How to Liven Up Your Spring Decor with Flowers

Using fresh flowers in your home’s decor is an inexpensive and convenient way to welcome spring. It doesn’t matter what type of flowers or plants you choose, you can decorate for spring with fresh, colorful blooms. You can use flowers as a decorative accent or as a centerpiece. Adding flowers to your home can instantly brighten the mood. A bouquet of beautiful flowers will lift the mood after a long winter. Adding fresh flowers to your house is a great way to make any room more inviting and cheerful. They also add lovely scents and can be placed in almost any room. The dining room, kitchen and entryway are great places to put a fresh bouquet of flowers. Decorative vases and accents with spring flowers are a great way to make a room feel fresh and cheerful. They are also easy to find in many colors, so you can find one that complements your decor. You can also find colorful patterned items that can enhance the aesthetic. Using colorful vases and accents with fresh flowers will add an air of whimsy to any room. After a long of winter season, liven up your spring decor with flowers are a great thing. Follow these ideas below and see how flowers can set the mood of your home.

How to liven up your spring decor with flowers1


Chandeliers design may already look ordinary to be installed on the ceiling of your dining room decoration. To welcome spring with joy, it’s a good idea to hang a flower arrangement that dangles towards your dining table. These flower chandeliers will be the focal point of a very different room. Hang this flower with the appropriate length, in the sense that if it interferes with your dining area then you can trim it neatly. Flower chandeliers from onekindesign.


The design of dining chairs made of wood should be perfected with decorations that match the spring theme this year. For example, you can hang a transparent glass vase filled with several different types of flower stalks. Install it on the back of the chair so it doesn’t interfere with your comfort when sitting. Don’t let your vase appear plain, now you can coat the outside with a white lace fabric that looks elegant and very inspiring. Dining chairs decoration from onekindesign.


If you have several jars that are not in use, then you can reuse them as flower pots that can be neatly arranged on a wooden plank that has been provided on the dining table. The existence of this flower jar pot can be used as a spring centerpiece decoration that gives the impression of passion in this room. Choose and use several different types of flowers and colors for a more eye-catching look. Although this flower arrangement looks simple, the nuances produced will be more pleasant and maximum. Jar flower centerpiece from onekindesign.


Decorate the empty and plain part of the wall with a garland of roses and green plants that are arranged using strings so that they can be used as room decorations. You can choose and use this flower at once with only the stem to make it easier on the rope. The pink color of the flowers and the green stalks blends perfectly together. Make this flower garland design with a size long enough so that it can be used as a room statement. Garland roses from onekindesign.


An easy way to freshen up your spring-themed living room decor is to hang a bird cage that can be filled with roses and lavender at the same time. Before you apply it to the bird cage, you can put this flower arrangement into a mason jar that has been filled with clean water. When everything is finished, you can hang it to the ceiling easily. Use sturdier ropes to prevent these cage bird planters from falling onto the floor causing a mess. Bird cage planter from onekindesign.


Tulips are one of the freshest flowers that can be arranged in one container to be used as table decorations or room decorations when spring arrives. Small flowers with different colors make an excellent combination when applied in a wire basket pot that has a plastic egg base so it is free from the mess that causes the eggs to break. This flower vase is portable because it can be moved to any area easily and according to your wishes. With this decoration, the touch of spring will be more perfect. Flower vase with plastic egg base from onekindesign.


Don’t let your entrance area look plain and boring to welcome spring this year. The thing you can do is make an umbrella wreath craft that can be perfected with tulips that have two different colors. The existence of this wreath refreshes the appearance of your home and can be used as an initial welcome for your guests when they come to your home. Fasten the umbrella part using a pink ribbon so that the flowers used do not fall and of course a very beautiful finishing touch. Umbrella tulips wreath from onekindesign.


Instead of using a pot to arrange several of your tulips in one container. Now you can use cabbage as a spring-themed pot that gives a different impression and look. So that these tulips still appear blooming and do not wither, you can add the inside of the cabbage with foam that has been soaked in clean water. Place the potted cabbage on a white ceramic tray to display on the table and keep it from rolling onto the floor. Cabbage tulip pot from onekindesign.


To emphasize the spring decoration on the dining table, you can use a flower pot that resembles a bird cage and is equipped with Easter eggs as a complement. Use only one type of flower to make it easier for you when doing maintenance. Arrange the existence of this flower pot neatly, but it’s a good idea to make it a centerpiece decoration that gives a different color. Usually this potted bird cage is used in a vintage and classic style room, you can try it now. Flower centerpiece with Easter egg from onekindesign.


The living room is one of the rooms that your guests and family often visit, for that you can try to redecorate it with a different touch and look. For example, putting a gold basket filled with a white ceramic vase that looks shiny. This ceramic vase can be filled with several different types of flowers, pink tulips and lavender flowers will work well together to bring out the feel of spring instantly. The touch of gold in the basket becomes its own color that looks luxurious. Flower vase on the coffee table from onekindesign.


Flowers are one of the best decorations that should be used to welcome spring this year. You can choose two types of flowers to apply in one container or vase so that they can be placed on the dining table properly and perfectly. To make it easier for you when doing maintenance, then you can choose faux flowers that can be arranged in a white ceramic vase. If you want to present a more modern and minimalist dining room theme, then you can use a dining table made of transparent glass which is perfected with white ceramic legs. Arrangement faux bloom flower from goodhousekeeping.


Take advantage of the empty shelves on your headboard for a more striking spring decor. For example, you can put a transparent glass vase that has been filled with blooming white flowers. Fill the vase with clean water to keep your flowers blooming beautifully. Just use a flower vase that is not too big to fit the size and of course has the same size as other ornaments that are applied on this open shelf simultaneously. Headboard decoration from goodhousekeeping.


Not only welcoming spring, the existence of a flower vase also brings the nuances and themes of coral instantly. Choose and use blooming flowers that have only white color so that they have a color that matches the feel of your bedroom. Place this flower vase right on top of a wooden nightstand which is equipped with a tassel holder as an additional beautiful ornament that never goes out of fashion. The existence of this flower vase can be combined with a table lamp which is equipped with a neutral colored ceramic stand as well. Coral theme spring bedroom from goodhousekeeping.


Do you want to save more on expenses when decorating a house with a spring theme? If so, then you can make your own DIY vase to put some of the flower stalks you have in your backyard garden. For example, you can make a vase with the main ingredients of dry tree branches. Arrange all the branches of this tree to form a round pattern that can be tied using a ribbon of the same color. The small white beanie statue emphasizes spring to the fullest. DIY flower vase twig pieces from goodhousekeeping.


Full of color with a more pleasant room feel is one of the characteristics of spring decorations. Well, now you can try it in one of the rooms in your house, dining room decoration is a smart idea that is very appropriate. Before you present several flower vases, it’s a good idea to cover the dining table with colorful floral tablecloths. The next decorating idea that you can do is to put a tall vase with a different color as a centerpiece decoration that is never boring. A vase with a splash of yellow and gray adds a more cheerful color to the room. Floral tablecloth with flower centerpiece from goodhousekeeping.


Pastel living room is a very appropriate room decoration when made as one of the spring themes this year. It doesn’t end here, the season is less than perfect without flower placement. For that you can put flowers on the ottoman table with a silver plate surface so that they don’t easily fall to the floor area causing them to break. Roses become room decorations while giving a fragrant aroma to the room that makes you more relaxed. Rose flower arrangement from goodhousekeeping.


Spring decorations usually use bright colors like blue, white and pink. You can try this feminine color through the use of flowers that can be placed on the dining table to be used as a complement to your table runner. Use several flower stalks to unite in a transparent glass vase that has been filled with clean water. This flower decoration idea is very easy to do with expenses that are very on budget. Floral table runner ideas from goodhousekeeping.

The selection of flowers in a room can be adjusted to one of the interior colors of the room so that it can be used as a beautiful focal point. For example, when you have a white kitchen decor, you can put a vase of yellow tulips in the same color as the spatula, lime and patterned ceramic bowl. The combination of these two colors will blend perfectly in the same room. Give this idea a good try for a more perfect finish. Yellow tulips from goodhousekeeping.


The console table that is placed in the entryways area should not be allowed to appear plain because of course it can be an initial welcome for your guests who enter the house. For that you can put a box of tulips with several different color choices. The presence of flowers in this room emphasizes the colorful and blooming style of spring. Use DIY pipes for cheaper and affordable flower vase ideas. Console table decoration from goodhousekeeping.


Make a change to welcome spring by adding some potted plants in your kitchen. For example, by inserting a flower plant in the sink area, this flower plant will make your kitchen fresher so that it will make you comfortable when doing activities in the kitchen. Place this flower plant in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight, in front of the window is the right place to keep the plant fresh and perfectly alive which will also make everyone who sees it more cheerful and enthusiastic about carrying out activities. Spring kitchen decoration from goodhousekeeping.

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