Modern Pool Deck Designs That Perfectly Complete Their Homes

A pool is just as important as the deck which sits next to it. They complement each other and they make each other better. There’s basically an infinite number of possible configurations and combinations and size is just one of the elements on which to base a choice.


A small backyard pool with a cozy little wooden deck on the side definitely make a lovely combo but there are many other options to consider so check out some of our favorite pool deck designs below.

Common building materials for modern decks:

The days when all decks looked pretty much the same because they were all made from the same materials are long gone. Today we have a lot more diversity and more freedom to choose from a variety of different types of materials. Here’s some of the most commonly-used ones:


Cedar wood is one of the classic deck materials. It’s appreciated for its natural beauty, durability and the fact that it’s easy to work with which makes it a popular choice for those who chose to build their decks themselves. Cedar wood is also quite inexpensive compared to other materials.


Redwood used to be the material synonymous with outdoor decks a while ago. It was really popular and it’s still commonly used for similar projects. This type of wood is especially appreciated for the fact that it’s lightweight but at the same time very strong. However, it has become increasingly more difficult to get and, as a result, it’s also quite expensive these days.

Pressure-treated wood

Pressure-treated decking is made of fir wood treated with anti-rot and insecticide agents. It’s durable and long-lasting as long as it’s maintained properly. You should refinish a deck made from pressure-treated wood every other year using a clear sealer or stain. This is also a very viable option because of the low cost.


If you want a deck that requires minimal maintenance, then vinyl/ PVC is one of your best options. Vinyl decking doesn’t contain any wood and thus doesn’t present any of the disadvantages that come with it. Of course, that also means it doesn’t quite have the same look and instead has a more artificial aesthetic. You can however get vinyl decking in various different colors which is a nice way of customizing your design.


This is a material made from a combination of wood fibers and recycled polyethylene. Composite decking and it’s a sort of in-between option for those who don’t want a solid wood deck but would rather not go with a PVC one either. You can get composite decking in a variety of different colors and textures that mimic the look of real wood. The maintenance requirements for composite decking are very low.


Speaking of maintenance, ipe decks are perhaps the most demanding types in this sense. They must be sealed every year and they last up to 25 years. Ipe is a type of hardwood from South America which is naturally resistant to rot and very durable. These two characteristics make it a really great choice for outdoor decks. However, it’s also quite difficult to install because of its hardness.

How to properly clean and pool deck:

If you want your pool deck to maintain its beautiful look and to last as long as possible, it requires proper maintenance and that includes regular and proper cleaning.

First things first, if you’re doing this yourself you’ll need a few materials such as some dish soap, a scrub brush, a bucket and some household bleach. Of course, not all decks are the same or are made from the same type of material so be sure to do some research and to make sure you’re using the right cleaning products. Some might damage your decks rather than help it. The ones mentioned above are meant to be used with concrete decks.

Gravel and deck for swimming pool

Assuming the supplies listed above are safe to use on your deck, here’s how you clean it: first fill the bucket with water, add a cup of bleach and some dish soap, then mix them together. Spread the solution over the deck and prepare more buckets of water if needed. Use the scrub brush to clean the whole deck paying special attention to the joints, corners and so on. Then use a garden hose to rinse the deck with clean water.

If you notice some rust spots or stains on your deck, these need a bit of special attention. To clean these you’re going to need a different substance: tri-sodium phosphate or muriatic acid. Make sure you don’t leave this substance on for too long because it can end up damaging the deck even more.

Casa 115 swimming pool - Miquel Àngel Lacomba

Every once in a while you should also consider hiring a professional to pressure-wash your pool deck. Doing this regularly, especially for a concrete deck, will help your deck last longer and it will also keep it cleaner. Even if you wash the deck yourself regularly you still can’t get rid of all the dirt. Some small residues always get into the pored and the small cracks. Moreover, a professional can also help you get rid of any stubborn stains that you can’t clean with regular products.

Of course, it’s also important to look for ways to maintain a pool deck so you don’t have to clean it as often. A few things that can help with that is making sure you surround the pool deck with a solid panel fence in order to stop sand, dirt and other debris from constantly blowing onto the deck. Also, avoid using metal furniture on the deck if possible since it can easily damage the surface. Try not to spill tea, coffee and other beverages on the deck and seal it regularly.

This quaint little house from the Big Island of Hawaii is simple and with a design focused on comfort and pureness of the materials. The living area extends outdoors where wooden deck combines multiple functions and ends with this poolside area with two lounge chairs and a big umbrella. The house was designed byWalker Warner Architects.

Infinity edge swimming pools are always spectacular. This one was built for a houseMelides, Portugal, designed by architectPedro Reis. The property is meant to serve as a serene retreat for contemplating and enjoying the surroundings. The pool and, by extension, the pool deck are among the most spectacular features in this case.

This beach house located near Cape Town, in South Africa was designed byElphick Proome Architects and its main objective is to provide an extraordinary living experience. This amazing pool deck is one of the features which allows it to turn this wish into reality.The sunsets here are simply out of this world.

This is one of the coolest pool deck designs ever. It completely eliminates the need for furniture by featuring sections which can be operated individually to reveal built-in loungers. In other words, you don’t have to bring a lounge chair with you because the deck itself can offer you one. When you’re leaving, just fold the backrest back down. This cool design comes fromOrestes Argiropoulos.

The unusual layout and disposition of the volumes caused the poolside deck to feature an unusual form too. the house is overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is located inWakayama, Japan. It was designed byANDO Corporation to contrast with its surroundings by featuring minimalist and white geometries.

Sometimes privacy trumps the view and this is a good example for that. It’s a house located inSan Bernardino, US which was designed by architectAaron D’Innocenzo. The pool is nicely tucked in a corner, being framed by a deck and a solid railing/ privacy wall. This creates a very intimate and comfortable ambiance without totally obstructing the views.

Most often than not, pool deck designs focus on turning this space into a relaxing lounge area. Of course, that’s not necessarily how it should be. This house designed byLGZ Taller de Arquitecturain Monterrey, Mexico features a lovely dining table with benches on the deck, shaded by the tree.

A vast pool deck offers space not just for a cozy seating area with lounge chairs but also for other things like a cool daybed or a dining area with benches. There’s no need to choose when you can have it all. This house designed byEstudio Martin Gomez Arquitectos is the perfect example.

Featuring a simple but very stylish design meant to highlight the topography and the views, this house from Croatia has a partially cantilevered volume which shades an open lounge tucked between the house, the lap pool and the elevated poolside deck. It’s an interesting combo. The design was done byLOG-URBIS.

There’s a beautiful visual coordination here between the house’s wood clad facade section, the pool house and the pool deck. This makes this courtyard look super cozy and welcoming and also maintains a simple and uniform palette of materials and colors throughout the project. The house is located inGuaíba, Brazil and was designed by4D Arquitetura.

Every architecture project faces challenges, some bigger than others. When designing this house inPollença, Spain, architectMiquel Àngel Lacombahad to deal with a difficult topography and they solved the problem by placing the house on platform with stone walls. This solution brought many advantages, including the possibility to include an infinity edge pool and an open deck in the design.

An L-shaped floor plan allows this residence designed byBruce Stafford Architects in Sydney to form a wonderful courtyard framed by the building volumes on two sides and by the hillside on another. The courtyard has a swimming pool and a large wooden deck and they’re separated by glass railing panels which maintain the visual connection but define these two spaces as separate functions.

When hired to design a modern extension for a 200 year old stone house in Quebec, Canada, architectHenri Cleinge faced the difficult challenge of reconciling two very different styles and architectural languages. The element which makes this transition smoother is the large deck which surrounds the pool and extends beyond the massive modern volume to also incorporate the old stone structure. The two buildings become linked and connected.

A slender wooden deck frames the swimming pool on one side while a staircase is placed along the courtyard wall on the other side. It’s the configuration that Czarl Architects came up with when they designed this house in Singapore. The solid walls framing the yard make this entire outdoor area seem like a very natural extension of the indoor living spaces. They also offer a high level of privacy without taking away the tropical essence of the design entirely.

A house that dissolves in the landscape, this is what the clients wanted and this is whatAudrius Ambrasas architects delivered. The house is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. It features a very peculiar design with roofs that curve all the way to the ground and very smooth and fluid lines overall. The timber pergolas frame the pool deck and help to emphasize this effect even more, making this one of the most interesting and beautiful pool deck designs we’ve ever come across.


It can sometimes be difficult to add character to something as simple as a pool deck. However, studios Spayd’s Landscape and Design managed to pull it off and went above and beyond when designing this charming outdoor area. It has a lot of depth and it’s been designed in layers and using a variety of variations of materials which helps it stand out being being too bold about it.

Not all swimming pools are rectangular in shape. Sure, a simple geometric shape with clean and straight lines makes the design and building process easier but sometimes it’s worth trying something different, something unique. This pool and the deck which surrounds it designed by studio CustomCrete feature a series of unusual angles. The custom shape is enough to make this small backyard memorable.

Smooth and organic pool designs like this one for example are really nice if you want to introduce some soft lines and angles to balance out a house’s clean and minimalist aesthetic. Designing a pool around such a pool can be quite tricky but, as it turns out, stone is a perfect material as this design by studio Risinger Homes shows us.

An indoor pool can have a beautiful deck too. Its role would be similar to that of an outdoor pool deck and the palette of materials that can be used in its design remains pretty much the same. For this indoor lap pool and the area around it, studio Arch4 chose to use wood in order to create a more welcoming and relaxing ambiance.

This lap pool takes up most of the space in this backyard. Its shape suits the layout of this area. The wooden deck acts as a link between the pool and the house, serving as a transitional space. Notice that the pool was also raised off the ground. This sets it apart from the rest of the backyard. This was part of a project by TaC studios.

In-ground pools are probably the most common ones but there’s quite a few other variations to consider as well. This for example is an above ground pool designed by Mission Valley Spas. It has an adjacent hot tub and a raised deck that wraps around it. There’s also a lower deck area by the pool which serves as a bar. What really helps this design stand out is the lighting.

Here’s another example of a custom-shaped pool, this time a rather small one. It’s beautifully framed by a two-storey modern residence on one side and by a small wooden deck and a green lawn area on the other. Studio Miranda Group managed to create a very organic and seamless flow between these three elements.

This beautiful backyard may not be very large but it sure has a lot style and character. The pool is framed by a stone deck that wraps around the corner and is decorated with planter beds while the green fence provides a really nice backdrop. We love the fact that studio Botanical Visions made nature a part of this deck’s design.

This whole backyard is covered in stone and the pool is the central focal point. It’s framed by a stone deck on all sides and there’s also an upper deck area which overlooks the pool. This type of continuity in design helps to give this space a simple and clean look. This is a project by studio Jacobsen Landscape Design.

The landscaping around this pool is absolutely magnificent. The lush greenery helps this whole area come to life. The stone deck that wraps around three sides of the pool introduces a series of warm and earthy colors which make this outdoor area look incredibly welcoming and inviting. This was a project by studio Lewis Aquatech.

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