Looking for social emotional learning picture books?! This ultimate list is all about fantastic respect read alouds.

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Since respect can be in many forms here’s the categories:

empathy picture books
inclusion read alouds
personal safety picture books
Bullying read alouds
Pictures books about sharing

Picture books that teach respect are essential for every classroom. They make great beginning of the year read alouds!

Picture Books about Empathy

Learning how to be a friend and respecting others are important beginning parts of school. These empathy and respect picture books are great to use as read alouds in your classroom and help students model and learn from characters in the story.

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This friendship picture book is a great respect lesson!

With peanut butter needing a friend, see how others react and have great discussion about friendship with this read aloud – Peanut Butter and Cupcake.

Rulers of the Playground is a great picture book about respect and recess rules.

Playground etiquette is important and not often taught directly. This picture book can lead to great discussions!

Another great respect read aloud to teach about friendship.

The Invisible Boy follows new students that work together and see each other’s strengths- would be great to teach about group work expectations. This friendship picture book will be a classic!

With Stick and Stone – you’ll get a fun rhyming book about helping each other. This empathy read aloud is great for students!

With also an anti-bullying message it would be great to add to any read alouds about respecting others!

An awesome back to school read aloud four boys learn to celebrate differences and work together over the course of a year in Our Favorite Day of the Year.

How to Be a Lion follows two unlikely but great friends and their encounter with bullies.

Learning what it means to respect and be friends this picture book makes the perfect read aloud for young students!

Inclusion Read Alouds

All are Welcome is an outstanding picture book for back to school or inclusion.

Students are all welcome and differences are celebrated. This is an essential back to school read aloud for kindness, respect and more!

The Big Umbrella is an awesome acceptance picture book. Including everyone since the umbrella is so big sends a strong message.

This inclusion read aloud is great for K-5!

Nothing Rhymes with Orange packs such a strong friendship picture book.

How can Orange fit in the fruit parade? Find out in this inclusive read aloud with fun rhyming text.

The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade chronicles the main character who finally stands up for herself.

Sally takes a chance and makes a big difference. Great anti-bullying picture book or an inclusive read aloud.

Tolerance is a great lesson in Whoever You Are – celebrating differences and how art, culture, and generations are different around the world.

This book is a great respect read aloud and picture book to teach so many social emotional learning toipcs.

Picture Books for Personal Space

Personal space taught with ease in this fun respect read aloud.

Louis learns how to respect boundaries of other planets in this personal space read aloud – Personal Space Camp.

Harrison learns a fun rhyme to help learn with Personal Space Invader.

Great for Pre-k as a personal space read aloud. This picture book is essential for young learners.

Bullying Read Alouds

How to work with enemies –Enemy Pie is the best bullying picture book to address.

A great idea turns things around for the two main characters.

One leader rules the playground until a new kid comes to school. Will they all work together in this picture book about bullying and recess?

The Recess Queen’s fast rhyming pace is a fun read with a great lesson.

Not just about bullying but how bystanders can stand up. The Juice Box Bully is an empowering picture book about bullying that helps all students learn just what they can do.

Picture Book about sharing

When A Selfish Crocodile thinks everything is his, who can he turn to when he needs help?

A small animal comes to rescue for the crocodile and the animals learn how to be friends in this social emotional learning picture book about sharing.

The Mine-o-saur wants all the toys. Soon no one will play with him.

How can he win back friends and learn to play nice in this social emotional learning read aloud about sharing.

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