A day at the beach can brighten anybody’s day up, no doubt about it

Beach Chair Done Outdoors Review

Even so, experience teaches us all sooner or later that whatever good time we have at the beach can be made ten times better by having the right gear with us. This involves everything from beach towels to umbrellas, sunscreen, and beach chairs.

It is, in fact, beach chairs that we will be focusing on today, a vital accessory for anyone looking to spend a day by the seaside. To give you a better idea of what to look for when shopping for a beach chair, we came up with a list of ten extraordinary beach chairs that stand out among the rest as being the absolute best.
Best Beach Chairs 2019
King Camp Low Sling Beach Chair

One of the most comfortable and stylish beach chairs you can get your hands on this summer is the King Camp Low Sling Beach Chair. The King Camp Low Sling Beach Chair has been rated as one of the best chairs to pack along with you to the beach, a picnic, or a concert. With over 50,000 units sold, join the thousands who find this to be one of the best beach chairs on the market. There are a couple of color options that you can choose from but each one features the same quality comfort. The armrest is wrapped by foam and there is an easy to reach cup holder that keeps your drinks nice and close. The King Camp Low Sling Beach Chair features a low seat and a wide leg cap that allows it to be one of the most durable beach chairs yet. And with the breathable and comfortable cooling reinforced mesh back, you never have to worry about overheating or moisture when you are lounging around. It opens and closes in seconds and you can pack it away very nice and neatly in its carry bag.  

Rio 5 Position LayFlat Ultimate Backpack Beach Chair

Unlike many other beach chairs out there, this one comes with two separate zippered pouches on its back, a design that enables it to provide you with an awful lot of space. It’s not just space that makes it stand out, you see, but clever design as well. For instance, this seemingly rigid chair actually has 5 reclining positions to choose from, a versatility you definitely wouldn’t expect from a chair made with rust-resistant aluminum tubing.
Rio Brands 5 Position Classic Lay Flat Beach Chair

Thanks to its tough aluminum frame, this particular chair can withstand quite a bit of abuse before showing signs of damage. This is also due to its waterproof, fade-resistant polyester coating, one that prevents it from taking water damage. This being said, it does come with hardwood armrests, yet armrests that are treated in a way that protects them from humidity at all times without affecting the comfort level.
Sport-Brella Beach Chair – Portable Umbrella Chair


Like the name suggests, this isn’t just a beach chair but one that comes with an umbrella as well, a combo that most of you will find to be useful in more ways than one. At the same time, the chair has a very low-profile design, one that provides you with quite a bit of comfort by allowing you to stretch out your legs freely. Furthermore, its built-in umbrella has a UPF 50+ resistance, thus providing you with extraordinary levels of UV protection.
Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair

This particular chair benefits from a unique design that enables it to be just as comfortable as it is durable. It also features 4 adjustable sitting positions to provide you with that extra bit of comfort while its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around when needed. Not only that, but it also has padded shoulder straps for easy transport, while its thick cushioned pillow, molded cushion arms, rear carry pouch, and drink holder ensure that you will experience extraordinary levels of comfort at all times.
Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair with Carrying Bag

Practicality is the first word that comes to mind when observing this beach chair, a practicality that arises from the chair’s unique foldable design. This design enables you to easily pack it up and carry whenever you need without spending more than a few seconds to fold it up. Also worth mentioning is the fact that although very lightweight and easy to carry, the chair itself is very durable, much thanks to its sturdy steel frame construction.
Goplus Double Folding Picnic Chairs

If you do a lot of traveling to the beach with friends and family, then one of the best beach chairs you can get your hands on is a set of the Goplus Double Folding Picnic Chairs. This double beach chair is great because it comes with two seating options with a shared umbrella and a small picnic table. Everything comes attached so you simply need to fold it up and store it away. Each chair also comes with a cup holder so that you can have your drink on hand whenever you need it. The mini table situated in the middle is another area for you to keep your drinks nice and cool. Each chair carries a 250 weight capacity and it is durable and sturdy enough to give you a relaxing experience by the water.  The attached umbrella is removable so when you do want to catch some sun you simply need to take it off. It is easy to tote around your Goplus Double Folding Picnic Chairs thanks to the traveling bag that packs everything nice and neatly too. And when everything is packed up, it weighs only 12.8 lb so it’s not a burden for you when you move around from one location to another with it. 

Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair with Cooler

While this particular beach chair looks a lot more fancy and comfortable than a beach chair should, we assure you that it is just as reliable as you would expect such a chair to be if not better. One of the reasons why we say this is because of its versatile nature, an adjustable design that enables you to choose one of 5 different seating positions, one more comfortable than the next. At the same time, the chair comes with a thick cushioned pillow, molded cushion arms, and a Textilene sling lace-up cover to ensure that the chair won’t get damaged that easily.
Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Although it ‘only’ features 3 adjustable sitting positions to choose from, this high-end beach chair makes up for it thanks to a 3-way swiveling umbrella, a built-in insulated pocket that doubles as a cooler, a cup holder with a built-in bottle opener, and a lot more. Furthermore, it features multiple storage pockets that can be accessed with ease at any given time, a foldable design that enables you to pack it up in a timely fashion, and a strong metallic construction to ensure its durability.
Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch

This has to be one of the most popular beach chairs on the market at this point in time and it’s easy to see why. Simplistic and lightweight, this ingenious chair can withstand 300 lbs loads while being just as comfortable for larger individuals as it is for slimmer ones.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that it features a UV Stabilized 600 Denier coating to protect you against dangerous UV rays while still enabling you to enjoy your time sunbathing. As for its versatility, we should point out that the chair can be fitted into 5 different sitting positions including laying flat entirely if needed.

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What To Look For In A Beach Chair
If you’re thinking about buying a beach chair anytime soon, you might want to educate yourself on what constitutes a good one before making any sort of purchase. Given the nature of beach chair and the environment you will be using them in, a good beach chair should meet some pretty rigorous standards of sturdiness and durability, not to mention how comfortable such a chair has to be.

You should make sure right from the start that your car or bike has enough storage space to accommodate the chair without taking up too much vital space that could perhaps be best used for storing something essential.

At the same time, you want to know for sure whether not the chair is weatherproof and if it can be stored underneath heavier objects. You also want the chair to be able to accommodate a few extra items of its own, so as to save you the trouble of going back and forth to your car to get the various items you might need at the beach.

It is also important to determine the nature of the chair itself and whether not it is foldable/collapsible for easy transport. In this regard, flexible chairs do tend to meet lower durability standards while being extra comfy. While we’re on the subject, you should also consider the chair’s width and general size when shopping for one, because you don’t want it to be difficult to carry.

*For your consideration:
2 Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chairs

Benefits Of Buying A Beach Chair
There are many benefits for buying a beach chair apart from the obvious.

These chairs are designed to be not only comfortable but sturdy and flexible as well.

This allows you to use them as camping chairs should you want to, even though most of them are best equipped for the necessities of a day at the beach.

Overall, however, the general consensus is that lounging is much more enjoyable in a beach chair than on a towel, which may explain the popularity these type of chairs enjoy.

Comfort while camping – Although designed to be used at the beach, there is no actual reason why you shouldn’t use a beach chair when you’re going camping. Apart from their weatherproof construction, beach chairs can definitely meet all the standards one can expect from a camping chair and then some. Not only that but you can also take a beach chair on backcountry trips that involve backpacking, fishing, or hiking, for pretty much the same reasons.

A more enjoyable day at the beach – Those of you who have been in the uncomfortable position having to sit on a beach towel for hours at a time will undoubtedly know just how tiresome the whole process can be. With a beach chair, however, you can lounge back in your chair and enjoy the warm weather outside, basking in the sun’s hot rays without a care in the world. Even though you still need a pretty decent chair for maximum comfort, any beach chair should do the trick if you’re only interested in using it for rest.
Types Of Beach Chairs
There are two main categories for beach chairs to fall into – either traditional or portable. Needless to say, each type of chair has its own benefits and they each meet specific requirements.

Traditional Beach Chairs – These are the lounging chairs of old that usually involve a much sturdier construction. Although this sturdy construction makes them somewhat immobile, the comfort they offer definitely makes up for it in the long run. They are also seen as being healthier overall, which has much to do with the back & lumbar support they offer when used over long periods of time. The only real disadvantage of such a chair is the bulky size and the time it takes for you to set it up.

Portable Beach Chairs – These flexible chairs are a lot easier to carry and a lot faster to deploy. Smaller in size and lighter in weight, portable beach chairs are usually foldable/collapsible and they are easier to accommodate in the trunk of your car. The main issue with portable beach chairs is that they’re not designed to be used over long periods of time, which may render them uncomfortable when used for hours at a time. Even so, the sheer flexibility and lightweight nature of these chairs recommend them for anyone who only plans on using them for rest between beach-related activities.
Special Features
Beach chairs can come equipped with a wide variety of features for you to use. From storage pouches to cup holders, beach chairs can sometimes be packing some pretty useful features, which may or may not affect the general comfort standards one can expect from such a chair.

Cup Holders – These are perhaps the most important features a beach chair can have. Be it just one or many, cup holders enable you to accommodate whatever drink you may favor at the time so that you won’t have to keep getting out of the chair to get a drink.

Carry Bag – Given the portable nature of most beach chairs out there, you want to be able to carry one with relative ease. For this reason, some beach chairs come equipped with carry bags and straps for you to use, features that make them highly portable and easy to deploy.

Padded Seats and Armrests – Although reserved exclusively for high-end models, some beach chairs can enjoy the benefits of padded seats and armrests, which add a great deal of comfort to your stay at the beach. Not only that but a padded chair is also healthier for you in the long run, especially if you plan on using it time and time again.

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