friendly look. Its design is compact, with gentle curves and a lightweight aesthetic. The back frame is adjustable in several different positions and the cushions are soft and comfortable as well as well-suited for outdoor environments. The outer frame is covered in wicker which gives a certain classic, almost traditional look but with a modern twist.

You can instantly tell that the Moyer lounge chair has a pretty strong presence, no matter where you put it and what you surround it with. It’s an outdoor lounge chair made of aluminum and rattan and it’s designed to be highly durable and sturdy. It has a high back which can be adjusted in seven different positions and the two wheels at the back make it easy to move it just by gently pushing it into the desired direction. This can be a nice accent piece for one of the outdoor ideas but can also look great in sets. Pair it with other versatile pieces such as a bar cart or a small side table.

Hanging chairs have a charm of their own, just like lounge chairs do. These two types can be combined and the result is a rather unique piece of furniture. The Esme lounge chair fits into this category. It’s more than just a lounge chair. It’s also a hammock and a hanging chair all at once and it also has an umbrella which can be angled and adjusted based on the position of the sun throughout the day. It’s not the most space-efficient type of lounge chair it sure is one of the more eye-catching types and one of the most relaxing ones as well.

The Lydney lounge chair is quite unusual too, being even more similar to a hammock than the previously mentioned model. It is in fact a hammock attached to a beautiful sweeping frame which curves and turns providing support for a stylish umbrella at one end. Something like this can look wonderful outside by the swimming pool, in the garden or in the backyard and it can just as easily be used indoor as well.

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