Open containers at the ball game

This past Saturday, my husband and I went to the Fresno State football game to see the Bulldogs beat the Minnesota Gophers. As most of you know, the victory was not ours; but I must confess it was a really good game. They were ahead, then we were ahead, then they were ahead, then we were tied at the end of the game. After a double overtime, the rats — I mean Gophers, got a field goal and then, at the end, intercepted for the win. Before each game we get together with a few friends and family members to enjoy a little tailgate party. We always have a good time and eat a bunch of food before our long walk to the stadium. We take no food with us into the stadium, but security has allowed each person to carry in two water bottles. It seems every year there is some change in security procedures, and this year we were very surprised in one particular change. The scanners are similar to what you may see at the airport or government buildings, or wherever you may expect to have the security screens. There is a table to put totes and purses for the security people to peek inside to make sure people are not carrying weapons or other dangerous items, like umbrellas. I mention umbrellas, not only because they are not allowed to be brought into the stadium, but also because of an experience we had a few years ago. Our friend Jina, who always carried a very large purse everywhere she went, entered security with a small umbrella in her purse. We had to walk all the way around to the other side of the stadium to check the umbrella so she could get it back after the game. We got a lot of walking time in that night. For the new football season of 2019, the security screens have a sign above showing that the only thing you have to remove is the cell phone. Watches and belts do not have to be removed. Before you reach the security area, this is the only message shown. HOWEVER, when we got to the person at security, she looked at our four water bottles, and she told us that we had to remove the caps from the bottles. We were not allowed to carry in the bottles with the caps on them. How bizarre is this! I couldn’t believe it. I asked why, and she didn’t know why. She said it was a new rule they told them just before the stadium opened. There was a trash can nearby full of water bottle caps, and then after we got past security and into the stadium, we saw people walking around with full water bottles without lids. All during the game, I wondered about this crazy rule. Lots of ideas came into my thoughts. The stadium does sell water in bottles, but the water bottles they sell were allowed to have lids. Only the “foreign” waters had to be exposed to the bad air and any bacteria that was in it. Was it because they wanted to count the lids to get a count of just how many water bottles are brought into the stadium for a game? Was it because they were afraid we would set up our own water bottle stand, and knew nobody would buy water from us without a cap on it? Maybe they thought lids were dangerous items. I was sure they knew of the dangers of “cap” guns. As we were traveling home late that night after the game, the lightbulb came on in my head. I think I have it! If this is not the key that unlocks the door to the secret, then there is no other explanation that could possibly make better sense. Here is my explanation to why we had to remove the bottle caps from the water bottles for the Fresno State game last Saturday night. The security people were told that people could bring water bottles into the stadium. They were also told that when people came through security, they had to remove their caps. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. — My love to all, Nancy • • • Peace be within your walls and security within your towers! — Psalm 122:7

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