Candied Orange Peels ~1886

Citron Preserves.

How did oranges get into the August CSA box? I’m not even sure where we grow oranges locally this time of year. Regardless, they are, as is any fruit save papaya, most welcome.

Not a huge fan of papaya. 

Oranges are an easy snack for families with kids. I’ve never known of a kid to turn down fresh orange slices while playing on a sunny afternoon. But what about the peel?

Candied orange peels can be a fantastic way to preserve orange flavor for use in your other baking projects. I usually make these for the holidays, but hey! An opportunity has presented itself.

The candied orange peel recipe above is slightly more involved than my go-to method, mainly because of the soaking before cooking. I skip the soak and plunge the orange peels directly into a simple sugar syrup and simmer for 45 min. Strain. Toss in sugar to coat. Dry on a rack for 24 hrs.

I suppose if you live someplace humid, drying in an oven makes sense as well. We once went camping in Louisiana where I had to run a load of wash. It took 4 hours to dry the load… Humidity happens. I get it.

These candied orange peels come out tasting exactly like the candy orange slices you can get at the mini-mart down the road for $.99.

I don’t worry about storage because little hands find them between the time I set the orange peels out to dry and the time they’d get put away.

That said, I have every intention of saving some for puddings each time I make them.

It’s good to have a goal. 
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