Put the Phones Away: Romance Thrives, and Moments Live Forever


I see this way too often when going out, especially when we’re talking about dates.

The two most gorgeous people sit next to each other, yet you cannot hear a sound.


Do they even know how cute they look together? They would probably be laughing and blushing if they looked across the table and spoke.

Make an effort to keep the conversation going, both of you.

Your hearts are full of stories and your minds, of memories. So open up. Discuss your favorite hobbies and your favorite music, chat about your ambitions and what you’re looking for in a partner.

I’m assuming you’ve gone out to eat so look at the menu together. What kind of food do you like the most? Which food can you not stand?

For every question you ask, pay attention to how they respond. There are topics they will be more interested in.

What are their talents, and what are they passionate about?

I wonder what’s something they’re proud of.

If they could travel anywhere right now, where would they go?

The sunniest beach with the clearest blue water you have ever seen.

If you like their smile or any small detail about them, compliment them sincerely.

And most importantly, be curious.

Physical Touch and Eye Contact

Physical touch refers to expressing and receiving affection through touch, physical closeness, and other forms of physical connection.

It is my main love language and shouldn’t be absent from any dates.

If you’ll remember anything from a date, it definitely won’t be what you saw on your phone, but the warm moments when you hugged and held each other.

For every small act, pay attention to their body language. You will find out what they like a lot sooner than you think.

The smallest kiss on their hand could mean the world.

Eye contact is the ultimate love factor, and how do you plan on falling in love if your eyes are wandering everywhere else?

Observe. Be present. And it will give you the map of their body and feelings.

It’s in the way you look at each other.

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