Best Time to Visit Venice

Wondering when is the best time to visit Venice? Venice is so special that every time of year is perfect for a trip! Every season has something different to offer, both in terms of weather and events.

Best Time to Go to Venice in Brief

Best months to go in Venice for sightseeing: April, May, September, October

Best months to visit Venice for some outdoor activities: April, May, June

Best weather in Venice: April, May, September, October

Best time to visit Venice for the events: February, August, September, December

Best Time to Visit Venice by Season

High season in Venice: summer. Though Venice can get really crowded and expensive between June and late August, there are no significant changes in comparison to the other seasons. The weather is generally hot and humid, so it’s not the best time to go sightseeing. 

Low season in Venice: winter. Even if between November and March there are fewer visitors in town, there are two exceptions: February and December. Prices are not particularly lower except in late November and late January. The weather is generally cold and rainy.

Shoulder season in Venice: March, April, September, and October. These months are definitely the best ones to visit the city because of the overall lovely weather conditions. April tends to be crowded due to the Italian Easter holidays/Spring Break.

Let’s see why you shall visit Venice in every month!

Best Time to Visit Venice by Month

Venice in January


Max Temp: 7°C
Min Temp: 0°C
Rainy days: 10

January is the coldest month of the year in Venice and the perceived temperature can be considerably lower due to high humidity. 

Events in Venice in January: Jan 6th: Epiphany. The main event is the so-called “Befana Boat Race”, where all the participants are dressed up like the famous Italian folk character.

What to do: visiting a museum is the best activity to escape the cold, but you can also simply lounge at a restaurant and taste all the typical dishes without rushing your meal. In January, you can also go ice-skating in Campo San Polo.

Why January: plan a weekend off in the second half of the month to benefit from lower fees and fewer tourists around.

Perfect time for: art lovers and foodies

Venice in February


Max Temp: 9°C
Min Temp: 1°C
Rainy days: 11

It’s often quite cold and rainy, but weather gets better towards the end of the month.

Events in Venice in February:

Carnival: one of the main local events takes place in February, which is also one of the busiest months in Venice. Many tourists from all over Europe go there to attend local parties, parades or simply be immersed in local folklore.

St. Valentine’s Day: a weekend for two in Venice is something you shall experience once in a lifetime!

What to do: sightseeing can be quite tiring in February, since there are many people everywhere. For this reason, it’s best to book your visits in advance, either joining a guided tour or buying a skip-the-line ticket. Don’t miss a masked ball or a special Carnival event (check the list of the main events and their schedule here Carnival of Venice – parties and masquerades balls).

Why February: to experience the liveliest time of the year in Venice

Perfect time for: having fun

Venice in March


Max Temp: 13°C
Min Temp: 8°C
Rainy days: 11

Venice can be rainy all year long, but weather gets warmer and sunnier in March.

Events in Venice in March:

March 8th: Women’s Day. Local museums and art exhibitions are free for women.

What to do: you can plan one or more day trips to explore the areas nearby. Start with a tour of the islands and discover their traditions and landscapes.

Why March: to celebrate the arrival of spring

Perfect time for: a girls’ weekend

Venice in April


Max Temp: 17°C
Min Temp: 12°C
Rainy days: 12

Climate varies a lot in spring and you shall dress in layers and bring an umbrella with you to be ready for any kind of weather conditions.

Events in Venice in April:

Easter: a typical holiday period for Italians often choosing to spend a few days in a city of art like Venice. A typical local tradition is having a fish lunch and you can taste all the local specialties in a cozy restaurant overlooking Canal Grande.

April 25th: Italian Liberation Day and St. Mark’s Day, that is the patronal feast of Venice. On this day, men are used to offering a rose bud to their girlfriends and wives and the city center is full of rose vendors filling the air with spring scents.

What to do: April is one of the busiest months in Venice due to Italian Spring Break, so you shall plan your visits in advance and get your skip-the-line tickets whenever possible. It’s also a great time to take some beautiful pictures, thanks to the perfect spring light and the clear water of the canals. If you want to avoid large crowds, focus on less popular but equally interesting neighborhoods like the Jewish Ghetto or Castello district.

Why April: for a Spring Break in Italian style

Perfect time for: photographers/travel bloggers/influencers and visitors who like being surrounded by people

Venice in May


Max Temp: 21°C
Min Temp: 15°C
Rainy days: 12

Weather is generally warm and pleasant, but rainfalls are frequent.

Events in Venice in May:

May 1st: Labor Day. A typical weekend off for Italians who often choose Venice as a base.

What to do: on a bright and warm day, you shall definitely enjoy a boat tour, whether on the picturesque Canal Grande or in the Lagoon. In May, you can also spend some nights out thanks to local mild weather and a gondola ride in the evening could be a good idea to watch the city lights on the canals.

Why May: to spend your time outdoor and to enjoy some warm spring nights

Perfect time for: a boat or gondola ride

Doge's palace and Campanile on Piazza di San Marco, Venice - 2 days in Venice
Doge’s palace and Campanile on Piazza di San Marco, Venice

Venice in June


Max Temp: 25°C
Min Temp: 20°C
Rainy days: 10

Summer is generally hot and humid, but weather is still pleasant in June.

Events in Venice in June:

First Sunday of the month: Vogalonga boat race. It’s a 30Km regatta which is really spectacular to watch from the canals’ banks.

What to do: of course, summer is the ideal time for your day trips! You can also spend a day on the beach in Lido neighborhood, which is easily accessible by waterbus (it takes about 40 minutes from the city center).

Why June: despite being a sunny and warm month, there are not too many tourists around

Perfect for: combining sightseeing and relax on the beach

Lido near Venice

Venice in July


Max Temp: 27°C
Min Temp: 20°C
Rainy days: 10

Summer is often muggy because of high humidity.

Events in Venice in July:

Third Sunday of the month: Redentore Festival. It celebrates the end of the plague in 1577 and the highlight of this day is the firework display in the lagoon.

What to do: escape the heat inside a cool museum or take a dip in the sea. Enjoy a romantic gondola ride at sunset and join locals at a bacaro for an aperitivo based on Spritz and cicchetti (local tapas).

Why July: it’s not the best month to go sightseeing, but you could plan a beach holiday in a nice seaside resort and plan a day trip or a whole weekend in Venice.

Perfect for: people who are not bothered by high temperatures and humidity

Venice in August


Max Temp: 28°C
Min Temp: 20°C
Rainy Days: 10

Events in Venice in August:

August 15th: Ferragosto. This mid-summer celebration brings many tourists to Venice, even just for a weekend. There are also many entertainments offers and music festivals around that time.

Film Festival: one of the most eagerly awaited events takes place between the end of August and the beginning of September in Lido neighborhood.

What to do: August is another muggy month in Venice. Spend your time visiting some museums, relaxing on the beach and walking in nature visiting local beautiful gardens like the Biennale ones, where you’ll also find a few summer art exhibitions.  

Why August: to attend the famous Film Festival and spot some celebrities

Perfect for: movie lovers

venice - how many days

Venice in September


Max Temp: 25°C
Min Temp: 18°C
Rainy days: 9

Weather is at its best: warm, sunny and dry

Events in Venice in September:

Film Festival: it usually ends around Sept 6th-10th

Historical Regatta: on the first weekend of September, a water parade of costumed character crowds the Canal Grande

What to do: in the second half of the month, there are fewer tourists around and the city gets quieter, so it’s the perfect time to explore the calli at your own pace and to enjoy the beautiful monuments and the many churches of Venice.

Why September: lovely weather

Perfect for: movie lovers and people who like wandering around the streets and be immersed in the local atmosphere

Burano island

Venice in October


Max Temp: 18°C
Min Temp: 13°C
Rainy days: 10

Autumn is generally cool but there are still many sunny days in October. Towards the end of the month, the mist is quite common and you can already experience the typical phenomenon of Acqua Alta (partial floods due to high tide and winds).

Events in Venice in October:

October 31st: Halloween. You can find many themed tours in town: Venice: 2-Hour Legends and Ghosts of Cannaregio Tour.

What to do: October is one of the quietest months in Venice, so you can plan a thorough visit and spend several hours visiting all the monuments, churches, and museums at your own pace. The weather is generally good until the end of the month, so a walking tour can be a good idea too.

Why October: nice weather and no crowds

Perfect for: enjoying a thorough and quiet visit

Venice in November


Max Temp: 13°C
Min Temp: 8°C
Rainy days: 13

Heavy rainfall is relatively common as well as fog and Acqua Alta.

Events in Venice in November:

November 1st: All Saints. Avoid the closest weekend to this celebration if you don’t like crowds.

November 21st: Feast of Madonna della Salute. It celebrates the end of the plague and locals are used to going to mass in the homonymous church reachable by a votive pontoon bridge.

What to do: keep your camera at end and take plenty of pictures of a foggy and mysterious evening, a reddish sunset or a flooded square. Bring rubber boots, umbrella and raincoat with you since Acqua Alta is common in November!

Why November: to experience the foggy and wet yet romantic Autumn in Venice

Perfect for: artists, poets, photographers and romantic people

Venice in December


Max Temp: 10°C
Min Temp: 6°C
Rainy days: 11

Weather is generally cold and grey.

Events in Venice in December:

December 8th: Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It marks the official start of the Christmas season in Italy

December 25th: Christmas

December 31st: New Year’s Eve. If you can stand spending long hours out in the cold, there is a free concert in Piazza San Marco and some fireworks at midnight.

What to do: weather is not so good in December, but local Christmas magic is definitely worth the trip. December is one of the most expensive months (Venice is always expensive!) due to the high affluence of both national and international visitors. The main December activities in Venice are: going to La Fenice Theater to enjoy one of the best shows of the season, ice-skating in Campo San Polo, admiring the nativity scene in the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, go shopping at the Christmas market in Campo Santo Stefano.

Why December: to experience local Christmas magic

Perfect for: people who are not bothered by cold and humid weather and high-budget travelers

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