Halloween holidays have been my all-time favorite since childhood and why not? We can be and dress as anything or anyone we want to be!

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Buying a costume can be simple, but throwing on a costume you bought online or picked from the store is not as satisfying as making the look yourself! Besides, you could save a lot on money and explore your creativity.

If you could relate with me, you can also save the trouble of brainstorming for weeks and shift to an easy, last-minute DIY alternative. Before you rush to the dollar store or fill up your online cart, take a closer look at everything you own.

To bring some more help, I have dug up 80+ DIY Halloween costume ideas that would make you flex your crafting skills in the neighborhood. Go naughty as Harley Quinn or explore nerdy looks, be a sexy witch or social butterfly and you can make all this yourself!

80+ Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas that you Can Easily DIY Before the Big Party
1. Smarty Pants
Via Goodhousekeeping
No one could think about repurposing jeans like this and this DIY is crossing every expectation to bring some fashion to the Halloween party. Glue smarties candies to a pair of old jeans and your look for the day is done. Don’t have a pair of old jeans? Well, you can buy cheap jeans and complete the look.

Shop Old Jeans

2. Queen Of Hearts

You would have to buy the gown, but you can make the card neckpiece all by yourself. It is a big size, DIY card collar and a deck of cards, wreath wire, and some glue would do the job. Try this out for your Halloween costume this year!

Recreate this Costume

3. Fifty Shades of Grey 
Via Goodhousekeeping
Okay, the title was to get your attention and this DIY certainly has it now. Get 50 different shades of grey from any paint store or buy it and paste the cards on an old T-shirt. Yes, it is that easy and people could never guess your costume of the day because it’s just so unique!

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4. Miss Universe
Via Livingaftermidnite
Make the cutouts of different planets in our universe in a fabric, grab your old ballerina dress and stitch the cutouts. Your Miss Universe costume is ready and it has the entire universe in it.

5. Error: Costume Not Found

For those who hate to spend time and give effort on a costume party, this one is perfect for you. I mean, no one could question you as well because you have already marked the answer on your t-shirt.

Get This Tshirt

6. Starry Goddess Costume
Via thehousestarsbuilt
I know this doesn’t look like a DIY, but it is one and you must check out how. It is one of those iron-on looks which would be done in a few easy steps. From the stunning clutch to the hair accessory, everything is worth drooling over.

7. Plant Lady
Via akailochiclife
Since you are going to be a plant lady, get those fake grass from the dollar store and customize it into a unique neckpiece! You can carry an indoor plant as your purse if you will. It is making the dress look more authentic so it could be done!

>>See more at akailochichlife.

8. Skeleton Costume
Via Goodhousekeeping
No, this is not one of those neon skeleton outfits, and I hate them as well. DIY a white t-shirt and cutout ribs in it. Complete the look with a face painting of a skeleton and it’s done. The look is easy and would cost you almost nothing.

Buy Skeleton Makeup Kit

9. Pineapple Costume
Via thediaryofadebutante
Did you ever imagine that a small detailing can enhance your entire look? This yellow dress is just a sober outfit but adding that pineapple crown is making you look like the fruit. Yes, this is the power of doing it yourself!

>>See more at thediaryofadebutante

10. Nerd Costume

You don’t need any crafting skills for this one. A plaid shirt, eyeglasses, a nerdy braid, and a calculator would do the job. You can add some flair to the look by wearing unique makeup and stand out at the big party.

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11. Crazy Cat Lady

 Almost everyone has a towel robe, I think. So, it’s time to give it a new look. All you need are some stuffed toy cats and this could very well pass as a funky Halloween costume.

>>See more at modpodgerocksblog

Buy Stuffed Cats

12. Ice Cream Sundae
The ice-cream sundae look would just need a few colorful cutouts and a pretty toppings hat with a cherry. You could repurpose a white or pink dress for the base and then carry out with your creativity!

13. Hot Dog
Via StudioDIY
A juicy hotdog with extra sauce and ketchup! Yes, even I am devouring right now. Make this dreamy meal your costume for a day and slay in the Halloween party. Let people remember their guilty food and enjoy the party!

14. Beer Pong
Via Bestproducts
I loved this one, not only because I love beer but also for the uniqueness of this costume. Carry a ping pong ball with yourself and let others guess what you are. I am sure you are gonna have a fun time!

15. The Bachelorette
Via Bestproducts
You might be thinking how this would go in a Halloween party, well, it definitely would if you combine it with an eerie makeup or top it up with some sassy head accessory. I mean, who won’t be thrilled to accept a rose from a sinister bachelorette?

16. Elizabeth Holmes
Via Bestproducts
A very easy and simple look, get into the shoes of Elizabeth Holmes and step into the Allhallows eve. You must carry the tiny bottle in hand and fill it with water and a few drops of red dye to really nail the look. And don’t forget the wide-eyed stare.

Recreate this look:

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17. Broken Doll


If this makeup doesn’t make you feel the eerie vibe, I don’t know what will. Dolls have been associated with some paranormal entities for quite some time now, and it would be fun to have hands-on experience on them. Don’t forget to pair it with your cute and evil smile!

18. Social Butterfly
Via Pinterest
 If she didn’t hold that like button on the hand, I wouldn’t have understood what butterfly she is. The like button clears the air for every social butterfly out there and you must try this out if you could relate.

19. Velma from ‘Scooby-Doo’
marioncampus via Instagram
I am a big scooby-doo fan, but since we are exploring DIY costume options for Halloween night, this one should be on the list. The ease with which it can be made makes it a perfect Halloween costume. You would just need sweaters and stockings. Baam! You are Velma know, try to get your Scooby-Doo as well!

Recreate this costume:

Similar Sweaters  Similar Socks  Similar Glasses  

20. Robber with money bag
@simibabie Via Instagram
Still, stuck with the legacy of La Casa De Papel? You could be an all-black robber if you want to avoid the Dali and still get that badass vibe at the party. Don’t forget to carry the superb white backpack with a dollar sign. So cool, right?

Recreate this Costume:

Baby Carrier  Infant Hat 

21. Violet Beauregarde from ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’
@instadatete via Instagram
As described in the title, this character is equally fun and sexy. If you love the adorable blue color, this one’s for you. The pretty blond wig is a must-have here!

Recreate this costume:

Blonde Wig  Track Suit

22. Fall Costume
Halloween is celebrated right at the end of Fall and here we have an awesome way to combine and celebrate both! You can recreate this with your creativity, like replacing the mauve jacket with some blazer and have bright colors for the head crown.

Recreate the look:

Headband  Faux Leaves

23. Ice Cream Cone


Much like the sundae costume, this one is colorful and vibrant and the good part is, you don’t have to work much to complete this. The inverted ice-cream cone looks so classy here and it is giving us major costume goals!

Get this Costume

24. Green with Envy
Via Goodhousekeeping
Green and envy go side by side and here we have a fun couple costume for Halloween. Pair it up with a headband to enhance the look, you can also print something on your t-shirt just like the envy scribble and make a statement.

Recreate this Costume

25. Sandy from ‘Grease’
Via Twistmepretty
Getting this look would be very easy due to the combination of clothes, but let me tell you, when you choose a character, you must get every detail right. Don’t ignore the soft curls here and the jacket is also a must-have.

26. Dwight from ‘The Office’


This would be the best example of a gender swap and it turned out amazing. So the next time you want to try some other gender look, don’t hesitate. Be like a lady Dwight from the Office.

27. Dexter from ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’
Via @kanestelar
Again, an amazing gender swap experiment that turned out to be so good. We have loved Dexter from our childhood and this girl has nailed the look of our little genius. Try out some more fun characters from this show for Allhallows eve this year.

Recreate this Costume

28. Georgie from ‘It’
Via @princesspuppyglitter
An easy look to replicate, Georgie from the horror flick IT just wears a jeans dungaree with checkered shirt and done! You would also have to do some quick makeup to feel authentic and live in the character.

Recreate this Costume

29. DIY Scarecrow
Via @allglamnofilter
This DIY scarecrow look is all about your makeup skills. You could be a spooky scarecrow or if you are looking for something fun and easy, go for smiling face makeup. Either way, people would be impressed with your creativity!

30. Mary Poppins

Via Merricksart
More like the women’s version of Charlie Chaplin, an A-line skirt and plain white shirt would be enough to be Mary Poppins for a day. Make sure you manage to get that old-fashion umbrella and flower hat to add some flair to the costume.

Recreate this Costume

31. Strawberry


Be a strawberry for Halloween this year because you wanted a costume that could be an easy craft project for you. From the red dress to the green hat, you can DIY everything and slay at the big party!

32. Cookie Monster
Via Persialou
Did the look remind you of delicious oreo biscuits? Well, it did remind me! From the cookie purse to the eyeball headgears, the look is so perfect and the good news is, you can select the color of your dress. Make it as creative as you like.

33. Bunny Makeup


Not an easy bunny makeup, but you can do it yourself. Make the headpiece from paper or buy it if you could find a similar one. The makeup is the most important and catchy aspect of the decor and it would get you rolling!

34. DIY Frosted Animal Cookie
Via StudioDIY
A cookie look has got that sweet and fancy vibe and the best part is, they are easy to replicate. Get into this pink and multicolor frosting look this Halloween and earn some compliments at the big party.

35. Operation Last-Minute
Via Creatingreallyawesomethings
You don’t need your boo here, but it would be so much better if he were. This could be an amazing couple outfit for the Allhallows eve and you can DIY the whole look. Paint those organs or use cutouts for a realistic look.

36. Candy Dots
Via Cutegirlshairstyles
You would need styrofoam circles to make the candy dots on your white t-shirt. Make sure you use an oversized t-shirt, spray paint the circles and paste it with a hot glue gun.

37. Gumball Machine
Via cutegirlshairstyles
Everybody would love to see a sexy gumball machine and we have the perfect tutorial for you. Pair it up with a white t-shirt and red pants to nail this gumball machine look!

38. Copycat
Via thinkingcloset
Isn’t it so lovely and unique to use printouts of cats and use it to adorn your Halloween costumes? We have brought the best DIY with paws on the gloves and a cute cat ears on the head.

39. French Kiss Punny Costume
Via Goodhousekeeping
Replicating this would be super easy, you need to know some good face painting skills and have a black and white checked t-shirt. The punny costume is one of the most sought after Halloween getups and it looks so classy.

40. Rock, Paper, Scissors
Via themerrythought
Are you going for the big Halloween party with your girl squad? Try out this fun and easy costume with your girlfriends. You can DIY the scribbles on the t-shirt and the best part is a staple clothing for every girl, right?

41. Minion Costume
Via SheKnows
The sexiest minion costume of all time is here! A sassy denim shorts, suspenders, and a yellow top with minion print, that’s it! Pair it up with the interesting headgear of minion eyes and steal glances at the show.

42. Queen Bee
Via StudioDIY
We have always heard the queen Bee from the beehive and you can get to be that with just a crown! Make this DIY crown with wool pompoms and wires and slay the big Halloween party.

43. “But that’s none of my business” Costume
Via threelittleferns
You don’t have to do much here, just make that nice and big board with the message and wear it like a neckpiece. You can be as creative as you want with the dress and I would highly recommend this green attire.

44. Cool as a Cucumber
Via handmadecharlotte
No, it isn’t like the long, tall cucumber that you have already imagined. You need some light and dark green paper cutouts together with a sweater and A-line skirt to complete the cool and simple look.

45. Sabrina
Via noelledowning on Instagram
Sabrina, the sexy witch, has got the looks to die for and yes, her looks are easy to replicate as well. Just some soft curls if you already have blond hair or go for a wig and slay the look of the sassy witch.

46. Polka Dots
Via sugarandcloth
Yes, we had polka dots on our ballerina dresses and retro tops, did you ever come across polka dots on your hair? Let’s get some unique vibes this time and get the retro dots on your violet wig for the big Halloween party!

47. Betty and Veronica from ‘Riverdale’
Via Livingaftermidnite
A cute and funky Betty and Veronica is the one you could slay with your best friend. I have always adored the red jacket look and that baseball jacket, I drool over it like every day!

48. Burrito
Via awwsam
Here comes a DIY burrito outfit that was taken to the next level by adding that small roll as a prop! You can place the veggies inside your top and then make others guess what you are.

49. When Life Gives You Lemons
Via clubcrafted
Denny didn’t make lemonade out of those lemons, but he did make an amazing Halloween costume for the party! You can even distribute these fake lemons as a token of love for your friends at the party.

50. French Toast

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Another punny costume, you have a french toast girl here with a sassy hat and casual attire. Don’t forget to add that red scarf to enhance the look and I am sure people will love it!

51. Sailor Costume
Via prettyprovidence
If I ever get the chance of being the sailor, I would never let that chance go, and to make your task easy, we have got an easy DIY sailor costume. You don’t have to rent anything for this, make some minor changes to your clothes and that would do the job very well!

52. Rosie The Riveter
Via Vidafashionista
DIY costumes are way easier and fun to make. This Rosie look is one of those options which would hardly require your time. It is about gathering the top and bottoms and exploring your crafting skills to make the sexy ribbon. You can modify a red ribbon with polka dots or buy a readymade fabric and convert it to a sassy bow.

53. Pasta Costume
Via StudioDIY
This is the cutest of the lot and yes, the mom and son pair made it so! Use all-white clothing for the base to highlight the yellow pasta and you can also carry some edible pasta to make the guessing game easy for your friends. Dawn this look with your little one this Halloween and people will drool!

54. Camp counselor
Via sayyes
An easy look to replicate, the camp counselor t-shirt can be custom made or you can repurpose your old t-shirt and make the statement camp print. Don’t forget to make this beautiful hairband to make your look authentic and also, to get that instructor vibe!

55. Dancing Emoji
Via thediyplaybook
I think there is nothing better than attending a costume party with your BFF. There are so many options to explore and this all-black dancing emoji look is so amazing. You don’t have to work much for it either, do make the bow with utmost perfection.

56. Tooth Fairy
Via happinesshomemade
Yes, it is just like a pretty fairy with a tooth wand! Unique, right? It is so easy to get into a fairy disguise and you can make the tooth with cardboards and spray paint it to get those realistic looks. Make that glittery head crown because you are no less than a queen!

57. Burger


After pizza, my only guilty food is the burger and I always gulp it down and then cry myself to sleep because that was my 5th cheat day of the week. Get into this burger costume if you want to make a statement with the delicious buns.

Get This Costume

58. Smart Cookie
Via clubcrafted
Carry the cookie like a shield and rock the Halloween party. Your neighbors would love the idea of using a staple food in such a unique way. Besides, the kids would also love this pink and white look!

59. Sprinkles
Via loveloveloveblog
Make this amazing sprinkler costume for Halloween this year with dollar store items. You would just need colored popsicle sticks and sprinkles to complete this easy DIY. Customize your sunglasses to make it sassy and gorgeous to complete the look.

60. Chip On Your Shoulder
Via loveloveloveblog
It is so amazing to see how creative people can be. From cookies to chips, everything can be an aspect to create your look for the Allhallows eve and it is also fun to confuse people about your look, right?

61. Bubble Gum
Via StudioDIY
This pink bubble gum look is so pretty and cute with balloons all around and the silver sash that would steal the attention of everybody right away. Walk with these balloons at the big party and all eyes would be on you, that is your moment to shine and slay as you do!

62. Minnie Mouse
Via Dreamalittlebigger
This DIY Minnie Mouse look is created with a wrapper dress and bows with black and red ribbons. Pair it with blacks slacks and inners to get those black hands and legs. In case you don’t have a yellow ballerina, go with a white one and you will look awesome with both.

63. Bat Halloween Costume


Replicating any of the Marvel or DC characters can be hard, especially if you are not willing to pay much for the rent. You can DIY a bat costume, if not the OG batman, and still slay at the big party. Also, the kids would love to see you show those wings!

Get This Costume

64. Flower Crown Snapchat Filter


This Snapchat filter has won hearts back in time and to date, it is one of the most popular filters Snapchat has to offer. Make this sassy floral crown with papers and color it to complete the vibrant look.

65. Farmer

A denim jumpsuit, check shirt, and a hearty smile, that’s it! You would just need three elements to complete this farmer look for the big Halloween party and I mean it.

Recreate this Costume

66. She Sells Seashells
Via Goodhousekeeping
If you have the habit of collecting seashells, it is the best way to use it and put them on display! Be a seashell seller for the Allhallows eve and surprise people with your creativity. You can choose the blazer and inner just as you like and be the star of the big party.

67. Formal Apology
Via Goodhousekeeping
Formal or casual, an apology is still an apology, right? This lady wore the apology like a sash, now I don’t know if she had a pun in mind, but you definitely can! Confuse the guests with this amazing look and let them guess why you are apologetic.

68. Arthur Halloween Costume


Round spectacles, bunny headwear, and a pretty smile would be enough to make the Arthur Halloween costume shine. Choose a bright color for the top and contrast it with the bottoms.

69. Bubble Bath
My love for balloons is eternal and this is one of my favorite costumes! It is so inconvenient yet one would choose it cause probably no one else would. Don’t forget to wear the shower cap and let others feel the relaxing bubble bath vibe.

70. Sia
Via Sewbakedecorate
Never thought this could be self-made? We have got you covered! This DIY version of badass Sia is ready to make you the star of the big night and I am not kidding. Get into that statement wig and make Sia proud with your dressing and makeup skills!

71. Pretty In Pink
Via Newdressaday
Pretty in pink with a book in hand or maybe ice cream? You can go as you like with a hand-stitched pink dress! Moderate sewing skills would do the job and you don’t have to be a pro to complete this one.

72. Light-Bright Costume
Via StudioDIY
This look is all about adding that 3D glare to your costume for Halloween night and why not? The adults would stare, the children would love and your friends would shower you with compliments. So, if you are ready to go with something unconventional, this is your shining element!

73. Pac Man
Via clubcrafted
This no-sew Pac man Halloween costume has got that funky and crazy vibe with lots of positivity. You can try this look in both colorful and dark themes and it would match perfectly.

74. Blessing In Disguise
Via Thinkingcloset
The blessing man here is all set to bless the big party with lots of fun and laughter. The big brows, bunny ears, and tiny glasses make the look so intriguing and it is just fun to watch someone like this, right?

75. Breadwinner
Via Goodhousekeeping
You might be the breadwinner of your family, but have you ever been a ‘bread’ winner? Here’s your chance to shine with bread in hand and win hearts with your prize. Complete the look with some medals for extra fun!

76. Old Married Couple
Via abitofsweetandcolor
This would just be for couples cause you know the theme won’t be highlighted if your partner doesn’t show up. The classic old married couple look with some cozy vibes and coffee in hand is right here to help you out with the Halloween costume this year.

77. It’s Raining men
Via StudioDIY
Continue the legacy of this classic anthem with this fun DIY for the Allhallows eve this year. The transparent umbrella would be the highlight here and look at those hanging men! I can’t stop drooling over this one, can you?

78. Super Quilter
Via  Countryliving
Are you ready to slay with super Q? Q would stand for quilts here, and not queen so it is super unique. Take your favorite quilt to the big party this year and you would be in for some real compliments!

79. Holy guacamole
Via Goodhousekeeping
Did you ever think that avocado prints could ever make a Halloween costume? Yes, it very well can and the results are so good. Get a furry backpack and angel headband to complete this easy and fun costume DIY.

80. Hawaiian Punch
Via Goodhousekeeping
Are you missing the sunshine on the beach? Bring that feeling home with this Hawaiian look and just to make it more fun, put up punching gloves! People would have a hard time guessing what you are but they would enjoy the beachy vibes!

81. Chip and Joanna from ‘Fixer-upper’
Via extrapetite
This would be a last-minute Halloween costume because you would need 10 mins to complete this one. Be Chip and Joanna for a day and step into the big Halloween party in your neighborhood.

Making a DIY costume can be very fun and you could get as creative as you want with it. Choose your favorite from the lot and get to work because Halloween is right at the door, honey!

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