If You Think People Are The Worst These Days, These 143 Wholesome Pics May Change Your Mind (New Pics)

We all know how it feels when the world is going against us. And in the past months, good news has become somewhat of a luxury. That’s why we gotta take those lemons that life has been throwing right at us and turn them into a bandage for the soul.

And we've got you covered. Bored Panda has compiled a list full of the most uplifting stories and positive-only vibes! From kind souls and good-doers to heroes without capes and humans being bros, this feel-good lemonade should be prescribed by doctors. Scroll down, upvote your faves, and forward the post to someone who needs it!

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#1 To The Person Who Noticed My Open Sunroof During A Thunderstorm: Thank You With All My Heart For Your Random Act Of Kindness

Image credits: umichsylvia

#2 This Man Is Recycling Old Picnic Coolers Into Shelters For Stray Cats For Winter. How Cool Is This?

Image credits: Waifer2016

#3 During His Wedding Photoshoot A Groom Saves A Boy From Drowning

Image credits: Hatt Photography

When the world around us seems doom and gloom, and this is all it has been these past two months, it’s hard as ever to keep those spirits up. When all the topics on the news speak about calamities, our thoughts get dark and counterproductive.In order to keep yourself on the bright side of life, there are some things you could do.

Forbes suggests limiting your news intake and choosing a single news source. Another great tip is looking back to the past. Think of all the hard times we've been through, from 9/11 to the 2008 financial crisis, and tell yourself you made it.

The next tip reads as follows: “watch a funny video,” and for this one you know where to look at. Bored Panda is known for the most liked collections of the funniest and most wholesome things on the internet. Scroll through our never-ending selection here to get those feel-good vibes back on track.

#4 This Priest Shelters Stray Dogs And Brings Them To The Church So They Can Be Adopted

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#5 Commuters Wiped Away Anti-Semitic Graffiti They Found On A Subway Train. Within About Two Minutes, All The Symbolism Was Gone

"I got on the subway in Manhattan tonight and found a swastika on every advertisement and every window. The train was silent as everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do.

One guy got up and said, "Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol." He found some tissues and got to work.

I've never seen so many people simultaneously reach into their bags and pockets looking for tissues and Purel."

Image credits: Gregory Locke

#6 Her Dad Has Always Been The Best And This Just Confirmed It

Image credits: KateAustin_

Forbes list also suggests “taking advantage of found time,” “supporting your local favorite businesses,” “sending gifts in the mails.” It’s also a perfect moment to practice random acts of kindness as seen in this post. The heroes who don’t wear capes are people just like you and me, and if we can learn something from them is that it doesn’t take whole lot to do good.

#7 My 10-Year-Old Brother Called Me To Tell Me He Had A Girlfriend And Then Sent Me This

Image credits: brandonrkohler

#8 Best Friends

Image credits: TheRealCoachJO_

#9 When My Best Friend Died From Leukemia In The 5th Grade, I Was Too Young To Do Anything To Help. Yesterday, I Donated Stem Cells To A Stranger Fighting The Same Disease

Image credits: madhatter555

#10 This Husband Spent 2 Years Planting Thousands Of Scented Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell And Get Her Out Of Depression

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

#11 Ever Since My Niece Saw Toy Story, She Shouts "I'm Leaving!" And Then Peeks At Her Room Like This

Image credits: finestjun

#12 Bride’s Dad Stops Wedding To Invite Her Stepfather To Walk Down The Aisle With Them

Image credits: Delia D. Blackburn

#13 A Hero Can Be Anyone, No Special Powers Needed

Wanted to give a shout-out to this girl. No idea who she is, but we are in Wrigleyville on the rooftop of Old Crow Smokehouse. There was a blind Cubs fan trying to hail a cab for several minutes until the lady came up and asked him if he needed help hailing a cab. She stood there with him until one pulled up. Awesome to see such kindness in a world that the media portrays so much hate in. Share freely in hopes that her kindness spreads.

Image credits: Ryan Hamilton

#14 Crying In An Uber

Image credits: DarthLux

#15 This Man Giving Out Over 700 "Free Dad Hugs" At A Pride Parade To People Rejected By Their Parents

Image credits: Howie Dittman

#16 Wisconsin Bus Driver Holds Nervous 4-Year-Old's Hand On First Day Of School

Image credits: Augusta WI Police Department

#17 Today I Found Out That The Overnight Security Guard At My Work Knits Boots And Mittens For Premature Babies At The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Image credits: _laurennewsome

#18 Yoga Studio Invites Shelter Cats To Do Yoga And Helps Them Find Homes

Image credits: Moacir

#19 A Four-Year-Old Girl With Cancer Kissing Her Father Through A Window.

Image credits: ritzz2_0

#20 Wholesome Landlord

Image credits: Love What Matters

#21 What A Blood Donation Center Looks Like In El Paso After Police Said There Was An Urgent Need For Blood

Image credits: xman1314

#22 Always Believe In Yourself And Never Let Down

Image credits: WorstBehavior78

#23 Bon Jovi Opened 2 Restaurants That Allow People In Need To Eat Free Of Charge

Image credits: jonbonjovi

#24 Every Valentine's Day This Amazing Gentleman Brings All The Widows From The Nursing/Retirement Home And Treat Them To Lunch And Gifts And A Rose For Each

He's been doing this for the last 5 years at our restaurant. He is simply an amazing guy.

Image credits: Sinalot7775

#25 The Planet Is Not An Ashtray

Image credits: iamcorner

#26 "Yeah! I Kept Them All"

Image credits: Sophia_Kallie

#27 Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Image credits: its_leahs

#28 I Love It When A Neighbor Kid Knocks On The Door And Asks If My Husband Can Come Out And Play

#29 My Little Sister Had An Accident Today At Kindergarten And This Is How My Dad Left To Pick Her Up So She Wouldn't Feel So Sad And Embarrassed

Image credits: lucindreams

#30 Social Distancing; The Little (Big) Things We Took For Granted

Image credits: latifahhhh

#31 A Year Ago My Little Sister Left This World. This Weekend Her Heart Recipient Met My Mom And Shared Her Heart Beat

Image credits: Necoya

#32 Students Threw Their Teacher A Suprise Party With His Favorite Cheesecake For His 75th Birthday And His Smile Makes My Heart Happy

Image credits: hiimcoleman

#33 This Time 4 Years Ago I Was In The Er Losing My 6th Baby. I Refused To Give Up. This Is Me Meeting My Daughter, My Lucky Number 7, For The First Time

Image credits: DontWorryImMedicated

#34 Parents Must Be So Proud

Image credits: hamdia_ahmed

#35 The Couple Sitting Next To Us Offered To Hold Our Baby So We Could Enjoy A Night Out When We Couldn’t Get Him To Stop Crying At The Restaurant

Our baby slept on this kind stranger's shoulder the entire evening!

Image credits: humansof

#36 All Of The Feels

Image credits: riahkaywinsor

#37 One Of My Neighbours Is Offering A Free “Blind Date With A Book” To Passers By

Image credits: stim_jerling

#38 This Woman Brings A Bag Of Hats To The Shelter Every Year, Which She Knits From January To December

Image credits: Pueblo Cooperative Care Center

#39 Seth Low Gave A Mini-Concert To The Security Guard Stationed In The Stairwell During The Actual Concert

Image credits: Baltimore Symphony Musicians

#40 Good Parenting Right There

Image credits: jxviizun

#41 Murray Is Lucky To Have Such Good Friends

Image credits: RobertIrwin

#42 Aquatic Biologist Tim Wong Has Repopulated Pipevine Swallowtail Species, Transforming His Yard Into A Habitat For Them

Image credits: timtast1c

#43 And As Of Now, She's Raised Around $95mil After A Donation From Pepsi.

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#44 My Dad Finally Out Of The Hospital Recovering From Covid-19

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 Isn't She The Princess From The Kingsman Movie?

Image credits: LooseyGooseyBrett

#46 Wholesome Neighbor

Image credits: LisaQuinnsMom

#47 This Made Me Smile

Image credits: mycathaspurpleeyes

#48 My Mom Works For An Elementary School In A Poor Part Of Pennsylvania. Today Someone Anonymously Donated Hats, Gloves, And Shoes Or Boots For Every Single Student

This is going to make a huge difference for some of these kids

Image credits: GrumpyFinn

#49 My Daughter And Her Cows Read A Comic Book At The State Fair

Image credits: Mongo1021

#50 And Don't You Forget It

Image credits: youandmeandrainbows

#51 This Dad Gave The Neighborhood Squirrels Wrapped Presents For Christmas

Image credits: SHESAMERlCVN

#52 Firefighters Roll Dying 62-Year-Old Forest Ranger Through The Woods One Last Time

Image credits: Evergreen Hospice Volunteers

#53 This Fan In Wheelchair Carried In A Rock Festival

Image credits: daniel_cruz_foto

#54 My Son Has Parked His Bike By This Lamppost Just About Every Day For The Last Year. This Morning, This Sticker Had Appeared

Image credits: asausagehastwo

#55 Ordered My Sister A Pair Of Trainers She Wanted, My Mom Text Me This Picture Of Her After Opening Them. The Most Loving And Caring Little Girl You Will Ever Meet

Image credits: Brandyn4d

#56 Sometimes You Just Gotta Appreciate Professors Who Do Everything Possible To Help You Succeed

Image credits: x0_rissa

#57 Tennessee Schoolkids Held Toy Drive For Classmate Who Lost Everything In House Fire

One of our Warriors lost all of his belongings in a house fire. His 3rd grade teachers and classmates started a secret toy drive for him to replace the toys he lost. He received the toys and he was so surprised and thankful

Image credits: PhiladelphiaElementarySchool

#58 Grandfather Buys A Yellow School Bus For His 10 Grandchildren So He Can Take Them To School Every Morning

Image credits: Amy Hayes

#59 My Grandpa, Everyone

Image credits: Briighteyes16

#60 Be Like Rebecca!

Image credits: Rumpleteazer

#61 Love Has No Distance

Image credits: KenWebsterII

#62 Every Thursday Morning My Little Nephew Waits For The Garbage Man To Arrive So He Can Help. Today They Brought Him A WM Hat To Wear

Image credits: Benzona

#63 Woman Holds And Comforts A Homeless Man Experiencing Medical And Emotional Distress On The Subway Platform Until EMS Arrives

A few people actively helped out here, making sure he was ok, giving medical advice, and calling 911, but this woman's compassion and ability to comfort him during a scary time was so heartwarming. I don't know when the last time this man was held and cared for physically like this; it could have been decades, and her immediate reaction to comfort him, help him put his shoes on, etc. was so genuine

Image credits: miau_am

#64 4 Santas Spotted In Downtown Kingston Checking In On Homeless Individuals And Making Sure They’re Ok

Image credits: Kingstonist

#65 Firefighters Climbing 110 Stories In Full Gear In Remembrance Of The First Responders Who Died On 9/11

Image credits: LyleBro462

#66 Sign At My Local Laundromat

"If you are unemployed and need an outfit cleaned for an interview, we will clean it for free"

Image credits: qu1etmast3rmind

#67 A Florida Man Who Once Spent Christmas Without Gas Paid Off The Past Dues For 36 Families At Risk Of Losing Their Electricity

He found out who was at risk of having their power turned off and spent $4,600 making their holidays a little less stressful.  Instead of warnings, the families received these cards. 

Image credits: DanielleApoNews

#68 A Waiter At A Local Restaurant Feeding A Man With Special Needs. God Bless Them Both

Image credits: najib_fiqri

#69 Australian Paramedics Took This Man Specifically To The Hospital That His Wife Was Being Treated At After Learning That He Hadn’t Been Able To See Her For A While

When paramedics responded to a Macleay Island home last week on Valentine’s Day Eve, they were greeted by 100-year-old veteran David. Officers soon learned that he usually lives independently with his 94-year-old wife, however, he hadn’t seen her in some time as she was being treated in a mainland hospital.

The paramedics decided that a visit was long overdue, and although David's injury required transportation to a different Brisbane hospital, the paramedics sought permission to conduct a surprise visit to his wife’s ward in Redland's Hospital along the way.

Of course, officers knew better than to turn up empty-handed and first helped David pick up a bouquet of flowers.

Image credits: concrete_porridge

#70 An Emotional Before And After Dental Makeover Done For Underprivileged Communities By Dentist Felipe Rossi

Image credits: por1sorriso

#71 An Older Gentleman’s Electric Scooter Fell Off The Trailer At A Stoplight. Instead Of Driving Around And Honking, Everyone Threw On Their Hazards And Hopped Out To Help

Image credits: megska-doodle-doo

#72 For At Least 13 Years, Rain Or Shine This Little Old Man Spends Every Morning Walking Around Our Tiny Town Picking Up Trash

He does this by choice, he walks to get his coffee rain or shine. He’s happy doing it. Plenty of people in the community have offered help and he has in return inspired others

Image credits: benhrash

#73 Little Girl Thought My Wife Was The Princess From Her Favorite Book

My wife and I got married last February and during the photo shoot this little girl and her mom happened to be walking by. The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she's holding). My wife gave her a flower from her bouquet.

Image credits: Skizzotrobzface

#74 My Mother Was Diagnosed With Stage Four Esophageal Cancer Three Months Ago

She was told Monday that she will only have a week to live due to her kidneys failing, so my school planned a graduation so that she can see me graduate

Image credits: princessabbyyyy

#75 A Man Holding His Baby Up To Paintings And Talking To Him At An Art Gallery

Image credits: jafaaar

#76 Saw This Man Yesterday When I Was In Mecca. Letting A Cat Drink From His Palms When He Couldn't Find A Cup

Image credits: ASOIAF_AR

#77 19-Year-Old Guilherme Nobre, With His Mom And Sister Right After He Found Out He’d Passed Brazil’s Famously Difficult University Entrance Exam

The young man had cut a deal with a prep course to clean the building in exchange for free classes to help him prepare for the exam.

Image credits: guilherme.nobre.790

#78 An Older Gentleman Came In By Himself To Eat At A Restaurant. He Was Telling Some Stories To His Server, Who Went On Break And Joined Him During His Meal

Image credits: gangbangkang

#79 Just Saw A Dad Teaching His Son How To Change A Tire. All I Could Hear Was "Great Job Buddy" Ect, Both Wearing Smiles. Looked Like A Man Raising A Man To Me

Image credits: Dalo600

#80 I Told My Grandma I Was Bisexual A Few Weeks Ago And Today She Gave Me This. My Grandma Made Me A Rainbow Sweater

Image credits: sunatjexd

#81 Woman With Cerebral Palsy Opens Her Own CrossFit Gym After Beating Expectations And Cancer

Image credits: stephthehammer

#82 Do What You Can, Where You Are, With What You Have.

Image credits: FirstTimeCaller3000

#83 My Little Sister Learned To Sew So She Could Make Face Masks After A Hospital Made A Post Asking For Them

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 My Manager Set Up A Food Pantry To Ensure That Nobody Has To Worry About Being Able To Pay For Groceries During The Major Cuts In Shifts Recently. It’s All From His Own Wallet

Image credits: SecondPaw

#85 Stutends Checking In

Image credits: derryqueenhaha

#86 My Son And I Made Little Plant Babies From Cuttings For Neighbors Out On Walks To Take Home

Image credits: loicfoto

#87 Made This For My Grandma Because She Is Scared Of Leaving Her Apartment

Image credits: jayjayboske

#88 My Church’s Food Pantry Had To Close. So My Sister Picked Up All The Food, Sanitized Everything, And Created Bags Of Food For All The Elderly Members Of The Church Who Relied On The Food Pantry. She Drove To Their Homes And Left The Food At Their Doors. She Did All This After Working All Night

Image credits: vaness_ness

#89 My Office Has Been Working From Home For Weeks. I Had Sent Out An Email Asking That Anyone Who Has To Drop By The Office To Feed My Fish. I Went In Today For The First Time...someone Made A Log Book. I'm Crying


#90 My Husband's 81-Year-Old Grandpa: "I Don't Care For Cats." Also Him: "Well, I Got Them These Bowls... Do You Think This Shelter I Made Will Keep Them Warm?"

And also: "Sometimes I let them in the house when I fix their breakfast..."

Image credits: herebutnotthere12

#91 Standing In Front Of The Slave Quarters Of Our Ancestors, At The Whitney Plantation, With My Medical School Classmates. We Are Truly Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams

Image credits: _botttt

#92 I've Always Wondered Why CPR Isn't A Core Class In High School. I Graduated 10 Years Ago And Have Used CPR Three Times Which Is Three Times More Than I Have Used Calculus

My wife and I were stopping at the store to get dinner, and I saw an older gentleman laid down in the road in front of the store, so I pulled over and rushed to his side. Another guy was next to him checking his pulse and said he couldn’t find it, so we pulled him out of the road, and immediately begin chest compressions. The two of us worked on him for about five minutes or so while a whole bunch of onlookers just stood there. The paramedics finally arrived and took over, and after shocking him several times and what felt like a lifetime, were able to stabilize him, and get him to the hospital. A police officer came over and told us he had a massive heart attack

Image credits: frigginnathan

#93 Neighbours Helping Out Strangers During The Australian Bushfires. Everything Helps And It All Adds Up

Image credits: grrrr12344

#94 This Bridal Shop Included A Mannequin In A Wheelchair In Their Window Display

Image credits: doodlebeth

#95 A Makeshift Koala Rescue Center Set Up At A School Gym In Australia Has Cared For Over 250 Koalas

Image credits: jewfishcartel

#96 My Ex And I Split Up Two Years Ago And He Still Sends Our Dog, Apollo, A Birthday Card And Gift Card To Petco On His Birthday

Image credits: LoveBeckz

#97 A Bunch Of Kids Wanted To Cheer Our School Janitor Up By Writing Thank You Cards On The Custodian Door After He Was Upset By Finding Racist Writings On Bathroom Walls

Image credits: Alexlrregular

#98 Elderly Husband Releases A Tutorial After Learning To Do Wife's, Who Is Going Blind, Makeup

Image credits: EX1 Cosmetics

#99 Photo 1&2 Were Taken Way Before We Had Even Met Each Other. Now Photo 3 We Found Our Other Half To Ride Space Mountain With

Image credits: natiicakesss

#100 This Guy Asked The University To Bestow His Degree On His Great-Grandmother, Because She Worked Her Fingers Off To Make It Possible For Him

Image credits: mwali_m

#101 My Husband Comforting Our Kitten At The Vet

Image credits: christycann

#102 This Is True Love

Image credits: CBSSunday

#103 So Romance Isn't Dead After All

Image credits: hiitaylorblake

#104 This Speaks Volumes For The Irish Nation Student Body And The Love We Have For One Another

Image credits: dshsDCSD

#105 My Dad Enjoying His Last Trip To The Place Where His Parents Met

He slowly lost energy to live due to pain and becoming paralyzed from the waist down. It was a long and painful road, but thanks to a charity here in the Netherlands we got to give him one last trip to a place he had never been but always wanted to. It's Called "De Keukenhof". It's a grand garden with all kinds of flowers. He really loved flowers and nature in general, so it was quite funny he never went there, bonus points were that was also the place his parents met each other.

Image credits: RandomJimbo

#106 My Aunt Has Been Wheelchair Bound Her Entire Life But She’s Always Wanted To Go To The Beach. Today, After 37 Years, She’s Finally At The Beach. Her Smile Says It All

Image credits: aroweeee

#107 9-Year-Old Raises $100k To Buy Bulletproof Vests For K9 Officers

Image credits: Leah Tornabene

#108 6-Year-Old Girl In My Hometown Sets Up Charity Lemonade Stand After Seeing The News About The Australian Wildfires. This Was The Response Of Our Community

Image credits: scorchednickel

#109 My Lovely Mum And Best Friend Shave Their Heads With Me While I Go Through Cancer Treatment

The bottom pic is our reaction to seeing our bald heads for the first time

Image credits: amjh1414

#110 Woman Gives Dog Her Own Jacket So He Stays Cozy Waiting Outside

Image credits: Kristina Hollie

#111 Yesterday An Elderly Woman In My Block Taped The First Note To The Lobby Door, So My Neighbours And I Dropped Off Some Books/Dvds For Her. Today She Stuck Up A Second Note 

Image credits: username123456910

#112 My Neighbor Is A Nurse, We Dont Talk Much Because Our Work Schedules Are So Hectic, Yesterday I Noticed She Looked Really Tired, She Came Home And Left Within The Hour. I Went To Mow My Grass And Seen Her Grass Was High So I Mowed Hers As Well. This Morning I Seen This

Image credits: genesislaw1

#113 My Grandma Heard About Our Local Hospital Being Low On Masks Because Of Covid-19, So She Decided To Take Things Into Her Own Hands

Image credits: ItsChimeTime

#114 Recently Lost My Fiance, House, Dog, And Failed Grad School. 105 Days Later, Finally Got My Own Place

Stay motivated & driven. Put your newly liberated time back into becoming the best version of yourself. Always remember no matter how dark things get, you can always rebuild friends

Image credits: v4felony2012

#115 Just A Man Escorting His Miniature Dachshund Hans Around The Backyard With An Umbrella In-Hand While He Takes A Potty Break

Image credits: hans_gruber_the_goober

#116 Thank You Longview 5th Grade Class Of 1994. Your Forest Is Awesome

Image credits: MuonicDecay

#117 Dog Survives Camp Fire. Found Guarding Charred Paradise Property When Owner Returns There For Them As If He Were Protecting His Former Home

Madison’s owners were unable to get home to him when the Camp Fire spread. They hoped and prayed he would be OK. When they finally got clearance to go back to the lot where their house once stood... Madison was waiting there for them as if he were protecting his former home

Image credits: K9PawPrintRescue

#118 My Mom Crochets And Donated 45 Blankets To Sick Children This Year

Image credits: seacogen

#119 A Kid Was Interested In The Chess Game Unfolding Across At The Table Beside Him, So These Older Bros Invited Him Over To Play

Image credits: ashleyhype

#120 Michael Brought His Entire Kindergarten Class With Him Today To Witness His Adoption

Image credits: Kent County, Michigan

#121 A Bro Helping His Little Bro Play The Switch

Image credits: KSIChancho

#122 This Man Was Sketching People On The Subway And Telling Them That They Are Beautiful

Image credits: daaaabear

#123 Here’s What 362 Lbs Of Recovered Food Waste Looks Like. Instead Of Getting Tossed Into A Dumpster, This Food Was Donated To Local Homeless Shelters

Image credits: StopHunger

#124 My Son Saw The Library Box Only Had "Big Kid Books" And Asked If He Could Fill It With "Little Kid Books" So He Did

Image credits: baismal

#125 Thoughtful Gas Station Clerk Made This Man's Day

Image credits: Cordmcoffey

#126 I Got Up This Morning To Get Ready For DC Pride Parade. My Grandma Walked Into My Room, Looked At My Bi Flag, And Said, “Oh, This Needs To Be Pressed Out”

Such a simple gesture, but it holds so much love and meaning for me

Image credits: starbrightfemme

#127 Wholesome Tinder

Image credits: renduh

#128 Winston Loves His Dad

Image credits: HamiltonKierann

#129 My Grandpa Has Been Giving My Grandma Flowers Everytime He Goes Riding For The Past 40 Years

Image credits: dankjerms

#130 I’ve Learned More About Love From Watching My Dad Reluctantly Rearrange The Living Room So My Mom Can Make Snow Angel Boomerangs Than Anything Else In Life

Image credits: TLBurkhalter

#131 This Is What It's All About

A young man came up to our truck today because he was getting ready for his high school prom and didn't know how to tie his tie. My heart was pretty full watching my partner step in to help him out.

Image credits: Mary Terrinoni

#132 My Grandad Has A Hat For Each University His Grandchildren Attended And Today I Got To Give Him Mine

Image credits: 6_5Tail

#133 On A 10-Hour Flight A Mother Handed Out More Than 200 Goodie Bags Filled With Candy And Ear Plugs, In Case Her 4-Month-Old Child Cried During The Flight

Image credits: Talal Masood

#134 My Nanny Won The Beauty Pageant At Her Nursing Home And She Is Flexing So Hard

Image credits: Heath H.

#135 What A Man

Image credits: jrconerty

#136 My Sister Is In Egypt For Work And Had No Mates To See The Pyramids With So Took Her Uber Driver With Her Instead

Image credits: tanyaphilip

#137 My Mum Passed Away And I Adopted Her Cat. Here She Is Sitting On Mum's Ashes

Image credits: Gmd88

#138 So Sweet

Image credits: gracebaldridge

#139 My Granddad Just Called Me To Tell Me How Big His Cauliflowers Are Growing And It Was So Cute. "They're Twice As Big As The Ones You Get In The Shop"

Image credits: melandoodle

#140 Captain Marvel Glow

Image credits: capmadden

#141 My Boyfriend Through 5 Years Proposed To Me In A Photo Booth On Our Anniversary

Image credits: emanbu

#142 Wholesome Dog

Image credits: badmoodrude

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