50 People Are Sharing The Most Wholesome Things They Have Seen

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Let’s face it, the world has been going everywhere but according to plan recently. At this point, we are running short on good news and positive vibes. And there’s an entire cold season looking right at us that we have no option but to survive through.

So this time, we are here with pure liquid gold for our souls to tuck us in like a soft blanket and fill us with good emotions only. And it's all thanks to one Reddit user who posed the much-needed question “What is the most wholesome thing you have seen?” on this thread.

41.5k upvotes and 6.5k comments later, the most heartwarming answers are in and they bring us hope that everything will be fine, because the world… it’s simply beautiful.

#1I had a teacher in high school who had a reputation as being the super tough, mean, older African American lady. She taught health class. There was a mandatory CPR class that we had to pay for, and there was no way I could pay for anything in those days. CPR day came, and she told me to go with the other students. I gave her a confused look to which she replied "You’re good baby." And she had paid for me.

Later in the year, I fell asleep in her class. It was a home game day (basketball), and she told me to lay back down after the bell had rung. It was the last period of the day, she told me she'd wake me up before I had to report to the gym. She dimmed the lights, and played some light jazz while she did her work at the computer. I hadn't been sleeping well at home and I'm guessing she knew. I woke up when she brought the lights back up and she handed me one of her "cup of soups" she had warmed up. We never really spoke much, but she had my back and I made sure she knew I had hers.

On senior night, they introduce the players and say some stuff about them as they walk to center court, typically with parents arm in arm. When it was almost my time to walk, she saw that I was alone. Bless her heart, she about fell down from her seat running towards me. She put her arm through mine and just looked forward, chin up proud as hell as they read my stats/grades/etc. I remember that walk and how I wish I had a picture or recording from that day showing how big I must have been smiling. My friends' mothers had tears in their eyes. They made sure to invite me to dinner with them after the game and I made sure it was ok that I brought my teacher. She politely declined and just told me she was proud of me.

After I graduated, and was a bit better on my feet, I returned to visit her. It was honestly the only thing that could get me back in that place. Each time I'd bring flowers and/or food and made sure to do it in front of students and made sure they knew to respect her.
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#2My brother is autistic and while he has excellent language skills, it's very visibly obvious that he is mentally disabled. We were in the Costco food court eating a hot dog when he started loudly singing a Madonna song. Bless his heart but he is a terrible singer. There were a group of teens who, if you were to stereotype/judge by looking at them, looked like 'hooligans' sitting behind us. I was worried at first that we were going to get the usual BS comments but they started singing along with him! One came over, high fived him and started dancing. I will never, ever forget that as long as I live.
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#3When my youngest brother was about 8 or 9-years-old (he's 12 now), he came home with a "Student of the Month" paper in his folder. He heard that the school custodian had recently come back from having back surgery, so after lunch he gathered a few of his buddies and they swept the cafeteria to give the custodian a break. He was so humble about it too, he didn't care that he got noticed.

I just remember being so proud and crying a bit, because although I knew he is a good nugget, I just didn't expect him to go out of his way at such a young age - and to get his buddies to follow. Makes my heart happy.
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We tend to think of positivity as something that comes if things are going well. In other words, it feels like it sometimes doesn’t entirely depend on us. In order to enter a joyful state, some good has to happen to us. But the year 2020 has shown that we may just pass our entire lives waiting for it, like Godot.

What if we take our positive energy and put it into our own hands—by reading some good news, wholesome stories, saying "I love you," or calling a friend you haven’t talked to for eternity? According to Vex King, the author of “Good Vibes, Good Life,” there are some things everyone can do to make some room for positivity in our lives.

First, remember that positivity and happiness are contagious. Surround yourself with people who shine from within and laugh out loud. In no time, you’ll notice yourself becoming one of them.

#4I was headed to Oakland from San Francisco through the tube. The train's packed as always. People on BART [San Francisco's public train] are good about public transit etiquette in general during commute hours so nobody's talking or listening to music or anything.

When we leave the tube onto the viaduct over the Port, one guy answers his phone.

"Hello?... Yeah?... Oh my God... What hospital?... Okay I'll be there as soon as I can."

He hangs up and just looks super distraught.

Someone taps him on the shoulder and says "My car is parked at West Oakland. Do you need a ride?"

He agrees and they get off together.

[It was] a little gesture but it was uplifting to see someone volunteer for a stranger like that.
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#5When I first had foster children placed with me after bedtime my pitbull would go into each room and check on the kids and then sleep in the hallway. If any woke crying in the night she would crawl into bed with them.
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#6A few years ago, I was on my way to catch the bus when a middle-aged woman called me from behind a newspaper stand. She pointed to the bus stop, one block down, where a guy was standing holding something. She said he was her son, who just got out of jail after serving time for dealing, and today was his first day trying to make an honest life. He had baked some traditional pastries himself and was trying to sell it on the bus stop, and she wanted to make sure things went right for him on his first day so he would not feel tempted to go back on selling [illicit substances].

Then she put some money on my hand, asked me if I could buy some pastry and obviously not tell him she was there. At the stop, I saw the guy, probably in his mid-'30s, with this little table of pastries. I bought three, we chatted a little bit and one minute later my bus arrived and I left.

It always makes me emotional and warm inside to think how pure a mother's love can be.
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Secondly, you should look for a source of inspiration because it drives us forward and keeps us stimulated. When the days feel grim and worthless, a new hobby or a burst of motivation may be key to feeling more fulfilled.

And lastly, cultivating positive lifestyle habits should be something you do every day. Only when you realize that good energy is born from within can you start including mindfulness and meditation in your daily routine.

But this is the whole magic of it. Things may look bleak, until it’s you who changes them.

#7My neighbor’s dog hadn’t seen me in half a year. I was walking out to my car when she spotted me and began angrily barking because she didn’t recognize me.

I whistled to her (I trained her since she was a pup to respond to a specific whistle I do) and she stopped barking..

It took her about a second before the tail began wagging like CRAZY, her ears perked straight up and she SPRINTED over to me and rolled onto her belly while crying for me to pet her
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#8A friend and I were talking and she said "s**t" in front of the kid of another friend. I dismissed it by saying "Eh, she probably knows worse" We asked what was the worse word she knows. She very carefully looked around just in case her parents were around and whispered "selfish"
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#9One Christmas season I saw a young woman (late teens or early '20s) walking through an IKEA picking up things in the huge marketplace area, taking a picture of them, putting them back, and moving on. She was obviously thinking intently about gifts but I was confused - was she making a wish list or something? An employee saw this and asked if they could help her find something. She says: Oh, no thank you. I'm helping my Dad Christmas shop. He works really hard and has very little time, plus when he gets off work his brain is just fried. So every year when I'm on break, I go around to a bunch of stores and take pictures of things I think my Mom would really like. Then I'll show them to him at home, we talk about them and he picks some out. Then I go back and get them. It's the least I can do for him, plus it's kinda become our little secret Christmas tradition. Mom has no idea.
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#10When I was a preschool teacher, we had one kid who was our certified cheer-upper. If someone was crying, she'd get a tissue, walk over, carefully blot their eyes and make them blow their nose. All while saying, "It's okay, You're okay." Eventually, they'd stop crying, she'd take their hand and they'd go play. She was a little angel.
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#11My 7-year-old son was in a Taekwondo tournament, and he was getting ready to perform forms against a girl his age. She was clearly nervous as she was shaking and had tears running down her face. Right before the contest between them began, my son noticed her, walked up to her, and patted her on the shoulder and told her not to worry and that it would be ok. The entire audience awed at once.

When the contest finished, the girl clearly performed her form better than my son. When it came time for the judges to give out places, they gave them both 1st place. It was the only match in the whole tournament where they did this. I was so proud of my son that day. I'm tearing up as I write this.
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#12I was at a movie theater with my family. We were in line at the concessions stand. I was about 15 at the time. Across the lobby, I see an elderly couple sitting on a bench together waiting for whatever they're waiting for. The man is a stout fellow with a large white beard. Imagine Santa Claus. His wife, also has white hair and is wearing nice clothes. Imagine Mrs. Claus.

In walks a family. A mother, a father, and 2 children. A son and a daughter. Both of these children are clearly special needs. The boy appears to be about 10 while the girl is about 17 or so.

The girl and her family are waiting just a few feet behind us when the girl notices the elderly couple sitting on the bench. More specifically, the elderly man. She blurts out in excitement "Are you Santa Claus?" The man smiles at his wife, then back at the girl, and informs her that he is indeed Santa Claus. The girl rushes over eager to give the man she believes to be Santa a hug, followed by her brother. The father takes a picture of Santa, Mrs. Claus, and his 2 children. After this, Santa takes out his wallet and pulls out an autographed picture of Santa from it. Hands it to the girl who shrieks with excitement and goes on her merry way back to the concessions line.

10 years later, I've never forgotten it. Never will.
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#13In Austin, Texas, my family and I went to a breakfast place. The food was good, the waiters and waitresses were amazing. But they messed up our order. They were short on staff, apparently. Someone had either quit or got fired, and another person had called out that day, so it was only a few people.

And it also happened to be one of the busiest times of the week. So, my mother went to go to the bathroom, and when she came out, she noticed our waitress standing at the corner. She was about to cry, or was already crying. I had been waiting and looking out for her the whole time, so I was able to see this.

My mother noticed her high stress levels, and asked if she had wanted a hug. The waitress nodded, and said "Yea..." My mom opened her arms, and brought the waitress into a hug to comfort her. And once the waitress had calmed down enough, my mother came back to the table after making sure she was alright, and told us what happened.

I feel lucky to have my mother in my life, I love her so much.
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#14Nobody's gonna see this at this point, but whatever. I think it's a pretty good story. I work at a cemetery watering flowers and earlier this week a older couple walked by. The man was pulling one of those little wagon things and there was a little girl (probably their granddaughter and maybe four years old) sitting in it. The grandfather just made some small talk with me as they passed and after they had passed me by a little bit I heard the little girl say "Those flowers look so beautiful." Instantly made me smile. I think, as long as someone's human, they'd have the same reaction. It was great.#15My son has moderate cerebral palsy and autism. When he was about to start preschool at age 3, I lost sleep over whether he would be bullied or accepted by his peers. 3 years later, I’m getting choked up thinking about every time I’ve had to drop him off late. Each time in each year, his classmates stop whatever they’re doing, yell his name, smile at him, and usually a few will run over to give him a hug. It’s the most wholesome, beautiful thing a mom could ever see. It’s also wonderful when a peer sees him outside of school and talks to him just like any other kid. There’s no way they could begin to understand how much their wholesome, pure love means to my son and his mommy. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go find some tissues.#16Didn't see this myself, but is one of the most wholesome things I've ever heard about:

My friend is a wedding officiant. A few weeks ago she performed a wedding for two gay men aged 95 and 90. They felt the world was finally ready to accept them, so rented a 30-minute time slot at a chapel, brought two friends as witnesses, and had a short and sweet ceremony.

Afterwards, they had their first meal as a married couple at a wing place across the street.#17I’m a record producer. On a particular song the client wanted a child’s voice to open it, so the bassist’s 10 year-old son came and recorded a vocal part.

Once we wrapped, the singer said to the kid: “Musicians get paid.” And he handed the kid a £20 note. The bassist then did the same.

A small gesture maybe, but in our world making a living is hard and it was amazing to see professionals showing how it ought to be.
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#18It was bedtime so everyone was in their rooms but I was getting water in the kitchen. As i leave and go to the hallway where my room and the other 2 rooms for my brothers, I see my dog leave my room, poke his head into my brother's room and then my other brothers room.

He was totally doing a headcount. It makes sense bc we're a pretty big family in a big house. What makes it better is that my dog is no bigger than a beagle, but he still feels like the protector.
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#19I read a story once about a woman who's father had died before her wedding and his organs were donated. The man who received his heart walked her down the aisle.
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#20I work with a lot of kids, about fourty. We have one kiddo who has horrible trauma, and is hard to understand a lot of the times.

I love my job more than I can explain, and I treat the kids as my own, including calling them, honey, or sweetheart. The kiddo who isn't able to talk much and struggles to be understood started calling me honey and refuses to be called anything else other than honey when I talk to him.

When I call him his name he always says to me "ME HONEY, YOU HONEY" which melts my heart. Especially knowing he never has had anyone who made him feel special or safe, the fact that he clings to this makes me so happy.#21Working as a Palliative care doctor. Little old lady with terminal lung cancer is brought in, suffering from chemotherapy side effects. Says she wants to stop it but can’t bear to because her husband wants her to go on so badly. Got her comfortable, went outside and ran into the husband. Before he goes in to see her he says she wishes she’d stop the chemo but he knows she wants to keep going too badly to give up. Brought them in together and had a little chat about it, and they both realised they were making assumptions, had a really sweet little cry together and just spent the rest of the day holding each other and talking. She died later that afternoon, but they were both so happy and content.#22I was at the supermarket, waiting in line at the checkout. The lady at the front was trying to pay and it was pretty clear her English wasn't great and that she wasn't familiar with the money either. She had another person with her who appeared to be a support worker of some kind, and her gorgeous little baby. Myself and the lady in front of me were making faces and entertaining the baby while the mum tried to pay. she didn't have enough money and went to put things back but the lady in front of me immediately offered to pay for the lot and added a banana for the baby. Turned out the mum and baby were refugees, newly arrived in Australia. We all got a bit teary and hugged but I hope she had a nice welcome to our country.#23I have bipolar disorder. Sometimes it can get scary. One day, I flew into a rage over nothing. I was SCREAMING as loud as I could and punching pillows (I'm responsible!) and my dog (who is NOT a trained therapy dog) came over to me with his head bent low, laid in my lap, and kissed me until I calmed down. He is my angel.#24A while back I had a major operation on my spine and was in a wheelchair for awhile afterwards.

I was out one day, my partner was pushing my chair and our 2 year old daughter was on my knee. The weather had been fine up to that point but then the Scottish weather decided to remind us of her presence and the heavens opened. It started chucking it down. We were waiting at traffic lights whilst I did my best to shield my daughter from the downpour. A women approached from behind and handed me her umbrella. I was shocked but said thank you. She said 'not a problem' with a smile and went on her way, getting soaked in the rain.

I don't know who she was or what her name was but I'll always remember her.#25I was called at work by my wife, she asked me to go as fast as possible to my mother's house where she usually has lunch since it was near her University; but wouldn't tell me why. I get on the first of the two buses I had to take to get there. While worrying and travelling, my aunt called me and told me my mother had suddenly passed away; my wife couldn't find the words to tell me earlier. Me, a fat bearded man broke down crying, and an older woman worriedly asked me what was wrong. In between sobs I told her, and she insisted I take the money she was offering to me and take a cab there. I will probably never meet that woman again; but the kindness she did to me will never be forgotten#26At a concert I saw a buddy walking with his friend who was blind and also somewhat physically disabled. I overheard him telling his blind friend “oh man I was so smashed last night! I couldn’t walk or see nothin. Thank god for you and your cane. You were steering us everywhere like a champ I would have been helpless without you!”. It was really so heart warming and you could see how much it meant to his friend to be told how he was the helper, not the person being helped. I’m assuming he was being a little hyperbolic, but the amount of joy I saw brought to his friends face from his kind words was so heartwarming.#27I was working at a school just down the road from my 9-year-old daughter's school. Everyday she walked from my school to hers, having to cross the street on her way. I could watch her out the window for most of her walk and she always stopped and chatted with the old man who was the crossing guard. She is such a friendly kid!

One day, it was time for her to walk over to school when it started pouring outside. I hadn't anticipated the rain so I had no umbrella for her and felt terrible. We zipped up her coat and put up her hood, hoping she wouldn't arrive at school soaking wet. When she got to the crossing guard, I watched him hand her his own umbrella and send her on her way. What a kind man! On her way back after school she brought it back to him. The next day we made him some brownies.#28I teach high school English. I had two students who always worked together - one is black & one is Hispanic. My Hispanic student would always struggle understanding word connotation, and one day she got really defeated about it. At once, my other student touched her arm & said, “Listen, this is your second language. You’re going a great job. I am really proud of you.” It took a lot out of me not to cry right then.#29One of the kids in my class was talking to one of our new kids. It came up in conversation that the new kids shoes didn't fit and made his feet hurt. The boys also realized that they wear the same size shoes. The next day the OG kiddo comes in with a pair of Jordans he never wears for the new kid to have and a note from his mom saying it was ok. It was one of the most precious things I've ever seen.#30I used to work as a dishwasher at a retirement home and every Sunday no matter how much snow was on the ground, how hot it was, or how busy he was this sweet old man would go outside and refill his wife's birdfeeder so she could watch them from the window of their room#31My last week of high school, our lunch lady gave out small gifts to some of the seniors. Just the kids that took the time to chat with her that she got to know more personally. I received a sketchbook with a sweet good luck note in it. I was always in art club and was going to school for fine arts. So she took the time to get all of us a gift that was specific to us... This lady saw hundreds of kids a day and still took the effort to get to know us.
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#32I forgot a plate for the waffle I was making in the machine at college and I went sprinting across the dining commons to get one because the timer was about to go off and I ran straight toward the plates and this guy was standing there and his immediate gut reaction was to open his arms and hug me. I have no idea who he was and the waffle didn’t burn.
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#33I saw a police officer stop traffic to help a turtle safely cross a very busy intersection. He stopped his car, picked up the turtle and moved it to a marsh on the other side of the 4 lane intersection.#34My mom is a piano teacher and was shopping in a music store. A 10-year-old kid came in wanting to buy his first musical instrument, particularly a ukulele, so the clerk showed him some where the entry level was about $65. He ran back outside to his mom waiting in the car, then came back in and asked "What is the cheapest musical instrument you have?" and the clerk started showing him a $3 kazoo.

Overhearing this made my mom sad, so she went over and asked the kid if he really wanted a ukulele and would promise to practice and learn it. Hooked him up with the instrument, a beginner book, picks, etc. When she left the store the kid and his mom both waited to give her a hug#35I was sitting in a bar having a beer after work when this guy comes in and orders some shots. After the first couple, he starts low key crying. A semi-regular old man sitting near him asked what was up, turns out his girlfriend split up with him and he wasn't taking it well. Old man asks to join him for a drink, new guy agrees.

This old man, named Keith, always drank two beers, paid, and left.

Anyways, they sat there and got absolutely hammered drunk. They tried every liquor in the place and really tied one on. Keith was going on and on about how he hasn't let loose since he was stationed on Okinawa. By this point, new guy has completely forgotten about his ex-girlfriend. They both made each other's evening.

Next time I saw Keith, I asked him how the night went. He said he hadn't had a hangover like that since Okinawa.

The new guy become a semi-regular and joined our little bar family. He eventually hooked up with a new girl, and I believe they're still seeing each other. Unfortunately he moved, so I haven't seen him in like 6 months.
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#36I gifted a used electric wheelchair to a family who couldn't afford one. The kid, maybe 14 years old, was kinda grumpy looking when he arrived, didn't say much. Once we got him in the chair and he was zooming around he was all smiles; his mother was also super happy. I heard the next day he told his sister to clear off the driveway so he could practice with it, and by the weekend he had gone to a fair.#37One time while on a bus in Mozambique a mom was breastfeeding her baby and while she fed her the baby held up a cookie in her tiny hand and pressed it to her mother’s lips. The baby was feeding her mom while her mom fed her.#38I was in the local supermarket doing my shopping. I was pushing my cart in the frozen food section when i came across a young woman in her 20s, I'm estimating. Her little girl (i think around 2 years old) was sitting in the cart she was pushing. She was beautifully cooing to her little girl, "i love you. I love you", among other sweet things and sounds.

Now, i never "met" this young lady. I never talked to her. Just watched her treat her daughter very sweetly with all the love in the world. It was the most nicest thing to see and experience because my own upbringing was a living hell. My parents broke up when i was young, around 5-6 years old. Mother got custody of us kids and she was a mentally ill, abusive, psychotic monster. I never knew a scene like that in my own life. All i got from my mother is daily yelling, screaming, cursing, nagging, and hitting. On more than one occasion she told me to my face how she wished I was never born.

I just knew, with a kind, loving mother like that in her life, that little girl was going to grow up into a nice, normal, happy human being. Having a mother like that makes all the difference in the world.#39I was on what I call a rumpled suit flight. One of those flights on a Friday at 6 from NY to DC where most of the flight consists of business people in suits drinking $14 double whiskeys. A fellow rumpled suit sat across the aisle from me next to a mother and her kid. When she could the kid brought down her tray table and a coloring book and started coloring. I didn't hear what was said but at some point the kid handed the rumpled suit a coloring book and they spent the remainder of the flight coloring and chatting. I was kinda like, "I want to color too."#40A father leaving a restaurant with his two daughters. They walked out the door and the girls headed right while he headed left. He called them back by saying, 'Car is over here, butterflies!'

Just before they get into the car one girl complained how bright the sun was and he said, without missing a beat, "Just like your futures!"
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#41I'm from Europe and did a semester abroad in the states. Last month of the semester my girlfriend and I traveled the west coast. LA, San Francisco, grand canyon.... Before we went back to San Diego we went to Las Vegas a couple nights. We had our pillows, sheets and stuff back from the apartment in our car in case we needed to sleep in it. Last day we went to the famous Las Vegas sign to take a picture and there were a couple homeless people sitting around. We decided to ask one of them if he wants our pillows and sheets. He was very happy and we threw in a couple of snacks. Cookies and Soda. When we went back to the car and drove past him we saw him sitting with another homeless person sharing the snacks :) I don't know why, but seeing him - who doesn't have much - sitting there and enjoying and sharing this with his bud made us happy. I think my girlfriend nearly cried.

I often think back about it and hope we made his and his buddies day a bit better.#42I have two nieces. At little ones birthday her friend gave her two unicorn toys. She immediately looks at big sis with a huge smile “ look big sis! This one for you! We can both play!” She was genuinely so excited to play unicorns with her sister and it never even occurred to her that did t didn’t need to give one to her. My heart grew three sizes that day#43my oldest son, he was just getting to where he could sit up well and bend over sit back up all on his own. my wife was in the shower, i had him on the bed. i noticed he started pulling at a pillow so i pulled it over in front of him. he laid face down on it for a second. i thought “wow, he must be tired” and just before i grabbed him he sat back up and smiled the biggest gummy grin ever, then he did it again. and again! then it suddenly hit me, he’s playing peekaboo! so he did it another time and when he sat up i said peekaboo! and he laughed and smiled. im a fairly rigid guy that doesnt get emotional or worked up about much but that broke me down and lifted my spirits all at the same time.#44We lost my grandmother, Dido, 2 years ago after a steady few years of watching her succumbing to dementia and old age. My niece was around 3 years old at the time, but she loved spending time with her and it made my grandmother's face light up everytime she saw her.

This year, my niece got given a necklace for her 6th birthday, one of those you can put a little picture in it.

When I asked her what picture she was going to put in there she told me she was going to put a photo of Dido in there so that she wouldn't forget her.

I welled up, and was lost for words pretty much. Just told her that was beautiful and a lovely idea. Deffo most wholesome thing I've experienced/seen.#45One day a stray cat just showed up at my grandparent's house. They had just lost their dog of 7 years and decided to adopt the cat.

My grandpa is retired military and a retired cop. Spent over 20 years in both fields and did multiple tours through Iraqi and Afganistan. Basically he's a really big, tough looking dude.

But man he loved that cat and that cat loved him and he would always send me cat pictures and videos of his cat to me via email.

He named him Mr. Katz. Miss that little guy :')#46At O'Hare airport in the restroom, a food service employee on break saw an elderly woman having trouble putting eyedrops in her eyes. She asked if she could help; the elderly woman spoke a different language and even through the language barrier, I watched these strangers trust one another easily. It was so sweet watching the employee gently tip this woman's chin up and explain what she was doing even though the recipient could not understand the verbal language. The interaction was so simply human. I think about this moment a lot when I am feeling bad about the world we live in. I think sometimes things like this happen and we don't see them, but I really really hope I see more things like this in my lifetime.#47When I was twelve I was suicidal. At the time I went to a hockey camp, camp was a week long. Dry land was start of the day, first thing. Monday to Friday a toddler would watch me do dry land on the little bleachers. After the conditioning was over, the kid would jump up. Grab my leg and give me a hug, the little kid would then let me go and wave as I go to my next activity. I’m 13 now, going to therapy. This little kid is what makes me happy.#48At the apartment building where I used to live, there was this guy who had a loud, deep, gruff voice. I knew his voice because every evening, he would go out and call for his cat, Mr Squiggles. When the cat responded to his calls and came over to him he would say something along the lines of, "There you are. Come on, you little ratbag. Time to go inside." He spoke to this cat with such clear affection and it was so nice to see, publicly, on a nightly basis from a very strong "manly man".#49Yesterday at work my Boss' five year old daughter was drawing a picture for me and said "This is you, a princess!" And I thought my heart would combust because that was just so sweet.

She procceded to make a little Collection of drawings, which she folded into a book, and gave it to me. It was all hearts and rainbows. That was just absolutely wholesome and made me appreaciate little kids.

Made my day to be honest!#50I can tell you about who led the most wholesome life though.it is Mr.AbdulSattar Edhi.He dedicated his life to serving humanity.

He has the most number of charitable ambulances in Pakistan and maybe the world aswell.He has old people homes across the country.Homes for the homeless.And the list goes on.To think he could've lived a life of luxury yet he lived an extremely simple life and served humanity the best he could.#51My dad and I were at a stoplight a few blocks away from a grocery store and a homeless man was sitting on the curb. I would've given him some money, but the road was pretty busy. I watched a guy with two huge bags of groceries walk up the street and give them to the homeless man :) It was such a kind gesture I almost cried right there in the car#52Every morning my dad greets my daughter at the top the stairs then sits there with her and coos over her. There hasn’t been a day in the last year where I didn’t wake up to my dad cheerfully saying “theres my little beauty! Can your old granda have a big hug?”#53Was working at a grocery store when I was 19 stocking aisles when the tiniest old woman came up behind me and tapped me on the back and when I turned around she looked surprised and said “when I grow up, I want to look just like you!”

I’ve always had low self esteem and was clearly having a bad day (messy bun & makeup, she probably could notice tbh) but it still melted my heart to have a random stranger say something so sweet out of the blue especially when I was so down. Thank you, cute tiny old woman.#54When I was, like, 11, Dad was driving us to a gathering at my grandma’s.

There was a woman pulled over on the side of the road. Dad asked if they needed help. She said she’d run out of gas. Dad told her he would get some.

So we go into a gas station. Dad explains the situation to the cashier and is prepared to buy a can of gas. There’s this other customer that looks like a biker - big dude with tattoos and piercings - who tells Dad he has gas at his house and tells us to get in our cars and follow him.

His wife and young son were in the front yard. Turned out this was his sister’s house; the guy had fled a hurricane with his family. Nevertheless he insisted on giving us the gas for free.#55My dad, who's generally pretty reserved and serious, has a huge soft spot for my dog. I hear him talking to her all the time when he thinks no one's listening. My favorite is when it storms and my dog gets all scared and upset, my dad comforts her by saying "oh it's okay woofers, it's just a little dibble dops." Makes me melt.#56I was having a bad day and my 11 year son changed my 2 year old nappy and got him dressed . Then went back to being all anti social and everything is gross ! . He did all that on his own accord while I was taking a breath in my room . The cried with pride and my little one was in a fantastic mood telling me his brother helped put clothes on and did his nappy#57this happened a week ago, my brother died a few weeks ago and i was feeling kinda sad so i was just sitting in my room by myself when my dog Nahla came in, looked at me, and jumped up onto my bed and started snuggling up against me. its just what she does when someone is sad and she wants them to be happy. it worked. i know it isn't much but it is what i've got.#58A husband and wife both in their 70s or 80s in a park near my house. I was driving by with my friend, and as we passed, we saw the wife throw a ball underhand, and the husband hit it weakly with a bat. The ball didn't roll very far, but they both cheered and the husband waddled over to his wife quickly and gave her a hug.#59

Bit of a back story My pregnancy had been difficult and I was worried for my unborn child. A 20 week scan showed it was looking like my baby had a birth defect but we would only know the full extent when he was born. Being in a vulnerable state, I was looking for hope. As is the case with these things, I turned to woo. I bought a large crystal necklace (it was a beast of a thing) and put all hopes that this would ‘save’ my baby. My husband is not the spiritual type and told me up front that it was a pile of nonsense sh*t but if it made me happy, to wear the ’thing’. It might as well have been attached to my skin, that thing never came off. Moving along to the birth. I had to be induced as the baby wasn’t moving. After being poked and prodded with all sorts , I finally was in labour. Slowly things took a turn for the worse, this baby wasn’t going to come out smoothly. He was in distress and he needed out immediately. Before I knew it, I was about to go into surgery for an emergency c section. I was told I had to take off all my jewellery. In a haze, I took off the crystal and handed it to me husband. Im being wheeled away to surgery and all I can see is the look of fear on my Husbands face as he slowly put on the necklace. That moment has never left me Thankfully my child was born healthy and the defect wasnt life threatening. He is now turning 3 and my life couldn’t be further away from that moment but it still gets me in the feels.

#60There's this big buff body builder type guy who works at the gas station near my house. I was in a hurry so I had to buy cat food from that gas station. As he was ringing it up he starts gushing about owning two cats. It was so precious.#61When I talk to my mom on the phone, she’ll always stop mid sentence and say “hang on, dad wants to say hello.” He’ll just say “hiiii [nick name] I love you!” Chit chat for a couple minutes and that’s it. I know my parents love me, but my dad— that’s my buddy right there.#62I went to go get a build a Bear with my friends because we’re literal children. We had picked our bears and we were waiting in line to get them stuffed when I look behind me and see a really old lady in a wheel chair holding a pink unicorn teddy. She had the biggest smile that made my heart melted, she saw me looking and gave me a huge grin and I gave her one back. Most. Wholesome. Thing. Ever.#63I was spending the night at my mom's house for Christmas. Her birthday is on the 25th and we usually go to a movie for it, so it was just easier for me to spend the night so we could go out the next day.

Anyway, it's about 2 am and I'm outside having a cigarette, when suddenly I hear one of the neighbors yelling, "What are you doing outside? Get your a** back in." Immediately after I hear a kid yell in protest, followed by, "Dad, I just wanted to see Santa land on the roof!!"

This kid snuck out of bed and out of the house at 2 in the morning when it was probably like 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, just so he could see Santa. It was really adorable, and also pretty hilarious.#64Seeing my 4 yr old nephew share his peanut butter sandwich with his friend at the playground.#65There was this dog that would always lay in front of the house on the end of the street. I always had to walk by him in order to get to school. One day there was this group of kids walking home from school and they were ahead of me. I see them go up to the dog, open up their bag, and just dump a bunch of tennis balls next to the dog. As I walked passed them, I saw they were petting the dog.#66My 2 year old nephew giving his 4 month old sister (my neice) kisses constantly. He won't give anyone else kisses but her. He can barely even speak but clearly already loves his baby sister. It's so adorable.
Image credits: dailydonuts16

#67In my small town, there is an older guy on my way home from work who wears the biggest smile and stands on his porch while waving to all the traffic. i always wave back. the sad thing is he lives in a super rough area, and kids and teenagers regularly make fun of him and tease him while shouting slurs at him. he just smiles through all this, and one time i honked at him while waving and the next day he came up to my car when i was at a stoplight and gave me flowers. i always honk and wave on my way home from work.#68My sisters bfs band is just starting to get off the ground, their first "gig" was at my graduation party not too long ago, my dad paid each of them 50 when they thought they were doing it for free. Well, they recently did their first "gig gig" at this weird basement place. While they're waiting to start, doing last minute mic checks and tuning, one of the band members (bassist) is still chilling in the audience, because he can just walk up at any time really. Well suddenly the host walks up and announces the band name, and reminds everyone where the tip jar is. Suddenly, someone walks over and drops a couple coins in, then another person donates some more cash, then another person does pretty much back to back! I look over and the bassist is crying, and walks to the bathroom I guess to pull himself together. I teared up thinking about how touched he was by the sight of people supporting the band. They did amazing that night, had the place going crazy!#69There's a couple who look like they have to be in their eighties I see almost every Saturday morning when I go to the mall to run my errands. They walk around together holding hands.#70I once saw a dog share a big treat with another dog#71A little boy at the airport kept trying to climb over a concrete divider that had active traffic on the other side. His mom was loaded with luggage and kept trying to stop him, but didn't have free hands.

My brother-in-law walked up and said "Hey kid. There's a rule here. You have to keep one foot on the ground at all times. Look around. Everyone has at least one foot on the ground."

The kid kept trying to climb, but with one foot firmly glued to the ground he wasn't in danger anymore. Such a creative and wholesome way to let the kid keep playing while keeping him safe!#72I always get the shivers when I see a very dedicated parent. A few months ago I was on the train on my way to work, when a mother entered with her approx. 10 year old daughter, who was in a wheelchair. The girl would do nothing but talk, ask questions and narrate everything she did, leaving almost no chance for anyone (her mother) to participate in the conversation. I felt bad for the child, because it seemed as it was impossible for her to keep a thought to herself, yet whatever she said ended up as a monologue.

Her mother had very calm, pleasant and patient vibes. Not once did she judge or interrupt her daughter, while I was present. Whenever her daughter asked a question, she would answer it, not getting irritated by the fact that the girl would continue talking. Maybe she was listening after all. At times, the mother would encourage her daughter to elaborate certain thoughts and sometimes the girl did.#73I saw something on Instagram where this girl found her little sister putting Skittles with her anti-depressants and when she asked why the little sister said "Skittles make me happy so I'm putting them with the thing that makes you happy to make you EXTRA happy" (it might have been a fake story but it was cute)#74Anything Mr. Rogers and I cry every time. That man was an angel.

Also once my mom was hanging with a friend of hers who just had a baby, and the baby was crying real bad. Mom took the baby and sung to him like she did with me when I was young. He calmed down and went to sleep immediately. The friend was like “I sing to him and it doesn’t work!! I wish I had your voice!”#75My son (18 months old) trying desperately to reach his brothers (11 months) high chair, pulling him over as close as they can get and sharing his smoothly pouch with him then patting him on the head. Both laughed and giggled.

The worlds not all bad folks, it just looks like it if your only looking in always dark places.#76My dad getting excited whenever he sees our cat Loki. my dad gets all happy and cheeky when he sees the cat and it’s the most adorable thing ever. it could make anyone smile.#77There was an older couple climbing around on this rocky beach in Hawaii. The wife starts wobbling like she’s going to fall, and without even looking the husband just reaches out his hand for her to hold and steady herself.#78I was just walking around West Ed Malland this kid would not stop staring at me while he was hanging in his mom's arms. He was like 3 or 4 but he was the nost adorable child I have ever seen. This boy was so facinated just looking at me for some reason and it made me smile. Then when I smiled, he smiled to. A cute smile. I started to grin and then he grinned, and then I laughed and he laughed too. I had never seen that boy before in my life but hemade my day.#79One time I saw my elderly neighbor bring out a saucer of milk for a stray kitten! My dog was barking at it when she noticed it, so she went inside and came back with a little dish to lead it away from the sidewalk. It was all very cute and heartwarming!#80My dad going all mushy over my parents’ little Chiweenie. They have 3 dogs, but Hershey (the smallest) is hands down his favourite. He gives her belly rubs and massages and even baby talks to her. It’s absolutely adorable.#81My pup sleeping on his bed after a long walk. He looks so content and I can't stop smiling and staring at him#82Seeing the athletes with down syndrome help each other cross the finish line during races absolutely always gets me and has to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.#83My family adopted a shelter dog and surprised me with it. The dog has had her fair sure of horrible owners. One of her owners just let her roam outdoors and she got hit by a car. He didn’t get caught though, because he said she escaped.

(She is not an escapee. We have a low fence and it does just fine)

When the dog came to our house for the first time I expected it to be scared. To my surprise she wasn’t. When she came home she was so happy to meet new people she grew attached to us almost immediately.

She licked our faces, let us pet her, the whole nine yards. She acted like a total puppy, and it turns out she’s a mom. We don’t know how old she is but she is an optimistic dog that loves everyone. The happiness to meet me (for the first time ever) instead of fear of a new place was the most wholesome thing, and 1,000 words couldn’t describe it.#84Wasn't me but my Grandfather who was in the military told me a story on how his friend in Vietnam made food, toys, and helped this community from the vietcong. Pushing the community down south more and more until he was shot twice in the chest and once in the head, my grandfather took his friends dog tags to give back to his family. After his family refused them back he kept them still has them to this day.#85My great grandmothers last words were asking my grandmother what was the name of that ginger boy she liked so much (me) and when she told her my great grandmother said oh that was it I loved him so much right before dieng she was revived once with those electric things but after that they didn't try to do it again#86I was waiting for a ride on the street by my apartment complex. I was there maybe 5 min and I saw a dad teaching his small son how to ride a bike, and at the park across the street where I was standing, a dad and his two kids were playing with a baseball and a bat. It made me really happy to see these families doing stuff together#87It was a random article I read on an elderly couple who had won the lottery. Even though they didn't have much money,they donated it all and we're happy they were able to. It said something along the lines of just being happy they had each other. I wish I could describe it better it makes me ugly cry just thinking about it.#88When my youngest was 2/3 he slept in bed with me. I woke up one night to him not there. I panicked and looked around. He was laying and sleeping cuddled next to my oldest son.#89So my mom is like a walking charity that can essentially do no harm. She has her flaws, but she does her best. Any-who, This is a story on how she shares things. Just this week, we were at the supermarket and she saw we had forgotten our plastic reusable bags, so I went to get them. When I came back and gave them to her, she took out two of the more expensive ones and gave them to this lady that was with her kid, and tbh, how she did it was so nice. She saw she didn’t have the budget to buy the bags (I guess) so she just gave them to her. And the lady was so grateful. Another time, she gave away a pendant to a girl with Down syndrome that I’m sure was expensive (I don’t keep track of what she buys but it was on the expensive side of the box that day) and the gi
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