RV Trip Wizard Rebrands As RV LIFE Trip Wizard

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RV Trip Wizard is officially changing its name and moving to a new domain so that we can improve the platform and make it easier to use.  This is the first step in bringing together the best-in-class resources into a single, cohesive platform for RVers. There has not been a change of ownership, and the software will not change.  

A Little Background …

RV Trip Wizard was built as a stand-alone product, and for many years, it was marketed as its own tool. Later, we built or bought other products that were also stand-alone tools. In an effort to provide more value to our members, we decided to bundle them in 2020. Fast forward a couple of years, and we have now decided to merge them all together to create a single platform that will be easier to use.

Please note: There has been no change of ownership at RV LIFE. We continue to be a small U.S.-based, family-run company owned by RVers and staffed by as many RVers as possible. We founded our first RV community in March 2002, and since then, we have slowly added more and more resources to help RVers.

What’s Going To Change With RV Trip Wizard?

Our Domain Is Going To Change

We will be changing the domain name of RV Trip Wizard from rvtripwizard.com to tripwizard.rvlife.com. All the old links and bookmarks will continue to work and redirect you to the new domain name. This means it should be perfectly seamless. You will need to log in again once at the new domain name.

The RV LIFE Brand FlyerOur Logo Is Going To Change

As you can see from the image above, we are updating our logos so they all match. From now on, we will consider the different tools as features of a single product called RV LIFE Pro. This will be a very subtle change.

New RV LIFE Trip Wizard logoOur Name Is Going To Change

We’re adding the word LIFE to RV Trip Wizard, so the new name will be RV LIFE Trip Wizard.

The System Is Not Going To Change

When you log in to RV Trip Wizard, it will be the same system that you have been using all along. Although we are always improving, this domain change will not introduce any new features (those will be coming in the future).

This name change follows the recent rebranding of another popular RV LIFE Pro tool: Campground Reviews. Both sites will now include the “RV LIFE” name to help users feel more familiar with all of the various tools that RV LIFE offers. This umbrella strategy has proven to be successful in the past for many brands, and it helps consumers identify different brands that are all from the same parent company.

What Is RV LIFE Trip Wizard?

RV LIFE Trip Wizard makes it easy to plan RV trips and find campgrounds as well as other points of interest. Users can easily locate campgrounds on the map along with integrated reviews and essential information such as their phone number, address, and website. It’s even quick and easy to filter campgrounds based on your preferences or camping memberships.

Users can put in their specific RV dimensions under the “Settings” tab to ensure they will be on an RV-safe route. The Map Settings can also be adjusted to include a driving radius (such as 200 miles) to make sure you won’t be spending too much time on the road.

The “Research” tab allows you to select points of interest, such as dump stations and rest areas, to show on the map as you plan your trip. You may also want to check the “Elevation” tab for a better idea of the elevation changes on your route.

This all-in-one trip planning tool has many additional features as well. You can also track your trip budget, print or export your trip to your GPS or calendar, or you can even quickly and easily share your trip details with family and friends. 

An Essential Part Of RV LIFE Pro

RV LIFE Trip Wizard is one of the essential tools bundled in RV LIFE Pro. This trip planning tool is accompanied by the RV LIFE App with RV-safe GPS, as well as Maintain My RV, in a complete bundle package. 

For more information on RV LIFE Pro, visit our homepage at www.rvlife.com. If you would like to try before you buy, check out the free 7-day trial here.

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