Colorado State University Online Programs Review

Colorado State University Online Programs Review

Colorado State University Online Programs Review

Under the umbrella of the reputable Colorado State University, CSU Global is the country’s first 100% online state university.

It offers over 40 certificate and degree options for students who prefer to advance their education on their schedules. The university offers several program options ranging from certificates to master’s degrees and includes subjects from a bachelor’s in criminal justice to a master's in finance.

The education you receive at CSU Global is fully accredited, and the same quality as you’d expect from the university’s flagship Fort Collins campus.

Quick Facts

Colorado State University’s Online Programs

*Information accurate as of 2/13/2020.


If you’re interested in learning about the business world, Colorado State University's global campus offers programs that award you a certificate, bachelor's degree, or master's degree upon completion.

All of these programs will develop your critical thinking, organizational, leadership, and analytical skills. These studies include an undergraduate certificate in business administration designed for those looking for career advancement in business administration.

A graduate certificate in business analytics adds supplemental knowledge on how to analyze data to your current skill set. This program can help you stand out in the business environment.

A bachelor’s degree in business management is optimal for those who want to gain leadership skills and move forward with a management career.

The master’s degree in professional accounting aims to groom you to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


Become a vital part of the health care system by studying health care administration at CSU Global. The school offers both a bachelor’s and master’s in healthcare administration and management.

Through these programs, you’ll develop knowledge in healthcare laws and policies to help organizations overcome problems in the healthcare industry. These degrees intend to prepare you to lead with administration careers in sectors such as hospitals, research facilities, urgent care, rehabilitation, medical billing departments, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Criminal Justice

While CSU Global doesn’t have any certificate opportunities in the field of law, it can provide a bachelor of science in criminal justice and law enforcement administration.

Here you can develop the knowledge and skills to examine criminal justice standards and use scientific methods to solve forensic science problems. A master’s degree in criminal justice and law enforcement administration is also available and prepares you for identifying occupational crimes related to investigation and prosecution.

You can customize your degree by adding a specialization. Depending on your concentration, both degrees can lead you into a career in the government sector of law enforcement, corrections, forensics, probation or parole officer, homeland security, and many more.

Social Sciences

Learn the skills necessary to make a difference in the world around you by earning a certificate or degree in social sciences.

At CSU Global, your options include the undergraduate certificate in fundraising to provide you the qualifications to lead and strategize non-profit fundraising plans.

The bachelor’s degree in human services is designed for careers in case management, community outreach, court liaison, probation officer, non-profit work, and more.

The master’s degree in teaching and learning will prepare future educators in K-12 settings.

Colorado State University Financial Aid: How Do I Pay for My Degree?

Colorado State University works hard to make college affordable for all. That’s why it boasts fixed tuition rates that haven’t increased in seven years and a tuition guarantee locks in the current cost of college for the duration of your studies. To help pay for school, consider these options:

  • FAFSA; complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to see if you qualify for aid from the government in the form of Pell Grants or federal loans.
  • Military tuition assistance; if you’re active duty or retired, you may qualify for benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Employer partnerships and aid; if you’re currently working, check with your employer to see if it partnered with CSU Global to offer a tuition discount. Your employer may also provide tuition reimbursement options.
  • Scholarships; Check out the school’s scholarship page to find several scholarship opportunities.

Colorado State University Admissions: What Do I Need to Know Before Applying?

As classes are held year-round at Colorado State University's global campus, with courses starting every four weeks, you can apply at any time. There is a $25 application fee, but it may be waived under certain circumstances.

To be accepted at CSU Global, you must have the equivalent of a 2.8 high school GPA, along with high school rigor requirements. You must also have an ACT score of at least 18 or an SAT score of at least 980, plus a minimum of two years of work experience. If you don’t meet these requirements, the school may accept you on a provisional basis.

Colorado State University FAQ

The Bottom Line

Dozens of certificate and degree options plus the convenience of 100% online study make Colorado State University Global an attractive option for busy or unconventional students.

By all accounts, the school wants to see you succeed and helps however it can, making it a valuable option if you’re looking to obtain your next degree or gain the education necessary to move forward in the workplace — entirely online.

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