When it comes to golf, we tend to get very particular about our clubs

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We want a driver that goes long and straight. We want irons that are forgiving yet playable. And of course, we want a putter that makes us feel as confident as Tiger Woods in 2000.

Does that sound about right?

Well, another tool you should think about to complete your golf arsenal is a quality golf bag to house your most prized possessions. The last thing you want is a bunch of nice golf clubs in some old, sun-faded beat up bag. When it comes to choosing the best stand bags, I think the Sun Mountain 2019 LS 14 stand bag is one of the best ones out there.

Sun Mountain is a trusted name in the golf industry and has everything you need to look good and protect your 14 favorite sticks. Check out the full Sun Mountain 2019 LS 14-Way stand bag review below to learn about all the features and a few alternatives as well.
Sun Mountain 2019 LS 14-Way Stand Bag Review
Sun Mountain released the new, 2019 4.5 LS 14-way stand golf bag this year for serious golfers who want a high-quality stand bag. Each year, Sun Mountain finds a way to level up its product lines and create superior products for its customers. While it is more on the higher-end side, it’s also made to last long-term. It’s probably not a bag you will need to replace every year unless you’re playing a ton of golf.
Features of the Sun Mountain 2019 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand Bag
Here are some of the best features of the Sun Mountain 2019 stand bag.
Lightweight and Durable Design
Like almost all Sun Mountain bags, this is one super durable and very lightweight. It has an oval top with an integrated handle to easily pick up between shots. It also comes with the E-Z fit dual strap system with 3-layer technology for tons of shoulder support and comfort. Plus, it also has lumbar support, airflow hip pad for increased ventilation, and a top-mounted leg mechanism for increased stability.
Tons of Storage
The 2019 4.5 LS has tons of pockets, in fact, there are nine in total! There is pretty much a pocket for everything you need. There is a velour-lined rangefinder pocket, hydration pouch, full-length clothing pocket, and multiple accessory pockets. Plus, it also has a pen holder, umbrella holder, and towel holder.
As I mentioned, this bag is for serious golfers. So if you’re battling the elements and playing golf in the rain, don’t worry, your bag is made for it. It also has several water-resistant pockets and comes with a matching rain hood for each model.
Full-Length Dividers
One of the best features of this new golf bag is the 14 full-length club dividers. With this bag, each club gets its own specific spot in your bag. This means fewer dings on the clubheads and no wear and tear on your expensive shafts.
Tons of Color Choices
One of the best perks of this Sun Mountain bag is the awesome color choices. They have the standard all black which is sleek, camo green, and five other two-tone color choices.
Cart Friendly
The bottom of the bag is cart-friendly so you can use it for every round whether you’re walking or using a golf cart. It features a cart strap pass-through system that runs behind the clothing pocket so the bag can be secured without getting in the way of your pockets. This will virtually guarantee that your clubs never accidentally fall off the cart.
Alternatives to the Sun Mountain Bag
If you’re not 100% sold on this golf bag, here are some other options from other suppliers.
Bag Boy Golf 2018 Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag
The Bag Boy Golf 2018 Go Lite hybrid stand bag is another good choice for a stand bag as it has 14 full-length dividers, large color selection, and even a designated putter well. It also has a similar hip pad, ergonomic shoulder straps and even lockable stand legs with slide-resistant feet.

At 5.2 pounds, it’s not much heavier than the Sun Mountain bag and still has six convenient pockets. Not to mention, it’s cheaper as well.
Titleist Players 4 Golf Bag
Another mid-level golf stand bag is the Titleist Players 4 golf bag. The overall design of this bag makes it one of the sleekest on the market. If you’re feeling really bold and want some extra flash, check out the all-white model (recommended for summer golf only). Not to mention, there are six other bold and colorful two-tone choices as well.

Looks aside, this golf bag is highly functional as well. It’s one of the most lightweight golf bags at only 3.8 pounds. It has a five-way divider, full-length apparel pocket, and high-grade aluminum legs.

Plus a self-balancing dual-strap system for maximum support and comfort. Also, it’s moderately priced lower than the Sun Mountain bag. When it comes to trusted names in the game, Titleist is one of the best out there.

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TaylorMade Golf Stand Golf Bag 5.0
The TaylorMade Golf stand golf bag 5.0 is another solid choice for a stand bag at a fraction of the price. You still get a ton of benefits making this a great choice for beginner golfers. It has six pockets in total, five solid color choices, and a lightweight design (4.1 pounds), making it even lighter than the Sun Mountain.

It also has ergonomic dual shoulder straps with air mesh for a comfortable carry plus an automatic, anti-slip stand system with non-slip footpads. If you’re trying to save your hard-earned money on new clubs or the course but still want to carry, this is the bag for you.

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Top FAQs about the Sun Mountain 2019 LS 14-Way Stand Bag Do putters with a large (or fat) grip fit in the divider?
Yes! If you’re a golfer who prefers a “fatso” grip, don’t worry it will easily fit in this bag. Want to learn more about fatso grips? Check out this post.
Is there a specific spot for the putter?
While it does fit a fatso or jumbo grip putters, there is not a designated spot specifically for the putter.
Does it have an insulated drink pocket?
Yes and no. It does have a hydration pouch to easily access your water or sports drink but it is not an insulated pocket. Overall, it does have plenty of other storage for all your golf gadgets and apparel.
What does LS stand for?
Lightweight series. This is one of the lightest golf bags at 4.5 pounds despite having 14 full-length club dividers.
Summary of the Sun Mountain 2019 LS 14-Way Stand Bag
Hopefully, this Sun Mountain 2019 LS review can help you decide if it’s the bag for you. This midsize stand bag fills the gap between minimalist carry bags and oversized cart bags. It will easily fit in your trunk, lightweight so you can carry a full 18 holes, and also cart ready with its pass-through strap.

Overall, I think there are a ton of qualities that make this bag well worth the price tag. If you’re someone who is committed to walking more and getting in better golf shape, this is the bag for you.

Also, if you are carrying around brand new shafts you don’t want to be damaged or some expensive PXG irons, this is also a great stand bag. The 14 full-length dividers make sure each club gets its own storage compartment to significantly reduce wear and tear.

Click here to grab one today.

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