Hot Tub It Up No Matter the Weather With a Hot Tub Gazebo You Can Use All Year Long

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It’s that time of year again: we’re slowly but surely opening up our swimming pools and embracing spring, soon to be summer. Time to get out your swim trunks and get out your favorite pool toys for another season of fun in the sun.

For those who are blessed enough to have a jacuzzi hot tub sitting in their backyard, your swimsuits are probably readily available any time of year. In fact, they’re probably blended right into your underwear or sock drawer. That’s because no matter what the weather is, you people have the option to take a dip in your at-home hot springs no matter the time of year. And let us be frank: we’re damn jealous.

But, if you have this luxury all year round and don’t yet have a hot tub gazebo, you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. Bad owner!

With a hot tub gazebo, you have the ability to chill inside your hot tub no matter what the weather’s like outside. From snow to rain to sleet to a sun that might just be too bright one day, a hot tub gazebo shelters all jacuzzi dwellers from the elements so they can enjoy their time in the tub worry-free.

Hot tub gazebos come in various shapes and forms. Some come with skylights, walls and even minibars. No matter how you choose to keep your jacuzzi safe from the elements this winter, here are some of the best hot tub gazebos that’ll allow you to relax in hot water no matter what the weather brings.
   1. Outdoor Living Today Naramata Spa Shelter

Having all the bells and whistles when it comes to an attractive, durable and multipurpose hot tub gazebo won’t come at a bargain price, but this spa shelter coming in at around the $4,000 to $5,000 price range (depending on where you get it and how fast you want it) is a splurge worth investing in. The gazebo itself is nine feet by nine feet, so it’ll fit most normally-sized hot tub jacuzzis with no problem. It has a center skylight up top in its cedar roof, so you can view snow collecting as you hang in your big, hot body of water. During the summer months, feel free to use the sidebar counter attached and have some drinks with your closest pals. Heck, it even comes in handy during the winter when sitting wine outside.

Buy: Outdoor Living Today Naramata Spa Shelter $4,602.00
   2. SUNCROWN Outdoor Garden Gazebo

This outdoor gazebo is perfect for placing over your hot tub and has excellent reviews on Amazon. It’s dual-tiered and features a canopy that gives it stability against harsh winds. The powder-coated aluminum frame is rust-resistant and designed to keep it in place, and the corner curtains cover the poles so your gazebo looks polished at all times. It’s quick and easy to setup and versatile, you can use it anywhere in your backyard if you decide to give away the hot tub one day (which you shouldn’t.)

Buy: SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Gazebo $369.99
   3. Quictent Privacy Pop Up Canopy Tent

Whatever you’re doing in your hot tub, you probably want it to be private. This tent is perfect for covering up a hot tub so your nosy neighbors can’t spy on you when you take your after-work spa sessions. It has mesh windows so you still have air flow and the cover is waterproof and anti-uv so your hot tub will be protected and private. The pop-up tent is super easy to set up and comes with a powder-coated steel frame that’s been given an anti-corrosion treatment. All four walls are interchangeable and it comes with a wheeled carrying bag if you need to transport it anywhere.

Buy: Quictent Pop Up Canopy Tent $169.99
   4. Cedarview Hot Tub Gazebos Villa

This gorgeous villa really is an eyecatching structure fit to stand out in any backyard. Yes, even if you have something you’re already super proud of, like an entire backyard kitchen, or something. Considered to be a “villa”, this hot tub gazebo from Cedarview acts as an enclosure option that won’t just keep you and your friends safe from snow and rain, but also wind. The villa’s built with two frontal, pull-open doors to fully close you inside when need be or to leave open when you want a little air. Topped off with a tin roof and center skylight, this option is even better during wet weather, because who doesn’t love the healing sound of raindrops bouncing off of a tin roof?

Buy: Cedarview Hot Tub Gazebos Villa $7,000.00
   5. Apex Garden Universal Privacy Curtain Set for 10′ x 12′ Gazebo

Not only will you get full protection from rain, snow and sleet, but also get full protection from sun and winds with Apex Garden’s curtained gazebo. On days where you want to use the hot tub and breath a little, simply open each curtain up with provided zippers and let the elements pour inside. But on days where the elements are unbearable, completely shield yourself off from the outside world and stay warm and cozy the whole hot tub sesh. The curtains are 100% polyester, UV protected and water repellent (but not necessarily waterproof). Unlike the two gazebos prior, this structure doesn’t have a skylight, but it does have topside openings for ventilation.

Buy: Apex Garden Universal Privacy Curtain Set for 10' x 12' Gazebo $179.97
   6. Aleko Pergsand Grape Trellis Pergola Patio Gazebo

Let’s get real — not every hot tub needs a gazebo. Some of you jacuzzi owners have been doing just fine without one for years. But, sometimes when you want to use your hot tub in the rain or snow, the option just can’t exist. For those who enjoy their wide-open spaces but still want to use their jacuzzi in crappier weather, look no further than the Aleko Pergsand gazebo. This gazebo is essentially just a few poles with a removable top, so you can let the sun in when you want, but close off the rain when you don’t want. It’s elegantly designed to look beautiful and drape nicely alongside the rest of your outside furniture and the aluminum and steel frame is both longlasting and immune to chipping and erosion.

Buy: Aleko Pergsand Grape Trellis Pergola Patio Gazebo $494.45
   7. Zento Ultrawood Spa Gazebo

This sneaky woody-looking but non-wood gazebo is a must-have option for any backyard jacuzzi. It takes the classic gazebo-look into a modern way of designing with rounded, clear-yet-tinted edging, a bar that actually comes with stools and flexible privacy louvers so you can take your swim trunks off if desired. What else could you need? Easily entertain your guests in the summer with the bar option and chill and relax by yourself as the winter weather hits. It’s a win-win.

Buy: Zento Ultrawood Spa Gazebo $5,999.00
   8. Cover Valet Umbrella

As mentioned, some don’t necessarily need an entire gazebo enclosure to cover their hot tub — and that’s fine. With that being said, this massive umbrella option is a more casual way to block sun and rain that has the ability to mount onto all spa types. Handlers use the crank operation to open and close the umbrella when needed and it even has an adjustable angle tilt to block the sun from your eyes when it begins to set or rise. A few colors are available, from rust to navy to black and grey, so whatever your backyard looks like, this umbrella will match it perfectly.

Buy: Cover Valet Umbrella $898.20
   9. Westview Manufacturing Solarus Hut Spa Gazebo

Some issues related to hot tub gazebos involve ways to physically get inside. Most hot tubs (depending on their height) need a set of stairs so you don’t have to feel like you’re climbing Mount Everest to get into the jacuzzi. Although this gazebo doesn’t exactly come with a set of stairs, it’s shaped to instill a need for them. So, if you’ve been putting off buying stairs for your hot tub, you’ll really have no other choice but to buy them with this hot tub gazebo. As for aesthetics, this gazebo has openings on two sides across from one another to let in the elements and is decked with tinted windows the rest of the way around to add a bit of shading. The roof of the gazebo uses frosted glass material that allows for sunlight to pour in, but without the visual aspect of seeing the trees above or anything like that.

Buy: Westview Manufacturing Solarus Hut Spa Gazebo $5,999.00
   10. Sojag Outdoor Charleston Aluminum Solarium Sunroom

Whether you have the biggest jacuzzi in existence or just need a little more space in your hot tub gazebo, look no further than this massive enclosure from Sojag. While most throw an outdoor couch and table in this space, we suggest throwing in a hot tub, love seat and small table inside to make the most of your indoor/outdoor space. Coming in at a massive 12 feet by 18 feet, the possibilities are really endless.

Buy: Sojag Outdoor Charleston Aluminum Solarium Sunroom $5,948.00
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