Resident Evil 3 Remake: Breaking Down New Gameplay Details From the Official Reveal and Reak

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Breaking Down New Gameplay Details From the Official Reveal and Reak

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Breaking Down New Gameplay Details From the Official Reveal and Reak

Resident Evil 3 Remake: Breaking Down New Gameplay Details From the Official Reveal and Reak

A highly anticipated remake for Resident Evil 3 is definitely on the way after Capcom released a first trailer on PlayStations State of Play presentation.

Exhibit A: Resident Evil 3 State of Play Announcement Trailer

The trailer also comes exactly a week after three new cover images were reportedly leaked on the PlayStation Network Store, seemingly confirming its existence ahead of any announcement.

New character redesigns add modern takes for series staples Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera and the hulking Nemesis.

The official reveal shows little gameplay but hints at new mechanics while building on key developments which made Resident Evil 2 stand out in our review.

Heres what we could confirm based on the new trailer, leaks and revisiting Raccoon City in the original 1999 release of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and 2019s Resident Evil 2.

Exhibit B: North American and International Standard Version Cover Art

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A familiar, but radically different Raccoon City

Right away, the original Resident Evil 3 threw STARS officer Jill Valentine into a chaotic Raccoon City a few days after the T-Virus broke out. The covers brighter backdrop indicates Jills story would start before Leon and Claires scenarios. Its expected the next remake would catch up to the second games events, up to the citys missile strike.

A clock at the start of the trailer confirms this by rewinding back to one night before Leon starts his exciting first day at work.

Players start in (fiery) Uptown and learn to navigate the zombie-infested streets in third person. The over-the-shoulder view makes a return from Resident Evil 2: Remake. This adds a new perspective to zombie mobs, shattered cars and brick walls which are upscaled as Capcoms RE Engine brings the nightmare to life.

Resident Evil 3 Capcom

Following the original, you wont be re-treading too much of Leon or Claires trip. The upcoming remake sends you to places around the last game and into bleaker iterations of the Warehouse, RPD HQ (be very ready), Clock Tower and the Hospital.

These new locations would make the game feel more like a sequel to 2019s Resident Evil 2 and make Raccoon City bigger than imagined.

Taking a step-up from 2019s remake of The Fourth Survivor mode, the original Resident Evil 3 brought The Mercenaries to the series and could make a surprise return after players beat the game.

Under a more fast-paced and action-oriented setting, the mode has since evolved into a time attack style mode (and even blew into a handheld spin-off).

But the modes inclusion is still unconfirmed for the new remake, with the trailer instead showing Resident Evil: Resistance being bundled as an additional multiplayer 4v1 survival game.

An early gameplay demo for Resistance was shown during a Japanese livestream event by Capcom early October.

New Weapons

Along your path (and your new favourite stalkers path), Resident Evil 3s remake is expected to double-down on the firepower which made the last games combat feel satisfying and powerful.

According to the 1999 games page on the Internet Movie Firearms Database (IMFDB), many of the original weapons from Resident Evil 2 only returned in cutscenes for Nemesis and were unusable.

Players of RE: 3 Remake would likely scavenge a new variety of handguns, shotguns, automatics and launchers to take the Nemesis down. At RPD HQ, the trusty 629 revolver could be waiting for you in a locker. Hardcore players may also reunite with a useful M37 shotgun and Eagle 6.0 (if they take the new Nemesis down more than once).

Assault rifles are finally coming back to series following Revelations 2 in 2015 and the less-considered Umbrella Corps in 2016. A shaggier Carlos Oliveira is seen brandishing an M4A1 Assault Rifle, which also serves as Jills starting weapon in the 1999 version (if set on Easy difficulty). This could prove useful for new players throughout the whole story and especially for grizzled veterans on harder settings when they play as Carlos later in the game.

Premium downloadable weapons are also a possibility if Capcom followed Resident Evil 2s Standard, Deluxe and Collectors editions. Players for the next game could feel more confident with a few legendary weapons being up for grabs by pre-order bonus or Deluxe add-ons.

But (for now), Resident Evil 3 omits the Deluxe version and pre-order bonuses only offer classic skin packs for Jill and Carlos.

The possible Mercenaries mode and additional DLC support to the new Resident Evil 3 could also expand the players skill set as they unlock more weapons to use.

Nemesis is very much back with a redesign

The scary elephant in the room has a new makeover. If you thought running away from Mr. X was scary enough in short bursts, the reimagined Nemesis T-Type would go above its 1999 counterpart and charge at you more frequently through the game.

You also wont be remembering Nemesis heavy footsteps, as much as you might hear it repeating S.T.A.R.S as it relentlessly chases Jill.

In the original, it also sported a rocket launcher which took a large chunk out of your full health per hit. Keep those mixed herbs close.

While the trailer briefly teased its appearance at the start and end, more details are shown from the remakes cover art and images.

Its redesign keeps the same menacing grimace thats haunted gamers for more than 20 years.

Rebooted Nemesis wears a new outfit that fits closer to its role as a Bio-Organic Weapon and is covered in Caution tapes that make Umbrella think twice about dropping it into Raccoon City (again). This Nemesis was made to be kept under wraps from the citys population.

Insert image: caption (Resident Evil 3 Capcom)

Exhibit C: Japanese Z-Version (uncensored version) Cover Art

(Twitter: @Nibellion/PSN)

A look at the uncensored Japanese version also gives us a closer glimpse at Nemesis new mechanical implants, seen surgically implanted by Umbrella scientists at the end of the trailer.

Players could have a way to slow Nemesis down by shooting the device. Its also decorated with a Caution label which could give players an idea of its weaknesses.

Players who enjoyed Leon and Claires adventures in Resident Evil 2 might have some extra time to prepare for Nemesis in the sequel before he arrives on PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 3, 2019.

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