Michael Tanha and Tosh Berman are the Future of Hospitality

It’s not every day that we see an unbreakable and strong partnership between two people who share the same love for what they do. Michael Tanha and Tosh Berman share strengths and balance each other’s strengths. They have been successful in creating an empire in the hospitality industry.

They built The Madera Group which had about 22 restaurants under its umbrella. All of this was built in a time span of only 5 years. As much as it is surprising, Mikey and Tosh have proved it can be achieved if you have the right people around you to build an unbreakable team. They have worked hard together and their perseverance has made all of their dreams come to life.

Their venues stand out in the hospitality industry due to their ideal blend of expertise and passion. They promise their guests an unforgettable experience when they dine at one of their venues.  Michael and Tosh are extremely passionate about traveling and making sure that their life is full of extraordinary moments, and this is what has driven their love for all their hospitality ventures.

Being passionate and focused to break the conventional ideas of hospitality,  Michael and Tosh want to introduce concepts that are completely out of the box and stand out in the industry. They want to make sure that their love for traveling and dining reflects in the work that they perform for their customers and clients.

Both have a strong belief to aspire to do what they love the most. And they believe that doing what you love is the ultimate key to success. Their story of success undoubtedly proves that being committed to providing excellence to their customers has been a success.

They have now recently launched their new company Noble 33 which is set to become the most heralded restaurant group in the world. Being the founders, owners, and leaders of their business, they have used their expertise and experience to hire the most accomplished chefs and managers to bring excellence to their restaurants and hotels. Michael & Tosh’s teams are indeed dream teams and an inspiration for many other partners to achieve success in the hospitality industry.

While many others are busy partying or sleeping their nights away, this partnership believes in working hard, even into the nights, on the business. They’re also working almost 12-14 hours on a regular basis since they have a drive within them to achieve more success and keep building the reputation of Noble 33 and offering their customers and clients incredible experiences in dining.

Michael and Tosh are truly an inspiration for many as they continue to aspire to do more. Their next move is to ensure that Noble 33 becomes the premier lifestyle hospitality company internationally as they make plans to expand to locations in West Hollywood, Toronto, Las Vegas, London, Miami, and New York.

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Photo provided by the author with written permission from Mateo Evans.

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