Relive an iconic scene from anime Weathering with You with Japan’s rentable Hina umbrella

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Take Hina with you for all kinds of weather this weekend!

The most recent film from Your Name director Makoto Shinkai, Weathering with You, was yet another smash hit. Though in our eyes it didn’t have quite as much storytelling impact as Your Name did, there’s no doubt that the film was visually stunning, earning it a nomination for Best International Film at the Oscars, and inspiring lots of colorful collaborations, like a convenience store jelly tea and an entire menu of cafe items.

So memorable is the art, in fact, that even now, a year and a half later, it’s still inspiring creativity. For example, for a limited time only right now, you can rent umbrellas that imitate the most iconic visual of the film!

These umbrellas are available to rent from umbrella sharing service i-Kasa, which is has stands in hundreds of stations across Tokyo and in other cities in Japan. Though i-Kasa typically offers plain umbrellas, for a limited time they’re renting out clear umbrellas that have a tiny image of the film’s female lead Hina, who can control the weather, printed on them, along with her famous line from the film, “You know, it’ll clear up now”, and the film’s Japanese logo, underneath.

They’re designed in such a way that when you look up at the sky through the umbrella it will look like Hina is floating up high, as she did in the movie, making these umbrellas a must-use for fans of the film. They’re also a great opportunity for photo shoots, because depending on the weather and the time of day, the view will be totally different!

But the umbrellas weren’t only crated in appreciation of the film; they’re also to commemorate Weathering with You‘s first airing on public television! The film will be on-air at 9 p.m. on January 3 on TV Asahi, so be sure to tune in if you live in Japan.

As for the umbrellas, they’re available for rent for 70 yen (US$0.67) per 24 hours now until January 3. You can find them in 14 locations around Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Yoyogi Stations, where the central plot of the film takes place, but you can return them to any i-Kasa station location in the city. For the specific locations of each stand, check the “i-Kasa” app, which is available for both Android and Apple.

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Source, images: PR Times
Images ©2019『天気の子』製作委員会 (Weathering with You Production Committee)
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