Profoto Launches $300 Modifier Bracket for its $1,100 Speedlight

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Profoto got into the speedlight game in recent years with its $1,100 A10 and $900 A1X flashes, and now it has unveiled the OCF Adapter: $300 light stand and modifier mount for those products. For a company often derided for its high prices, its latest is may be seen as very much on brand.

Marketed as the best way to integrate lighting modifiers onto its A-series flashes, ProFoto says that the OCF Adapter will allow “full creative flexibility” with those speedlights. Though it is not expressly stated what the materials used are, close inspection of the product photos appears to show some kind of metal. Profoto’s promise of a “sturdy and friendly design” would then be accurate, and since many of Profoto’s light modifiers are heavy and awkwardly-weighted, a full-metal construction would make the most sense for a $300 mounting bracket.

A close-up of the new OCF Adapter.
If it is indeed fully metal in construction, the asking price isn’t actually that outrageous.

Profoto says that the OCF Adapter is compatible with all of the company’s OCF light shaping tools, fits with any type of Profoto A-series flash, and has an integrated umbrella mount. Though measurements for the entire unit are available, the exact size of the circular opening for the flash head does not appear to be provided making it difficult to determine if the OCF Flash would be usable with more affordable third-party speedlights.

For those considering the adapter for Profoto light shaping tools but are not owners of the A-series flashes, check the height and width of Profoto’s flashes against the heads of third party speedlights to make sure they are compatible before dropping the $300.

The Profoto OCF Adapter is currently available and shipping immediately.

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Profotoocfadapter Profotoa1 Offcameraflash Lightingmodifier Lightingmodifiers

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