The Best Patio Umbrellas of 2022

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If you want to take your backyard from so-so to oh-wow, consider investing in a patio umbrella. Known for their superior shading power, good looks, and ability to complete your deck furniture set, these umbrellas provide a serious upgrade. To find the best shade for your outdoor setup, we evaluated a variety of patio umbrellas, both standalone (called cantilever umbrellas) and the more traditional type that is used with a table.

After weeks of testing patio umbrellas, we can safely say that the weather-resistant L.L. Bean Sunbrella Patio Umbrella (available at L.L. Bean) is the best you can buy, right now. We were impressed by its superior fabric, attractive design, and durability. If you’re looking for something more affordable, we named Best Choice Products Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella (available at Amazon) our best value pick. It's a solid option with solar-powered LED lights.

No matter which type of patio umbrella will compliment your outdoor furniture, we have assembled top picks for you to choose from.

Here are the best patio umbrellas we tested, ranked in order:

  1. L.L. Bean Sunbrella Wood Market Umbrella
  2. Best Choice Products Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella
  3. Frontgate 9-foot Outdoor Market Umbrella
  4. Hampton Bay Aluminum Cantilever Solar LED Offset Outdoor Patio Umbrella
  5. Abba Patio 9-foot Umbrella
  6. Blissun 9-foot Patio Umbrella
  7. Grand Patio Deluxe Napoli Cantilever Umbrella
  8. Bluu Cantilever Umbrella 10-foot Umbrella
  9. Bridgehampton Outdoor Metal Umbrella
  10. Better Homes and Gardens 9-foot Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella
  11. Sunnyglade Outdoor Adjustable Cantilever Umbrella
L.L. Bean Market Umbrella with a wooden pole and green fabric umbrella opened in a backyard with grass and trees.
Credit: Reviewed/ Betsey Goldwasser

The L.L. Bean Market Umbrella can be inserted through a table or used with a stand, making it useful for all backyards.

Best Overall
L.L. Bean Sunbrella Market Umbrella

We had nothing bad to say about the L.L. Bean Sunbrella, from its high-quality materials to its superior sun protection. Its sun area measurement is a little over 37 inches. Though not the largest sun circumference we tested, it is well made and the forest green colored Sunbrella fabric provides thorough sun protection thanks to its darker hue. At 8-feet 4-inches high (without the stand), the Sunbrella is also easier for a shorter person to set up and it felt sturdy once it was assembled.

The Sunbrella is also easy to store with its simple design and its thick, green fabric held up well during our wash test, where all the mud came off after a hose spray. The only drawback we could see is the wood pole could weather easily in extreme weather conditions. This umbrella can either be inserted through a table or used with a well-constructed stand, making it useful no matter what your patio requires.


  • Great sun protection

  • Sunbrella fabric

  • Versatile


  • Nothing we could find

Best Choice patio umbrella with black pole and grey fabric in a green backyard with a chair and a fence.
Credit: Reviewed/ Betsey Goldwasser

Best Choice's LED patio umbrella is available in a dozen different hues.

Best Value
Best Choice Products 10' Solar LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

The Best Choice Products Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella is a solid little patio umbrella if you’re looking to spend less. While the polyester fabric isn’t as high-quality as some others we tested, the umbrella is lightweight overall at about 16 pounds and only measures 8-feet 5-inches tall, making it relatively easy to set up and store.

The Best Choice is also really easy to clean, the mud came right off with just a spray of the hose and it air dried perfectly. It provides decent sun protection with a sun area of a little over 34 inches, although it would probably only be good for one person. LED lights complete the experience and make you feel like you’re ready for takeoff, just make sure to read the instructions on how to connect them. There are also tons of colors (both bright and muted) to choose from. The one drawback is that the Best Choice will require a sturdy weighted stand - it fell over when we tested it with a base that we didn’t realize had cracked.


  • Cool LED lights

  • Easy to clean


  • Requires very sturdy stand

How We Tested Patio Umbrellas

The Tester

My name is Cailey Lindberg and I’m the Updates Staff Writer on the Product Roundups team. I bought a house with a big backyard two years ago and in the spring and summer months, you can usually find me there, with a basset hound sleeping at my feet. It can get quite sunny, so I wanted to test patio umbrellas to bring some shade to my yard.

The Tests

Setting up patio umbrellas is not for the faint of heart, as many of them are nine or 10 feet tall! It’s definitely a two-person job, so with the help of my partner, I set up 11 umbrellas in our backyard to test for sun protection, sturdiness, and sun area. Part of the testing included sitting under each to make sure that they provided good sun protection, although this did require scouring weather reports for sunny days.

Then, I dismantled each umbrella to measure their height and test how easy they are to clean. For cleaning, I rubbed mud into each umbrella and let it dry in the sun for a few hours. I sprayed each umbrella with a hose to see how easy it was to get the mud off. If all of the mud came off, I let the umbrella air dry. If it didn’t, I used a solution of warm water, white vinegar, and dish soap to see how easy it was to clean. For most umbrellas, I was able to use paper towels or a dish sponge with the solution to remove any remaining dirt.

What You Should Know About Buying Patio Umbrellas

Folded up patio umbrellas lay flat on the green grass.
Credit: Reviewed/CaileyLindberg

Ease of setup and storage were key parts of the testing process.

What is the Best Fabric for a Patio Umbrella?

While there are different types of fabrics that can be used for an umbrella canopy, Sunbrella is known for being superior because of its durability. The best part? The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends some sunbrella fabrics as part of a sun protection regime. The company claims that their fabrics are fade proof, stain resistant, water resistant, mold resistant, fade resistant with UV protection, mildew resistant, are breathable and easy-to-clean to boot! The company also offers a 5-year warranty for its upholstery, decorative shade fabrics, and specialty fabrics.

They offer a 10-year warranty for shade fabrics. While Sunbrella fabric claims to be the best, we tested a number of patio umbrellas with polyester fabric, which worked just as well—although they might not last as long.

What are the Differences Between a Market Umbrella and a Patio Umbrella?

The greatest difference between a market and a patio umbrella is that they were designed for different purposes. Market umbrellas are intended to offer protection against the elements for vendors, while patio umbrellas are built for relaxation. A market umbrella must be durable and is usually designed in an octagonal, rectangular, or square shape. The two have blended together commercially in the modern-day, and some patio umbrellas are referred to as “market umbrellas.”

Market umbrellas are simply designed, with a straight metal or wood pole that can be used for a stand or cart. A weighted base keeps the umbrella secure. A modern-day patio umbrella also has a straight metal or wood pole that can be slipped through a table or weighted in place by a base. Cantilever umbrellas, on the other hand, have a curved stand to provide you with great sun protection. They can be a standalone umbrella or inserted through a table. During our testing, we learned that cantilever umbrellas tend to provide the largest area of sun protection.

How to Choose the Best Patio Umbrella Base

During testing, we had a difficult time finding the right umbrella stand for the job. The trick is to choose something heavy and secure enough so that the umbrella will not blow over in the wind. The first umbrella stand we used, the DC America Umbrella Stand, had no weight to its bottom and several umbrellas blew over during testing.

For a standalone umbrella stand, we recommend something weighted such as the Shademobile Moveable Umbrella Stand, weighted down with sand, or the Abba Patio Umbrella Stand, which is 50 pounds and weighted down with water. As we learned during testing, some cantilever umbrellas also require you to buy special weighted base panels to go with them, which adds to their cost.

How to Clean a Patio Umbrella

Credit: Reviewed/ Betsey Goldwasser

Many of the umbrellas we tested only needed to be hosed down to be cleaned.

Cleaning some dirt off of a patio umbrella is relatively simple based on our testing, but making it look brand new after a few seasons of use is another story entirely. HGTV recommends first removing the umbrella fabric to sweep any loose dirt that may have collected over the season.

Then, we rinsed the umbrella with a hose until the fabric was completely soaked. We also used the cleaning solution recommended in our testing, which consists of two cups of warm water, two cups of white vinegar, and a tablespoon of dish soap in a bucket. Using a scrub brush, we cleaned the entire umbrella and let the solution soak in for 10 minutes, then sprayed it down with a hose again and let it air dry.

Other Patio Umbrellas We Tested

Product image of Frontgate 9' Round Outdoor Market Umbrella
Frontgate 9' Round Outdoor Market Umbrella

The Frontgate Outdoor Market Umbrella is one of our favorites for its stylish design. It is easy to store and has good sun protection with an under umbrella area of 72 inches. Its lovely stripes and attractive wood pole will surely add a touch of sophistication to your patio furniture. At a little more than 8-feet 6-inches tall, it is not as easy for a shorter person to set up as other umbrellas we tested but is likely doable. And while it’s certainly not the heaviest umbrella we tested, at 25 pounds, it could be difficult to set up for one person.

Despite all the positives, we did have a few complaints. Though it didn't leave a stain behind, not all of the mud came off with the hose in our cleaning tests, so we had to also use a cleaning solution. Also, the fabric seemed more absorbent of dirt than the others we tested. That being said, it is a great umbrella if you’re looking for something stylish and functional.


  • Stylish

  • High-quality canopy fabric


  • Harder to clean

Product image of Hampton Bay Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella
Hampton Bay Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella

The Hampton Bay is the most elegant of all of the cantilever patio umbrellas that we tested, with high-quality fabric and a huge under-umbrella area of about 72 inches. This patio umbrella will surely provide you with excellent sun protection. It is a breeze to clean and the mud came off with just the hose, no solution needed. The only real drawback is how big it is. When it was spread to full capacity in my smaller outdoor space I felt like we were being invaded.

Setting up this umbrella is definitely a two-person job as it is 9-feet and 2-inches tall and weighs almost 70 pounds. The Hampton Bay is more difficult to store than others we tested but does come in a wide variety of colors. While these could be downsides, it is a very sturdy and well-made umbrella that is certainly worth investing in as it would serve you for years to come.


  • High-quality materials

  • Cool design

  • LED lights


  • Too big

Product image of Abba Patio 9' Patio Umbrella
Abba Patio 9' Patio Umbrella

The Abba Patio Umbrella is also a decent little number, weighing only a little over 15 pounds for easy lifting and assembling. Like the Best Choice, the fabric is not as luxurious as some of the other brands we tested, but its polyester canopy cleaned up easily and comes in a variety of bright colors to match your furniture. It is also really easy to store and folds down easily, fitting almost anywhere. Its hand crank design makes it easy to expand the umbrella. The polyester fabric was easy to clean—the mud washed off easily, without having to use the solution.

It provided decent sun protection when I sat under it, as its sun area is 45 inches. While it's a good umbrella for the price, we’d recommend going with the Best Choice if you’re bargain shopping for a patio umbrella because it has better sun coverage. Make sure to purchase a sturdy stand with this one if you don’t plan on inserting it through a table because it will fall over without a well-weighted stand.


  • Easy to assemble

  • Variety of color options


  • Lower quality canopy fabric

Product image of Blissun 9' Patio Umbrella
Blissun 9' Patio Umbrella

The Blissun Patio Umbrella is one of the lightest umbrellas we tested, at 13 pounds, and incredibly easy to set up and store. It is also the least expensive umbrella we reviewed and comes in many cute colors and patterns. Its polyester fabric is easy to wash and the aluminum pole is durable and easy to store. With a height of 7-feet and 11 inches tall, the Blissun umbrella would be much easier to set up for a shorter person. The mud came off with just a spray of the hose and it was easy to air dry its polyester fabric. It has an under umbrella area of 75 inches.

However, we did have some complaints about this umbrella. It felt a little flimsy and the crank lever was hard to work, I actually thought it was broken when I first tried it. It would be best to use the Blissun with a weighted stand and have some patience while you’re opening it.


  • Lightweight

  • Cute colors and patterns


  • Feels flimsy

  • Crank lever difficult to work

Product image of Grand Patio 11' Deluxe Napoli Curvy Offset Umbrella
Grand Patio 11' Deluxe Napoli Curvy Offset Umbrella

There are a lot of great things about the Grand Patio Deluxe Napoli Cantilever Umbrella. First off, it gives great sun protection with its curved design and thick polyester fabric, although its sun area of about 37 inches is smaller than other cantilever umbrellas we tested. It is definitely one of the fanciest of all of the umbrellas we tested and would add elegance and style to the right backyard.

Its weighted base is incredibly secure even in harsh weather, just fill it up with water from the hose and you’re good to go. The polyester fabric isn’t as easy to clean as some of the other umbrellas we tested, but the mud left behind came off with just a little bit of the solution.

The downside? The Grand Patio umbrella is enormous and a pain to set up. Weighing in at 80 pounds before you add water to the base, this umbrella is a two or even three person job. While the height of the umbrella stand is 8 feet 3 ½ inches, its design is so cumbersome that it would not fit well in a lot of outdoor spaces. But if you have a large backyard, a lot of patience, and a desire for a top-quality umbrella, the Grand Patio might be the one for you. That being said, we’d recommend Hampton Bay over this umbrella, as it offered more sun protection.


  • High-quality materials

  • Sturdy

  • Great sun protection


  • Needs a large outdoor space

Product image of Bluu 10' Patio Offset Umbrella
Bluu 10' Patio Offset Umbrella

This umbrella was so-so and nothing to write home about. At 7-feet and 10 ½-inches tall, it wasn't as difficult to set up as some of the others we tested, although it is harder to store because of its base. It has a good sun protection area of just over 68 inches and weighs about 34 pounds. The polyester fabric was a breeze to clean and dirt came off with water from the hose, no need to use a solution.

The Bluu Cantilever umbrella is also more affordable than other cantilever umbrellas we tested, but needs weighted base panels to go with it. Unfortunately, purchasing these will add considerably to the cost. If you have the space, we’d recommend going with the Grand Patio or Hampton Bay, as the aluminum frame on the Bluu Cantilever felt average at best and a bit flimsy.


  • Easy to set up and store

  • Simple to clean


  • Materials feel low quality

Product image of Bridgehampton Outdoor Metal Umbrella
Bridgehampton Outdoor Metal Umbrella

The Bridgehampton is not a bad umbrella, as long as it doesn’t get dirty. It is fairly lightweight at 17 pounds and easy to store, with average sun protection. It only comes in one color, white, and while the fabric is Sunbrella, a stain was left behind during the cleaning test. At a height of 8-feet 8-inches tall, it would also be harder for one person to set up than others we tested, and the pole also didn’t feel as secure as others. While the Bridgehampton is not the worst we reviewed, it was the most expensive and we feel you can snag a better umbrella at a lower price.


  • Lightweight

  • Easy to store


  • Only available in white

  • Difficult to set up

Product image of Better Homes & Gardens Outdoor 9' Round Crank Patio Umbrella
Better Homes & Gardens Outdoor 9' Round Crank Patio Umbrella

The Better Homes & Gardens Market Umbrella is the lightest we tested—at just over 11 pounds and at 8-feet and 1 ¼-inches tall—it was easy to set up. Unfortunately, the upsides stop there. It is average at best, with one of the biggest drawbacks being its very absorbent fabric, which was hard to clean and left stains behind even after cleaning with the solution. It has a smaller sun area of about 37 inches, providing less sun protection than some of its competitors. There is nothing wrong with its design per se, but the materials just look and feel cheap. All in all, we feel you can get a better patio umbrella if you’re looking to spend less.


  • Lightweight

  • Easy to set up


  • Low quality fabric

  • Cheaply made

Product image of Sunnyglade 10' Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrella
Sunnyglade 10' Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrella

The Sunnyglade Outdoors Adjustable Cantilever Umbrella was one of our least favorites that we tested. Like the Bluu Cantilever, you need to purchase weighted base panels with it, which adds considerably to the price. It is harder to clean than other umbrellas we tested and is heavy at just over 30 pounds. The Sunnyglade has an average sun area measurement of 55 inches and is not as tall as others we tested. That being said, its design is ugly and it comes in overly bright colors that would not match most patio furniture. If you want to invest in a cantilever design, we feel it's better to go with something like the Hampton Bay or Grand Patio.


  • Nothing we could find


  • Needs accessories

  • Poor sun protection

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