Where I Buy My Gingers Jars

Where to Buy Ginger Jars

When I first started collecting ginger jars a decade ago, they were harder to come by. But these days you can find them everywhere from Etsy to Williams Sonoma to antique markets to Wayfair. Every single day someone asks me where to buy ginger jars so I’m sharing all of my favorite resources.

The first thing to note is that vintage or used is always best in my opinion. I love having pieces in my home that have a story. I have a few jars from my grandmother and great grandmother that are some of my most treasured possessions.

My second favorite way to add to my collection is when I see one I love in a local shop and it just speaks to me. I’ve bought most of my favorite “modern” ones that way.

But there are a ton of great options online these days and here are my go-to spots for ginger jar shopping:

Etsy: A great place to buy vintage ginger jars is on Etsy. The best way to do this is to search for “blue and white ginger jar” and see what pops up. Because most of them are one-of-a-kind products, the inventory is constantly changing.

The Blue Bee & Me on Etsy is an incredible one-stop-shop for all things blue and white. And they happen to have a huge selection of ginger jars at the moment. I love this one.

Tortoise & Hair Vintage Collection is another great Etsy shop. Their jars are pricier but also more substantial if you’re looking for that. This ginger jar is beautiful ($169)

One Kings Lane: Besides Etsy, I’ve bought a bunch of ginger jars on One Kings Lane. This striped 11″ jar ($45) and  this beautiful 15″ one ($70) are great finds right now. And I bought this one ($45) there years ago and still love it. Side note, if you’re in the market for an umbrella stand, I love this. It is almost identical to the one we have in our entryway.

Wayfair: Randomly they have a great selection too. I have my eye on this big guy.

WS Home: When I first started collecting and had a hard time finding them online, Williams Sonoma Home was one of the first places that carried a great selection. Theirs are by no means cheap, but they’re pretty to look at. I’ve been coveting this one ($325) for years.

So there you have it! My ginger jar rundown. If you want to see them in action, you can see them on the shelves in our family room, my home office, and our work-in-progress living room.

Photo by Julia Dags (We shot this right before I moved when I was grouping items together for our movers. I thought it looked so pretty!)

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