30 Inspiring Pergola Ideas to Enjoy Summer Outdoor

Pergolas can make your yard more beautiful. Pergolas can add a new dimension to your outdoor space by providing shade and shelter from the sun, especially during this summer. They’re durable and come in several different colors and sizes. Pergolas are often made of wood or metal. But you can also natural materials like reed or bamboo to create a stunning design. For a simple but durable, use anti-UV-treated fabrics for long-lasting durability. While the pergolas are white, black, or wood, but you can also choose a different color to match the rest of your home’s exterior. Moreover, pergolas can also be enhanced with outdoor lighting and even outdoor fireplaces for a cozy atmosphere. You can place hanging plants and other decor items. Then, don’t forget to complete your pergola designs with a comfortable seating area. Or, instead of slatted walls, install a vertical trellis, and use flowering vines to cover it. Here are some pergola ideas to enjoy summer outdoor.

30 inspiring pergola ideas to enjoy summer outdoor1

Casual Summer Pergola


When summer comes, it’s time for you to enjoy the outdoors freely in a pergola located in the backyard patio area. You can decorate it casually by using outdoor furniture that is dominated by white shades. Add a little pattern to the use of throw pillows that are neatly arranged on the provided sofa, the use of this throw pillow also makes your sitting surface softer. Finish this pergola decoration with a tree branch ceiling to make it more shady or not too hot when used during the day. Casual Summer Pergola Ideas from cmstudio

Add Some Seating Areas


When you are in the pergola decoration, of course you need a sitting area. Therefore, the combination of a sofa with a sofa is the right idea that you can place in the pergola area with a layout facing each other. Just choose and use sofas and chairs with softer surfaces to stay comfortable when used throughout the day. Furthermore, to emphasize the summer in this backyard, you can make a garden bed along the deck journey to this summer pergola. L Shaped Sofa and Chairs from ouramershamjourney

Modern Style Pergola Ideas


So that the summer pergola that you have in your backyard garden is not easily out of date, then the thing you can do is choose the right decoration. Currently you can choose a modern style by using modern furniture such as a neutral colored sofa and a nesting coffee table with a striking color that is perfected with a fairly small green plant. Both of these furniture will work well together to help your activities while in this pergola so that it is more comfortable. The geometry of the rug with a combination of black and white gives an instant monochromatic impression. Modern Backyard Pergola from ournewbuildtownhouse

Private Summer Pergola Ideas


If you want the pergola decoration to still feel privacy, then it’s a good idea to surround it using a plain white curtain. You can close and open it easily by tying it to a wooden pergola post. This summer pergola decoration is also equipped with a ceiling that can make you feel more shady during the day. The use of a curtain with lamp lanterns in white gives a touch of elegance that seems casual. Curtain Pergola Design from lola_mth_


Backyard Pergola Design


Do you have outdoor decorations that are large enough? If so, then just use it as a pergola decoration placement that you can use as a relaxing area when summer arrives. It’s not enough to get here, you are also required to add several sitting areas that can be adjusted to the number of your family members. The firepit table can be used easily and simply press the on button when it will be used. This firepit table design does not smell smoke and is very environmentally friendly. Outdoor Pergola in the Backyard from tleedesign

DIY Wooden Pergola Decor


Or when you want to save more on expenses when making pergola decorations, then you can make it with wood materials that you have around your house. Just arrange it according to the decoration you want. No need to repaint for a more natural result. Just decorate the sides, roof and poles using various types of green plants that can be hung or propagated according to the growth of the green plants you use. Here you can relax with your partner. DIY Wooden Pergola Decor from jennalouisehome

DIY Summer Pergola Decor


Take advantage of your backyard terrace to be used as a summer pergola decoration area that can be made according to the budget you have. Wood has always been the material of choice that is a little more affordable, just let this pergola decoration be designed openly so that the sunlight you get is maximized from morning to evening. Green plants become natural decorations that can blend with nature, while two chairs and a wooden coffee table are outdoor furniture ideas that can be used simultaneously when you do outdoor activities. DIY Summer Garden Pergola from rufford

Boho Summer Pergola


There is nothing wrong with combining summer and bohemian decorations simultaneously in the same area. Now you can apply it to a pergola decoration in the backyard garden. A simple wooden pergola that is complemented by a boho rug and several types of plants such as flowers and greenery makes this area look more beautiful and not boring. Two rattan chairs that were repainted in dark black became an idea for a sitting area that you could use, then the macrame swing also became an additional relaxing sitting area. Boho Wooden Pergola from home_decorhut

Magical Backyard Pergola


Look at the summer pergola decoration which is equipped with some lighting, doesn’t it look more magical and warm? Yes, the lighting that you can combine is a bulb string light and a candle lantern that is placed in several different areas. When it’s getting dark outside, you can turn on all these lights to keep the pergola area bright. Green plants and blooming flowers are beautiful natural decorations. Magical Backyard Pergola Ideas from homeby_veronica

Boho Style Pergola Garden


Besides being able to be used as a relaxing area, this wooden pergola can also be used as a bathing area when you equip it with a hot tub. In addition, also add a macrame swing that can be hung right in the corner of the pergola as a relaxing area that can be used by anyone. The use of this swing gives a little bohemian touch that can be obtained instantly. Cover the floor of the pergola with a herringbone rug that combines orange and white. Boho Style Pergola Garden from mylovelylittlecouncilhouse

Environmentally Friendly Summer Pergola

288886318_1652258618476529_806789201531179248_nWhen you apply a pergola decoration in the backyard garden, then the decoration of green plants that propagate beautifully is the best decoration you can use. What you can do here is to carry out routine maintenance of plants by providing sufficient water and fertilizer. Trim them neatly when these vines get too long and distracting. Under this pergola covered with vines you can put a set of tables and chairs that can be used to relax during the day. Environmentally Friendly Vibes from bysusannec

Summer Deck Pergola Decor


There’s nothing wrong with using a deck for summer pergola decorations this year. This makes the appearance of the pergola even more perfect. Besides that, you can also rest and enjoy the summer atmosphere more safely and freely. Cover the ceiling using cloth so that the reflection of the sun does not reflect its rays directly on your body. Finish with some kind of greenery that can be applied around neatly. Summer Deck Pergola Decor from actionhomeservices

Garden Flower Pergola Decor


The easiest and best way to decorate a summer pergola this year is to decorate it with a variety of different types of plants and flowers. The flowers planted also have quite a variety of colors, ranging from pink to red. Furthermore, to give a modern impression you can coat the ground around this pergola with white stone evenly. A little water feature completes the overall summer pergola decoration, you can try it now. Garden Flower Pergola Decor from hagenbakhuset

Relaxing Summer Pergola


To enjoy a more relaxed summer atmosphere when you are outdoors, you can prepare a pergola decoration as a comfortable and relaxed relaxing area. There is no need to use excessive outdoor furniture to decorate a pergola that opens and keeps it tidy. Here you can use two chairs, a small coffee table and an iron shelf that can be used to put blankets and other tools. Jute runner rug becomes a floor layer that can be used to make the surface of your feet warmer and more comfortable. Relaxing Summer Pergola from lauraamiecottagehome

A Living Room Boho Pergola


Do you want to give a different atmosphere to your guests or family who come to your house? The living room pergola is one of the outdoor areas that you can use right now. Here you can enjoy the summer atmosphere perfectly during the day or night. All you need to do now is add some important and main furniture such as chairs, small tables, rugs and throw pillows that can be used to coat the built-in bench that has been repainted with plain white. A Living Room Boho Pergola from baptistebohu

Scandinavian Style Summer Pergola


Outdoor furniture which is dominated by wood is one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian-style pergola decorations. Start by using a wooden lounge chair covered with plain white canvas. Rattan wicker Ottoman is an additional sitting area that you can use and can also be moved easily. Arrange all the furniture neatly for a more perfect Scandinavian decor finish. Use an umbrella when the weather outside is too hot. Scandinavian Summer Pergola from foxybanksbuild

Summer Night Vibes


Look at the wooden pergola poles wrapped in this string light, doesn’t it seem magical? Yes, you can use it at night while enjoying the summer atmosphere this year to be more free. Get this string light online to make it more practical at a low price. In addition, to emphasize the summer theme, you can decorate the pergola with blooming flowers that have muted colors such as shades of pink, arrange and place them randomly but neatly. Summer Night Pergola Vibes from mysparklygreyhome

A Pergola Made for Lounging


There is a time to coat the roof of the pergola using a layer of cloth to minimize direct sunlight on your body. With this you can be more relaxed when relaxing. Also prepare two lounge chairs in this area so that they can be used together with your partner. Green plants that are quite tall and large make the right decoration and can be found easily in the backyard garden. Pair of Lounge Chairs from atmlivingdotcom

Dim Lighting for Summer Pergola


Enjoy the summer atmosphere at night with your partner. Here you can use dim lighting to provide a more romantic and unusual outdoor atmosphere. Don’t forget to cover the sides of this wooden pergola decoration with a white cloth sheer to maintain your privacy while having a conversation. Dim white lighting is the best choice to accompany your night activities while in this pergola area. Dim Lighting for Summer Pergola from atmlivingdotcom

Summer Tropical Decoration


The tropical touch in this pergola area is obtained because it is surrounded by towering coconut trees. Here you can relax comfortably and in the shade so that it is suitable for use throughout the day with your family. Relaxing outdoors can be done in summer so you can relax and sunbathe at the same time. This wooden pergola is also perfected with a view of the swimming pool which has clear water and you can also swim here freely. Summer Tropical Pergola Decoration from knockonwoodpergolas

Boho Touch Pergola Ideas

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Even though it looks simple and shabby chic, the boho style will never go out of style. Now you can try to apply it to the pergola decoration in the backyard garden area. Just use a boho patterned rug and some fairly large DIY paper lanterns. Although simple, this boho pergola decoration can still be used comfortably with family on weekends because it is also equipped with a rattan swing covered with soft and warm seat cushions. Boho Touch Pergola from the_middle_house

Living Room Pergola Setting


It’s a good idea to use the outdoor pergola decoration as an outdoor living room that will get a different atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the outdoor view in summer freely with your family while enjoying the menu of snacks and drinks that have been provided. The two jute rugs that are applied to the floor are a comfortable footwear surface and of course very suitable for presenting a bohemian theme. Several types of nude colored plants and a covered curtain add to the casual and elegant atmosphere. Living Room Pergola Decor from bergen.deco

Festive Summer Pergola Decoration


The use of colorful and patterned outdoor furniture gives a festive and festive impression to your summer pergola decoration. When you use pergola decorations at night, another thing to consider is using the right lighting. The string light that is attached to the ceiling area has yellow lighting that can provide a warm atmosphere at night. Furthermore, at this time you can coat the wooden deck with a layer of rugs that have a floral pattern with a combination of red, blue, yellow and orange. Festive Summer Pergola from prettymuchmypassions

Summer BBQ Pergola


BBQ activities will probably be one of your favorite activities when summer arrives. Yes, you can do this activity in the pergola area in your backyard garden. Just do this activity during the day so you can move freely and don’t need lighting. Station food that has been equipped with other equipment is ready to be used to cook meat or other food to be served. Use wood as fuel to save more on budget expenses. Summer BBQ Pergola in the Backyard from our.dublin.house.reno

Curtain-Covered Pergola


In addition to adding an atmosphere of privacy to your pergola, the use of plain white curtains also provides a touch of elegant decoration that never fails. You can apply it on the right side and the left side evenly. Tie or just open these curtains when you want to get more sunlight. Match the use of outdoor furniture with curtain colors so that they can work well together, hanging swing macrame is an additional sitting area that you can easily install and of course makes you more relaxed. Privacy Pergola Decoration from emma_enbom

Summery Look Pergola Decoration


For this casual summer pergola look you can use local materials for an eco-friendly touch. The backyard patio area of this pergola is perfected with a wooden deck that has an L-shaped shape. The wooden pergola frame which is repainted with a selection of plain white colors is installed lengthwise with four pillars that stand firmly. Don’t forget that around this outdoor decoration you can plant it with various types of green plants, blooming flowers and green grass that looks fresh. Summery Look Pergola from hagenbakhuset

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture


This dining chair with rattan woven material is very suitable to be placed outdoors because it has a fairly sturdy material and is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. For now, you can apply it to the summer pergola which is perfected with greenery centerpieces and hat wall decorations and woven plates that seem on budget but attract attention. There is no need to repaint this dining chair to make it look more natural and blend with nature more perfectly. Also use a wooden dining table to better support the eco-friendly theme. Wicker Rattan Dining Chairs from interiorby_rustestuen

Romantic Vibes Pergola


Make this pergola a comfortable relaxing area during the day or night. When it’s late at night, just prepare a few combinations of dim lights that give the pergola a more romantic atmosphere. Outdoor lights that can be combined are DIY paper lanterns, bulb string lights and DIY candle holders made of rattan. Just apply a few of these lights at random to get full lighting in all corners of the pergola. Romantic Vibes Summer Pergola from petul_living

Small Pergola for Outdoor Dining Room


In this pergola decoration you can enjoy lunch or dinner with a different atmosphere. The thing that needs to be prepared is adequate furniture. Dining tables and chairs made of wood are highly recommended because they have a fairly sturdy material and are not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Finish this pergola dining decoration with a layer of rug made of rattan woven material with a fairly thick material. Outdoor Dining Room Pergola from villa_madshaven

Garden Party Summer Pergola


When your garden pergola is equipped with outdoor furniture, of course it is also ready to be used as an area for partying. Here you can use a set of chairs, sofas and coffee tables made of iron and has been repainted in white. Use sofas and chairs with a striped pattern that has a combination of blue and white so that it gives a touch of beach style that will never fail. Surround this part of the pergola with greenery and blooming flowers to instantly emphasize the summer theme. Garden Party Summer Pergola from englishgardensanddesigns

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