Batwoman Season 3 Will Have a Major Story Arc for Poison Ivy

Batwoman season 3 will include a major arc for Poison Ivy. Premiering in October 2019, the CW series is based on the DC Comics character of the same name and is part of the Arrowverse. In its second season, which concluded in January of this year, the show experienced a significant shift as Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) took over as Batwoman. And, in the Batwoman season 2 finale, Ryan finally found herself in a good place. Having been released from parole, she moves out of her van and seems to be accepting the mantle of Batwoman that once belonged to Kate Kane. However, during a visit to Alice (Rachel Skarsten) in Arkham Asylum, Ryan learns the shocking news that her birth mother is still alive.

Batwoman season 3 will address the bombshell regarding Ryan’s mother. But it will also pick up on the major tease which closed out the previous installment of the series, as major DC villains were foreshadowed. Penguin’s umbrella and Mad Hatter’s signature look were glimpsed in the Gotham River. And, additionally, Poison Ivy’s trademark veins are seen taking root on the shore. Then, in August, it was reported that Bridget Regan would recur in the role of Poison Ivy.

Ahead of the debut of the new season, which premieres on October 13, Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries spoke with TVLine about what viewers should expect when the Arrowverse drama returns. As it relates to Poison Ivy, specifically, Dries noted that there was an effort to stay true to the character’s canon history while also offering a fresh spin on the antagonist. She also noted that there was a huge aspect of the Poison Ivy story that she could not reveal just yet. But, she promised, it’s a major arc that will make things difficult for Ryan. You can read Dries’ quote below.

“I’m super excited about the Poison Ivy storyline. There’s a huge facet of it that we haven’t revealed to the press that will be really fun for the audience to participate in. We do a combination of staying true to the Poison Ivy canon and what we normally do, which is put our own spin on it. It’s a major story arc of the season, and we make it really really hard on Batwoman.”

Fans have been eagerly discussing why Poison Ivy makes her debut in Batwoman season 3. Considering the villain’s legacy, both in the pages of comics and on the screen, where she’s been most notably portrayed by Uma Thurman, there’s a lot of interest in how the Arrowverse version will stand out. Looking at a character like Alice, or Beth Kane as she was once known, the CW series has elevated an antagonist that’s a relatively recent addition to the DC canon. Thanks in part to Skarsten’s immensely watchable performance, Alice has gradually shown herself to be a tragic figure and one of the show’s highlights.

It remains to be seen whether the same is true of Poison Ivy, who comes with a significant amount of history. Regan won’t be the only one joining Batwoman, though. Other confirmed cast additions Amitai Marmorstein, who will be playing Mad Hatter. Robin Givens will appear as business tycoon Jada Jet, while Nick Creegan plays Jada’s son. Victoria Cartagena, meanwhile, portrays Renee Montoya. With the show just days away from returning, fans won’t have to wait long to see how it all unfolds.

Source: TVLine

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