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Hello my sweet Foxes, and welcome to my small space potted flower garden tour! Since we don’t all have a traditional garden, I thought it would be great to share what you can do with pots! This is a post I’ve meant to write for several Summer’s now, and I’m finally getting around to sharing our little wood deck off the sun room. Some might call it a patio, or a sun porch, I call it my Deer proof planting spot. This is where I hide everything I love to plant, but I don’t want the Deer to snack on. I’m so excited to be sharing what I am able to grow in our small space, and hopefully give you an idea or two for a potted flower garden all your own! 

I know you all saw my egg chair very, very early in the season. That was before anything was blooming, and I even used faux flowers when I shot for that post, as it was late February! Not too long after, it started to shift and be filled with real flowers, and it’s looked like some version of this for the last few months. Some of my flowers are starting to wain, while others, like a few of my Hydrangeas, are getting ready to really put on a show! 

This is the view out my French door, and it brings me so much simple, pure joy. I love my flowers, and at past homes, could get lost outside for hours & hours just tending my flowers. Things are a little more compact here, as I’m limited to certain varieties of flowers being safe in this contained space. For those of you who might wander, our home is located on the Southern Oregon Coast, and we are classified as Zone 9. 

Variety: Hydrangea, Endless Summer – Bloomstruck

The Original Endless Summer Hydrangea is the first hydrangea that blooms both on the previous year’s branches as well as the new season’s growth. This shrub has beautiful blue or pink flowers spring through summer. 

This variety prefers morning sun, as afternoon sun can be too strong, and inhibit blooming. While we get very mild Summer weather, I will absolutely pick up and move my Hydras under the umbrella if we get a particularity warm day. You can tell they are getting distressed if when well watered, the blooms become soft and limp. Happy blooms should be firm, and offer resistance when you place your palm against them.

 I like to under-plant my Hydrangeas with either alyssum and/or lobelia when potting a new plant, or if I can wiggle in a spot that isn’t to dense with roots, in my older more established plants. 

I’ve shifted my Hydras a few times this season, and they are happiest here, protected from the sun until the afternoon when it comes over the house, and swings around the shop. Popping them up on this old bench, allows me to shimmy in a few more pots close by. 

I don’t know the name of the middle pure white hydrangea, as it was a gift.
Nor the larger one on the end, that develops hot pink spatters as the blooms age. 

In the two pots on the ground in front of the bench, I’ve got a Purple Salvia, and a white Rock Rose. 

This is the first Rock Rose (cistus obtusifolius) I’ve ever had and I am completely charmed! It has a soft, delicate, almost tissue-paper flower. It reminds me somewhat of a poppy. Mine is of course potted… but they are great spreaders and make wonderful ground cover! 

The blooms last for one day, and drop in the evening. With new blooms opening each day. It’s like a special little garden treat. I plan to add more to my garden next year when the nurseries stock them again! 

My cozy egg chair is the best spot in the house! Well, next to the house.

My tall galvanized planter in the stand is filled with a white Geranium, purple Lobellia, Candy Tuft, and a white Calibrachoa (also known as “Million Bells” – a trailing mini Petunia.  

The lower pot was stuffed with Stock in the center. When that faded, I removed it and nestled in a smaller terracotta pot in the center, and filled with some creamy white Verbena. I think this is technically the Lanai Lime Green.

Can you believe I took these at almost 8 O’clock at night! I love Summer in the PNW. Light till after 9 is my most favorite. 

The XL galvanized planter is filled with white Bacopa monnieri (a staple here),  white Geranium,  pink Gypsophila paniculata (Baby’s Breath) and some Purple Palace Lobelia. This is it’s second look, as I pulled out some faded flowers and filled in with what was available. Our nurseries close down and it’s super-slim pickings for flowers, even though it’ll stay nice here util October! Both the galvanized planters were spilling over and so lush, up until a few weeks ago. 

This full & fluffy baby is my second Bloomstruck Endless Summer Hydrangea. It’s got it’s second set of blooms and it’s poised to explode any day now! I bought this at the very beginning of the season, in full bloom. I would venture to say it’s close to doubled in size. I pruned the spent blooms as they faded… and this is my reward! I’m assuming it was hot house grown, and I don’t know that I’ll ever get a double bloom out of it again, but it’s magnificent and I’m completely tickled about how well it’s doing. 

You can see it back in the very early Spring below when I shared my tips & ideas for putting together an outdoor room [click here]. I’m so lucky that this one leans blue, and my other pink. I’ve got the best of both worlds! 

Slight inside joke for my Facebook followers, but I man-O-man… I sure am glad I didn’t buy that purse. 

My two larger Spanish Lavender topiaries were just trimmed up and cut back, as they were done with their Summer show. The two smaller are still blooming well, but probably aren’t far behind. 

All my Lavender Winter over outside, and come early Spring, I cut them back, clean them up… and they magically come to life again. It’s such a gift!

This corner is a bit out of sorts right now, as some things aren’t at their optimum. I had to deeply deadhead the white Geranium on the railing for the second time in a few short weeks, as well as remove almost all the Lobelia and cut back the Bacopa. As I did it I could see the shift in the plant, the leaves aren’t as deep green as they were… and it’s an indicator of the season changing. This plant always tells me that Fall is on the way. 

The sun casts the most beautiful glow as it sets behind the trees. Often pink and gold. When I sit in my “garden throne”, it’s my view. I kind of love it. 

My sister got me this Hydrangea several years ago, and it’s the prettiest berry shade! The pot used to be a cottage green… but it’s faded over time. I should have painted it or re-potted it this year. Actually, I’m sure it would love a larger home. Maybe after it blooms I’ll do that before it goes dormant for Winter. 

The two little Lemon Cyprus are new this year, this one, and the one by the French door. They are so fun and I love the bright, zingy color! The wee white Geranium was a quick start I just stuck in some soil after pruning one of my larger plants. It took well and it really filling in! I used to do this all the time, but I run out of room quickly in my limited garden area. 

I select a well established branch/stem, and cut at the split

Remove any blooms or buds

Leave few leaves

Dip in warm water

Dip in root tone (not absolutely necessary)

Plant in clean potting soil

Press soil somewhat firmly around stem for support

Remove any initial buds to give more energy to the plant and roots

This method doesn’t offer 100% success, but I get good results. Plus, it’s a great way to grow your garden (almost for free)

There is a tiny Viola coming up with the Geranium as well. We call those volunteers. 
And below, my Lavender topiaries are blooming with tiny Alyssum that re-seeded itself from last year. A very slow start, but I’ll let them do their thing as long as they can. 

This corner can look unkempt and a bit crazy, but I don’t care. This is the Clematis I show you guys every Spring! It gives me so many blooms. And I don’t move it. Ever. It’s wrapped itself around the deck railings, intertwined with the Wisteria, and joined the Clematis at the top of the stairs too. They are all a package deal now. 

I’ve actually got a second set of blooms again this year! There are three as of right now. This happened last Summer too, and it’s like a little parting gift. I just get giddy when I see it’s blooming again! 

I under-plant the Clematis each season too. It makes for a beautiful pairing, and when the Clematis is bloom free, it’s not such a bare spot. 

The old zinc coal bucket just had a hair cut too. It was huge, and spilling over with Lobelia, but it was done. The Firehouse Light Pink Verbena is still going strong though!

As I’m sure you’ve gathered… I like white flowers. I’ve always loved them, and I find them as beautiful as any colorful, showy flower. And on the opposite spectrum, I am drawn to the vibrant purples. I guess I’m the same in the garden, as I am inside. I love bright white, and deep & moody. Equally. What a contradiction I am! 

Our deck size is 12 X 14. We have an entry door plus the staircase to our back yard and the lower deck (which we are presently re-building).

Please ignore the chippy door, we are getting a new one so I’ve put off painting it. You know, with all those grids and tiny grooved details. I’ll live with the chippy paint, thank you very much. hehe

The last part of the deck I’m going to share is along the wall with our sun room windows. Right now I have a metal plant stand positioned here. I wish I had two. It works great up against the house where the wood bench is too. I’ve had it in both spots, and the vertical room is wonderful. 

I popped some of the Pink Baby’s Breath in some mixed pots, but it’s so full and fluffy, I did some stand alone terracotta pots too.

I did the same with some Alyssum. There is something about the teeny tiny little flowers. They just seem a little bit magical. 

The Dark Knight Alyssum isn’t as strong or prolific as the white… but it’s got some of the most beautiful shades or purple, berry & violet. 

The Rosemary is doing exceptionally well this year, and we can snip it for grilling easily as it’s just off the kitchen. I thought about doing a proper herb garden, but I really don’t want to give up any flower room. I’m just greedy that way.

The two Hydrangeas flanking the plant stand are about done, and are ready to be dead-headed (especially the one on the left)… but I didn’t have the heart to cut them back just yet. I’ve got to ease into it. 

We’ve normally got a short season here, and sometimes it takes a bit to get revved up, but once it gets nice… it’s bliss. 

I’ll plant flowers in about anything. In fact, I ran out of pots, so I used this beverage riser, and just drilled a few holes in the bottom. All fixed. 

Galvanized Planter: Blue Salvia, Wonderland (I think) Alyssum & Crystal Palace Lobelia 

I hope I broke the planting combinations down well for you. If you have any questions, please give me a shout! I’ll be happy to answer and help with anything I can! And THANK YOU oodles for joining me today. I so, so enjoyed getting to show you around my little deck garden.

Wishing you all a happy, happy end of Summertime. Love & Light, Shan

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