Bring the Campfire Vibes Wherever You Go With Portable Fire Pits

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Fact: Humans love fire. Candles are one of the most unconsciously collected items on the market today due to their bountiful scents and warming atmospheres, and a fireplace is always an item on the wishlist during house hunting. Making a fire outdoors, however, is tricky unless you’re a certified eagle scout. Hence, the creation of small fire pits.

Fire pits provide a hospitable playground for cracking embers and dancing flames to work their magic on groups of humans who wish to roast marshmallows, dance and/or have deep conversations. Outdoor fireplaces do the same thing, and firewood racks make scavenging for logs a thing of the past. There are fire pits powered by propane for the grill-lovers out there, as well as pop-up fire pits that make setting up and taking down easy. And, like anything humans love, we’ve decided to make it small and adorable — via the invention of small fire pits.

mini fire pits, FLIKR fire personal concrete fireplace

Small fire pits take everything we love about regular-sized fire pits and delivers it in a more portable package. Whether you need a more smaller version of your at-home fire pit or your outdoor space is limited to a fire escape, mini fire pits can provide the atmosphere you’re craving without the concern you’ll burn down your house. Like any trendy at-home accessory, there are a few different options. Some are simply smaller versions of your typical outdoor fire pit, while others are made of concrete. There are even soot-free options for indoor use.

To be included, the “mini” fire pit had to be:

  • Less than 20″ wide and 15″ tall
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up

Here are the best small fire pits for indoor, outdoor and portable use.


1. FLIKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace


This small fireplace is tiny. It’s made of durable concrete, which adds both a sleek aesthetic and protection from damage. It’s easy to set up and runs only on rubbing alcohol, so it won’t create soot. Just five ounces of rubbing alcohol creates 50 minutes of burn time, and it’s completely safe for cooking. It works just as well inside as it does outside, and it has felt on the bottom for protecting surfaces.

FLIKR fireplace, mini fire pits

Buy: FLIKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace $95.00


2. Solo Stove Bonfire


This small fire pit from Solo Stove is a slightly bigger than some of the other options, but it’s still much smaller and more travel-friendly than other fire pits. It’s designed to be low-smoke with a trademarked 360 Airflow Design for a secondary burn and minimal ash. The pit itself is made of durable stainless steel that can travel anywhere and it’s log-friendly, so you still get that genuine fire pit feel. It only weighs about 20 pounds and is easy to set up and take down.

solo stove bonfire, mini fire pits

Buy: Solo Stove Bonfire $269.99

Buy: Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit $219.99 (orig. $299.99) 27% OFF


3. Radiate Portable Campfire


While this fire pit isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the other ones, it’s perfect for outdoor adventures where you’re less than confident in your ability to build a fire. It was featured on Shark Tank and received three offers, so you know it’s good. Radiate weighs only four pounds and is only 8″ wide. It uses recycled soy wax and paper briquettes to burn for three-plus hours while minimizing carbon footprint. All it takes is a match to light, and you can snuff out the flame with the lid. It reduces the chances of sparking a wildfire with a stray ember, and it’s designed to accomplish our collective goal in nature: leave no trace.

radiate portable campfire, mini fire pits

Buy: Radiate Portable Campfire $57.00


4. Blue Sky Outdoor Fire Pit


This small fire pit from Blue Sky is made for quickly packing up and easily storing. It’s designed to burn efficiently with little to no smoke, ash, sparks or unpleasant odors. It’s high heat, so make sure you use it in an outdoor context with plenty of space. Very little assembly is needed to set it up and get it going. It comes with its own carrying case and is designed to leave no trace.

blue sky outdoor fire pit, mini fire pits

Buy: Blue Sky Outdoor Fire Pit $88.99 (orig. $109.99) 19% OFF


5. Colsen Tabletop Fire Pit


This firepit from Colsen burns rubbing alcohol, so it’s a clean burn that’s designed for convenient use rather than crackling embers and the smell of a fire. It’s light, small and super easy to place anywhere you’d like a little bit of ambiance. It lasts about 40-50 minutes on a single round of rubbing alcohol.

Colsen mini fire pit

Buy: Colsen Tabletop Mini Fire Pit $69.89 (orig. $100.00) 30% OFF


6. JHY DESIGN Indoor/Outdoor Portable Fireplace


This mini fire pit from JHY DESIGN includes a windshield made of temperature-resistant glass designed to help protect the flame outdoors. It also conveniently adds an extra safety measure around kids and animals. This mini fire pit is fueled by clean-burning bio-ethanol, is vent-free and easy to set up right out of the box. The sleek black metal body looks great contrasted with the flames, and the fire pit is also available in silver.

JHY DESIGN tabletop fire pit, mini fire pits


7. TACKLIFE Tabletop Fire Pit


This fire pit has glass panes to prevent a strong gust from extinguishing either your miniature flame or the vibe. It has a cement base for a sturdy structure and black glass stone framing the flame. It runs on bio-ethanol that is clean, dust-free, smoke-free and completely odorless This fire pit is ventless and designed to be portable, so it can go anywhere and spread ambiance.

TACKLIFE tabletop fire pit, mini fire pits


8. Threshold 11″ Round Outdoor Tabletop Fire Pit


Unlike other mini fire pits, this one includes a knob for adjusting the intensity of the flame. It’s 11″ wide and designed to be used outdoors, and comes with lava rocks that frame the flame. It’s made of weather- and heat-resistant materials and runs on propane. It comes with a stand you can use to prop it up or you can place it directly onto outdoor furniture, making it a great addition to an outdoor seating area.

round hammered outdoor tabletop fire pit, mini fire pits

Buy: Threshold Hammered Outdoor Fire Pit $79.00


9. Pipestone Tabletop LP Fire Pit


This is a low-lying fire pit made of stone with a control knob so you can adjust the intensity of the flame. It has a matte finish that’ll look great in your outdoor space, and the materials are heat- and weather-resistant so it’ll maintain its durability over time. One thing to note: This fire pit is designed to be used on a table with an umbrella hole for easy access to the propane tank underneath.

pipestone tabletop fire pit, mini fire pits

Buy: Pipestone Tabletop LP Firepit $109.00


10. Wrought Studio Black Delshire Wood-Burning Fire Pit


This fire pit is wood-burning and therefore designed to be used outdoors. It also takes up a bit more space than other models at 22″ high, 16″ wide and 16″ deep. While it doesn’t quite fit into our small fire pit dimension criteria, it is smaller and slimmer than other fire pit options. It’s made of faux fiberglass stone underneath and comes with a metal bowl for safely handling the fire. It has a minimalist design to let the fire speak for itself, and is easy to set up and take down.

wrought studio black polyresin wood burning fire pit, mini fire pits

Buy: Wrought Studio Wood Burning Fire Pit $103.99


11. Lit & Knight Tabletop Fireplace


This mini fire pit is from a newer brand we’re not super familiar with, but we love the design and it seems very easy to use. It has a clay beige concrete base with decorative glass rocks on top, a perfect centerpiece for your dining room table or outdoor patio. It uses rubbing alcohol to burn so it’s clean-fueled, and it’s lightweight and easy to move around your space. It has soft rubber padding underneath to keep it from slipping or sliding, and it’s made using premium materials designed to last a while.

lit & knight fire pit, mini fire pits

Buy: Lit & Knight Tabletop Fireplace


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