140 Times Neighbors Were So Wholesome, They Made The World A Better Place

Howdy, neighbors! How are you all doing this fine day, dear Pandas? Why don’t you sit down with a cool glass of lemonade? Is there anything on your mind that you’d like to talk about? Do you need help repainting your house or mowing your lawn? Don’t be shy—we’re happy to help. The essence of a wholesome neighbor and a strong local community is kindness. That and the willingness to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return.

We know—the world can seem like a scary and dark place sometimes, full of spooky fears and lingering doubts. However, life’s also full of light and joy. And it’s the people closest to us who help keep the darkness at bay. We can prove it, too! The Bored Panda team has picked out the most wholesome examples of neighbors going out of their way to make the world a better place for everyone.

Scroll down to have a look at the soul-healing pics, upvote the ones that brought a smile to your face, and let us know all about the friendliest neighbors in your own communities, dear Pandas.

#1 So My 102 Year Old Neighbour Was Emiddited To Hospital With A Stroke And She Still Remembered My 21st

Image credits: Dafer1993

#2 After Bad Storms, This Retired Old Man Goes Around Our Neighborhood And Cleans The Debris Out Of Yards And Catch Basins

When I asked him why he said “because I am retired and have the time to help”. 10/10 great dude

Image credits: HERMANNATOR85

#3 Some Guy Spraypainted Some Very Explicit Anti-Gay Slurs On A Garage Down The Street (A Gay Couple Live There), So Our Neighborhood Got Together And Painted This

Image credits: despacito_spooder

In an earlier interview, Bored Panda learned about the link between happiness and helping others from Vanessa King, the Head of Psychology at ‘Action for Happiness,’ a movement that aims to create a happier and more caring society. A large part of being happy comes from helping others because we’re a social species and evolved to live in groups. Helping each other out and working together is the “social glue” that helps keep all of us together.

#4 A UPS Driver Went Above-And-Beyond This Year, Delivering Nearly 200 Packages A Day Through Lockdowns. Hundreds Of Neighbors Came Out To Give Him A Hero's Salute

Image credits: screenshotofdispair

#5 Neighbors That Care

Image credits: Thatgirl_Stacey

#6 Apartment Complex Flooded At Least 3 Feet. Good Neighbors Saved Dogs Trapped Inside

Image credits: feller32

"Participating in group activities and community events makes us happier too. When we do things for others it activates the reward center in the brain, so when we give a gift it feels the same as receiving a gift," King explained to Bored Panda that our own bodies reward us for being social.

#7 My Neighbors Brought Me A "Plate" Since I Didn't Go Anywhere For Thanksgiving

Image credits: hbgbees

#8 Awesome Neighbours

Image credits: Flaminhaystack

#9 Neighbors Helping Out Strangers During The Australian Bushfires. Everything Helps And It All Adds Up

Image credits: grrrr12344

Kindness and altruism don’t require you to be an actual superhero who makes the world a better place in a single swoop. Kindness is most often made up of small steps. And altruism is a habit that you can learn to incorporate into your life bit by bit. Start small because it’s not the size of the deed that matters, it’s the intent.

#10 This Mailman Decided To Retire, The Whole Neighborhood Throw Him A Goodbye Party And Raise Money For His Dream Vacation

Once his very last shift was finally over, the neighborhood had another surprise for Mr. Floyd. 300+ people came to a covered dish block party in his honor. People stood in line all night for hugs and photos. Floyd's known these guys since they were babies. "Now you guys are as tall as I am!". Floyd said tonight’s sendoff was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him. His parting words: “Continue to take care of each other, and smile when you think of me.”

He hopes to go to Hawaii one day, so neighbors have launched an official Go Fund Me to help Mr. Floyd realize his dream of visiting Hawaii one day. 

Image credits: Jennifer__Brett

#11 Someone Stole A Kid's Razor Scooter In Our Neighborhood. An Anonymous Neighbor Decided To Restore Some Joy Back For The Kid

Image credits: Nav_the_gamer

#12 These Kind Neighbors Repaired And Painted The House Of A Lonely, Retired School Teacher For Free

Image credits: Kristin Polhemus

"You can give money to charity, donate to a food bank, or volunteer your time over Christmas. You can leave a food package or a note for an elderly neighbor. All of these actions help others and boost your own happiness and if we are happier, research shows we are even more likely to help others,” King said.

#13 Good Neighbor

Image credits: anthonyshock

#14 In 2019, This 15-Year-Old Kid Started To Take Care Of His Elderly Neighbors Every Single Day After They Had Medical Setbacks. God Bless You Romemylion

Image credits: super_monero

#15 Left This In My Neighbor's Garden To Cheer Them Up

Image credits: RudyWillingham

According to King, we shouldn’t stress out about whether or not our kindness is genuine or if we expect something in return at the start. It’s all part of the learning process to grow to expect nothing back. “Maybe at first, you start out doing things to help others only to get attention and praise, but you will find that doing things for others helps you feel good. Once you see the difference you can make in the world and to your own happiness and altruism can grow naturally," she told Bored Panda.

What’s more, King noted that kindness has a ripple effect. People are more likely to be kind when they’ve experienced kindness in return. So a kind neighbor inspires more neighbors to be kind as well.

#16 Our Neighbor Doesn't Have Wi-Fi, So We Talked Her Through Joining Ours. Once On She Received 70 Messages From Her Children Living Overseas

Image credits: steviesays2

#17 Relationships Like These Are A Gift

Image credits: OwsWills

#18 My Old Man Removed A Fence Panel So He Can Share A Beer With His Neighbor

Image credits: dutchsuperbus

"There’s an important point too here for people on the receiving end of kindness. If they can, it’s, of course, great to say thank you and add the positive impact it has for you e.g., 'Thank you, It’s great to know that someone cares.' That can really boost the glow for the giver and encourage them to give more," King said that thanking someone can encourage them to be kind in the future as well. So a warm thank-you or an offer of a glass of homemade iced tea goes a long way to making your neighborhood a happier, kinder place.

#19 One Of My Neighbours Slipped This Under My Door While I Was Practising, I Thought They Were Going To Make A Noise Complaint But They Just Had A Request

I played it with my windows open and I heard really loud clapping come from a balcony a few stories up which was super lovely. I'm in such a lovely mood now it's so nice to be appreciated. 

Image credits: ned.dixon

#20 Our Neighbor Gives Treats Through The Fence. Recently He Has Been Giving My Daughter Treats Too. This Is Them Waiting Patiently Today

Image credits: MokeOG

#21 Lovely Note From My New Neighbours

Image credits: sailwithgrace

#22 My Neighbor Just Passed Away And His Wife Is Still Quarantined Which Means Nobody Can Go Over To Comfort Her

He was a public school art teacher so the neighbors got together and made this for her to let her know how much he meant to us and our community.

Image credits: BugsRFeatures2

#23 Neighbour Complained About Kids Being Too Loud

Image credits:

#24 A Neighbor I've Never Even Spoken To Saw That I Was Home Alone All Day On Thanksgiving And Brought Me This

Image credits: dreamhours

#25 I’m On Vacation For A Week And Asked My Neighbor To Go Check On Our Cat. He Checked On More Than That

Image credits: buckeyespud

#26 Neighborhood Succulent Exchange

Image credits: jackstrawdog

#27 These Young Guys Saved Their Elderly Neighbor Mr. C From A House Fire

This is Bridgeton. Mr. ‘C’ has lived here for nearly 50 years, and is well known in his neighborhood. Yesterday, unknown to him while he was watching television, this group saw smoke coming from the roof of his house. Rather than ignore it, they were concerned for their neighbor and alerted him. They got Mr. C out of his house while a neighbor climbed out the window with a fire extinguisher and slowed down a burning exhaust fan that was on fire.

Image credits: AppleJuiceForHalfPrice

#28 When You Do Not Have A Doggo But Your Neighbor Does

Image credits: Tempest-Frost

#29 My 90-Year-Old Neighbor Hasn’t Walked Her Dog In Years So I Volunteered To Do It For Her. So Proud Of Buddy’s Weight Loss

Image credits: strikeoutsteph

#30 Shoutout To My Neighbors Being Bros

Image credits: InvoluntaryInsomniac

#31 Kind Neighbor

Image credits: MelissaAReed

#32 This Is My 98 Year Old Neighbor And Friend. She Is Afraid To Go To Church So Every Sunday I Go Over And Set Her Up To Watch A Livestream Of Mass

Recently, I found the book of Sunday’s so she can follow along. She is such a blessing to me. 

Image credits: truthhealsandhurts

#33 Learning Sign Language For A Deaf 3-Year-Old Neighbor

Image credits: CBSNews

#34 We Just Moved Into A New Neighborhood, And When I Went To Mow The Front Lawn, My New Neighbor Was Already At It

Said he does it once for all the new neighbors as a welcoming gift.

Image credits: Tru_Fakt

#35 Our 4 Year Old Twin Neighbours Left A Little Gift For Fira. She Loved It So Much She Carried It For Her Entire Walk

Image credits: f4xxf4xx

#36 My Elderly Neighbor Moved Out And Left This For Me

Image credits: Dubstepbooty

#37 Neighbours Knew I Was Going To Be Alone On Christmas So They Brought Me This

Image credits: Stepoh

#38 An Offer From The Neighbor

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#39 I Had Such A Shitty Day. Valentine's Day, Husband Away, Alone With 3 Boys And Too Busy To Even Make Food For Myself

My Iranian neighbor just brought over abgusht, a stew with lamb and chickpeas. Just because she thought I could be hungry.

Image credits: yellow-hamster

#40 I Bought A Place A Year Ago And It’s My First Time Living On My Own. I Don’t Know How To Cook And I’m A Broke 28 Year Old. My Neighbor Brings Me Homemade Food Multiple Times A Week

Image credits: EffectsofSpecialKay

#41 Helping Your Neighbors In Need

Image credits: upupandreneee

#42 We Recently Had A Death In Our Family. That Usually Means Families Will Come Over Every Day For A Couple Days - At Least 25-30 Kids Outside Out Of Control And Wild For The Entire Day

Today the neighbor rented a bouncy house for the entire day, just for the kids.

Image credits: Po1ar

#43 My Next-Door Neighbor Mike Is A Really Awesome Guy

Image credits: Emmie_Lynn

#44 I Mentioned That I Am Out Of Work And My Elderly Neighbor Left This On My Doorstep

Image credits: Burnskee

#45 We Lost Everything In A House Fire Two Days Ago. Our Little Neighbor Did A Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For Us

The firemen who tried to save our house came by to support it.

Image credits: raisingjack

#46 My Neighbors Shot Off Fireworks On The 4th And Noticed Residue On Our Cars The Next Day

Image credits: dj1964

#47 We Got Our Neighbor To Smile After He Tested Positive For Covid

Image credits: CRBA1228

#48 My Son Was Looking Out Of The Window And Saw My Elderly Neighbor Walking In The Rainstorm Without An Umbrella On Friday. And Walked Him All The Way Home

Image credits: 1bizzylizzy

#49 Neighborhood Kids Were Using This Lady’s Yard For Sledding Without Asking. She Responded By Blasting Xmas Music Out Her Window, Putting On A Santa Hat With A Beard And Joining Them

Image credits: ffdmc

#50 Music Lover

Image credits: RiggedPig

#51 Lost My Husband Suddenly 6 Months Ago, Lost My Cat Last Week. Today, My Neighbor Brought Me This Baby Girl. Smiled For The First Time In Days And Haven’t Stopped

Image credits: sbeth8705

#52 Our Neighbors Helped Us For Two Hours Fix Our Broken Sprinkler Box After Seeing My Husband Outside. I Said Thank You The Only Way I Know How. As New Home Owners This Was Huge

Image credits: NerdHerdMember5

#53 Yesterday I Noticed My Neighbor Looked Really Tired, She Came Home And Left Within The Hour. I Went To Mow My Grass And Seen Her Grass Was High So I Mowed Hers As Well

My neighbor is a nurse, we don't talk much because our work schedules are so hectic. This morning I saw this.

Image credits: genesislaw1

#54 An Elderly Neighbor Is Giving Away These Plants To Passers By

Image credits: jacdoesreddit

#55 Elderly Neighbor Gave Me These After Her Husband Passed Away. She Knows That I Work With Computers. I Said Thank You

Image credits: ITriedToBeCleverBut

#56 My Upstairs Neighbors Have Two Kids That Consistently Stomp And Roughhouse. This Was Found Hanging On Our Door This Week

Even though it can be much at times, my wife and I let it go because NYC isn’t exactly a place you can let them run around wild outside.

Image credits: MSotallyTober

#57 Neighborhood Kid Witnesses A Crime, And Then Proceeds To Solve The Crime Without Putting Himself In Harms Way

Image credits: physicallyuncomfort

#58 I Turned 20 Two Weeks Ago, Got Woken Up By The Sound Of Excited Knocking On My Door. My Neighbours Kids Had Made Me A Special "Rainbow Birthday Breakfast." My Favourite Birthday Present To Date

Image credits: cheynsmoker

#59 This Very Wholesome Interaction Between Neighbours Taped To The Mail Boxes This Morning

Image credits: Rumerhazzit

#60 These Neighbors Adjusted Their Fence So They Could Enjoy A Beer Together With Social Distance

Image credits: ObiSanKenobi

#61 We Ran Out Of Toilet Paper And Asked Our Downstairs Neighbor If We Could Borrow Some. This Is How It Arrived, Delivered To Our Door

Image credits: doctorpopcorn

#62 90-Year-Old Neighbor On Strict Quarantine Put Out A Table Of Roses From His Garden In Wood Vases He Made By Hand

Image credits: DrKenNoisewaterMD

#63 After Casually Mentioning To My Neighbor That I Keep Forgetting To Ask The Landscaping Company To Stop Trimming Certain Plants And Flowers Prematurely I Woke Up To These Marking The Ones I Mentioned

Image credits: Drown_In_The_Void

#64 My Neighbors Front Lawn Dad Jokes

Image credits: JulesGirth

#65 My Neighbour Is Getting A Tree Taken Down Tomorrow. Just Got This In My Mailbox. Well Done, Tree Guys. Well Done

Image credits: fakemath

#66 Left The Dome Light On In My Car While Parked At My Boyfriend’s House For A Few Hours. His Neighbor Parked Her Truck Next To Me (Instead Of Three Houses Down In Her Driveway) And Left This Note

Image credits: abyssinianking

#67 When My Neighbor Found Out We Were Covid Positive This Week, She Rushed Out And Got Us A Little Live Tree With Lights So We'd Have A Bit Of Christmas Cheer

This small gesture meant so much to me and my husband.

Image credits: SkootchDown

#68 My Neighbor Made A Giant Caterpillar With Colorful Bowling Balls And Put It Across The Street To Decorate An Ugly Lot. Then He Noticed My Two-Year-Old Loved It

He always looked out the window to see and point at it. So my neighbor moved it so it was closer to us and aimed it at my son's window.

Image credits: 7ln6ss

#69 Paid The Neighbor Kid $5 Yesterday Even Though He Did A Crap Job Raking My Lawn, Because I Didn't Want To Be The "Mean Old Lady Next Door"

This afternoon his dad brought him over and together they raked and bagged both of our lawns. Awesome neighbors and parents.

Image credits: speedycat2014

#70 I Love Having Cool Neighbors. We Were In The Hospital Having A Baby, And My Neighbor Cut Our Grass So We Could Come Home To One Less Thing To Worry About

Image credits: tshizdude

#71 My Father Works In Another Country And My Brother Has Moved Out, So Our Neighbors Decided To Bring In Their Snow Equipment To Help Me And My Mom Shovel Our Driveway

If they did not do this it would take an hour to complete. thanks to them it’s only 10 minutes.

Image credits: Macknificent101

#72 My Retired Neighbor Is Making Masks And Giving Them Away For Free To The Community

Image credits: biscoirl

#73 I Got Laid Off Last Week. Been Searching For A Job With No Luck. Just Found This Outside My Door. Best Neighbor Ever

Image credits: Nightwing3

#74 My Boyfriend Helped Our Elderly Neighbor When She Got Locked Out Of Her Home

She didn’t want to come inside for a cup of tea so he stood outside in the rain with her until they found a solution. I think this belongs here

Image credits: lollipopshop

#75 A Neighbor On Our Street In Australia Leaves Water Out For Dogs. Just So Happens We Have A Couple Of Hotdogs

Image credits: synonymous6

#76 Someone In My Neighborhood Has A Mini Library Open To Anyone, Including A Children's Section And A Stool To Reach It

Image credits: oklahomie88

#77 Mr. Earl’s Neighborhood

Tonight our neighbor Earl threw a pizza party for all the people on our block. He is 95 years old and is the sweetest, most caring person I've ever met. Though his wife has passed, and his kids and grandkids are grown, he never stops making an effort to love people. Andrew and I have gone out to dinner with him a number of times, and Earl always tells us he can be our "next door grandpa". I've never had a better neighbor. I hope to be half as giving, caring and amazing as him in my lifetime.

Image credits: briannewittxo

#78 I Bought An Investment Property To Flip In A Not-So-Great Neighborhood. The Neighborhood Kids Had Never Been Camping, Had A Fire, Or S’mores Before, So We Did This

The smiles I got were worth more than the house.

Image credits: Doomathemoonman

#79 I'm From Kenya

Image credits: saladinahmed

#80 I Am Jewish. My Muslim Neighbor Of 10 Years Brought This Card And These Sweets Over To Me Today. Ramadan Mubarak To Everyone Celebrating This Year, And May There Be Peace On Earth

Image credits: CHEEZUSCRIZP

#81 My Friend Giving The Neighborhood Kids A Huge Box Of Chalk

Image credits: BongeSpobPareSquants

#82 I Just Had Lunch With An Iranian Friend Who Is Workplace Neighbor. Just Two Immigrants Sharing Their Food And Culture Over Lunch

We had Iranian lunch and I paid for it and he promised to take me out for biryani this week to return the favor.

Image credits: Barnixel

#83 Cleaning Up And Asked My 12 Year Old Neighbor If He Wanted My Old Xbox

Image credits: PetersRevenge

#84 A Friend Just Sent This Picture Of Her Neighbours Still Catching Up

Image credits: jewfishcartel

#85 My Retired Schoolteacher Neighbour Has Been Holding Story Time/Teaching Sessions In Our Communal Garden For Any Child In Our Block Of Flats To Attend

Image credits: craftychloeuk

#86 This Sweet Elderly Couple Delivering Sanitised Essentials Boxes To Neighbours In Insolation. Even Had Chocolate And Some Craft Supplies For The Kids

Image credits: Oldmate81

#87 My 80-Year-Old Neighbor Just Delivered This Care Package To My Dog And Me. I Had Told Her Earlier That I Was Laying Low For Thanksgiving And Not Doing A Traditional Dinner Or Visiting Any Family

Image credits: Johnny_Carcinogenic

#88 So My Cat Died A Few Days Ago And The Neighbors Kids Found Out And My This Collage Of Him. I'm In Tears

Image credits: The3ndSovietUnion

#89 Left This Piece In My Neighbor's Free Pantry. I Hope It Makes Your Blue Monday More Joyful

Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year and most people have abandoned their New Year's resolutions by now. For once, I'm actually sticking to my resolution of spreading joy through free art.

Image credits: willows_closet

#90 Found An Old Box Of Unopened Chalk, Gave It To The Neighbors Kids Since We'd Never Use It. 10/10 Would Recommend

Image credits: Dangatang19

#91 One Of My Neighbors Cleared The Snow And Packed Ice Off My Driveway When I Was Recovering From Back Surgery

I didn’t know who did it so I posted the orange sign “Thank You, Snow Angel!” The next morning I saw the response. I still don’t know who did it.

Image credits: Seven_bushes

#92 My Neighbors Leave A Bowl Of Water On Their Lawn "For Thirsty Puppies" Ozzy Approves

Image credits: CeeDot85

#93 This Was Slid Under My Door This Morning... Best Neighbor Ever? I Love People Again

Image credits: imgur.com

#94 I Just Moved To Houston. My Neighbor In His 60s Let Me Borrow His Lawn Mower. I Told Him I'd Bake Him Cookies In Return. Today I Gave Him These

Image credits: ketchuppacket

#95 My Neighbor Painted My Dog For Me And My Brother For Absolutely No Reason. We Love It

Image credits: imgur.com

#96 The Whole Neighborhood Cleaned The Park Today

Image credits: Egli12

#97 Being Wholesome To Their Neighbor

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#98 My Muslim Neighbours Sent This To Me Earlier Today

Image credits: SenecaTheYounger__

#99 My Neighbor Is Donating Their Entire Hot Wheels Collection To Anyone That Walks By Needing Some Toys To Play With During Lockdown

Image credits: Russxp06

#100 Got To Love The Helpful Neighbor

Image credits: Architectvre

#101 After It Snowed Today, My Neighbor Shoveled The Snow Off Of His Grass In Car Length Intervals, So The Kids Don’t Have To Step In Snow To Get To The Sidewalk

Lots of parents drop their kids off for school at my neighbor’s curb.

I wish more people were like my neighbors.

Image credits: bountifulknitter

#102 My Canadian Neighbor Got Home From Work (Here In The Southern United States) And Started Teaching My Kids About Hockey

They loved it so much, he surprised them a couple of days later with their own sticks and goal set.

Image credits: mbholmes213

#103 My Neighbors Celebrated Eid Yesterday And Even Though We've Only Said Hi To Each Other In The Hallway They Came Over With This. Everything Was Delicious

Image credits: Mollzor

#104 My Neighbors Son Is Having A Rough Time Since His Dad Left To Afghanistan. I Invited Him To My House To Play Some Videogames

He saw my 3d printer and asked if I could make a little Fortnite figure. It took a few weeks, but I surprised him with this when he got bus today.

Image credits: jdonivan

#105 One Of My Neighbors Left A Bag Of Toilet Paper On My Front Door

With the way things are in the world right now, being a single mom and struggling with my bipolar lately, this small token of generosity moved me to tears.

Image credits: gotsnowart

#106 I’ve Had To Move Because I Couldn’t Afford Rent & Living Expenses. On My Last Night In My Apartment My Next-Door Neighbor Slipped This Letter Into My Mail Slot

Brought me to tears.

Image credits: wecancreate

#107 Recently Had To Take Some Time Off Work For Anxiety/Stress Leave, Am Back Now, But Today My 72-Year-Old Neighbor Dropped This Off While I Was At Work

He had a nervous breakdown 15 years ago. No shame.

Image credits: jh99999

#108 My Neighbor's Daughter Left This Tiara With A Note In The Lobby

Image credits: ibnalsham

#109 Neighbor From Way Down The Street Snow Blew All Of The Driveways He Could Before People Had To Leave For Work. I Haven't Even Met The Gentleman

Image credits: RRunner316

#110 My Neighbor Sent Me Three Boxes Of School Supplies For My Classroom. School Starts On Tuesday. They Just Showed Up Today

Image credits: jweic

#111 A Neighbor Got A Shovel And Cleared The Mud From The Sidewalk So Another Neighbor In A Scooter Could Make His Way

Image credits: potential_hermit

#112 Lady At My Local Walgreens Has Been Working For 24 Years. Someone From The Neighborhood Started A Gofundme To Send Her On Vacation

Raised almost $2,500 in one day!

Image credits: Colin_Lee

#113 Been Sick With A Nasty Cough Recently And The Flat Next Door Gave Me A Care Package

Image credits: booksblanketsandtea

#114 Wholesome Neighbor Giving Away Masks In Bucktown

Image credits: exfilm

#115 My Neighbor Encourages Kids To Ding Dong Ditch Her House. So Sweet!

Image credits: joksterjen

#116 Kids In My Neighborhood With A Snowball Stand Made Me Feel Warm Inside

Image credits: abyssiphus

#117 Last Spring I Converted Our Front Lawn To A Vegetable Garden. Today We Opened A Little Community Seed Library To Encourage Neighbors To Get Growing Too

Image credits: Mumster

#118 One Of My Neighbours Is Offering A Free “Blind Date With A Book” To Passers By

Image credits: stim_jerling

#119 My Friend Got This Note From Her Neighbor And I Thought It Was The Sweetest Thing

Image credits: YourBuddyChurch

#120 My Neighbour, Who I've Never Met, Knocked On My Door Today And Was Gone By The Time I Opened It

I'm in isolation with flu symptoms and they must have noticed my car hasn't moved in a week and a half. Helen you're an angel.

Image credits: raindeermatingseason

#121 My Sister’s Neighbour Makes His Own Chutney For His Buddies In The Neighborhood

Image credits: cherrycherries

#122 Granddad's 90th Birthday Today And His Neighbours Decorated The Doorway Of The House For Him Because None Of Our Family Could Visit Due To Covid-19

Image credits: bananablep

#123 Masked Up And Went Over To My Elderly Neighbours In The Week To Help Them Renew Their Broadband

While I was there the lightbulb was flickering so I offered to replace it, they didn’t have a spare so I nipped home and grabbed one thinking nothing more of it. Just found this on the doorstep.

Image credits: Mystic_L

#124 My Roommate And I Moved In 2 Weeks Ago And Today My Neighbours Left This In Our Backyard

Image credits: NeoAstral

#125 One Of My Neighbours Painted Garden Rocks Was Stolen. Some Mystery Person Did This

Image credits: neurosurgeon12

#126 Love Your Neighbor

Image credits: Kelmo7

#127 A Sweet Note From My Iranian Neighbors

Image credits: lemurqueen

#128 My Elderly Neighbor Accidentally Pressed The Input Button On Her TV Remote And Called Me Over To Fix It For Her. Today I Found A Bottle Of Wine And This Note At My Door. I Guess I Won't Be Moving Anytime Soon

Image credits: Evil_Plankton

#129 I Had A Really Tough Day At Work Today. When I Got Home, My Upstairs Neighbor Gave Me These To Celebrate The End Of Ramadan. She Had No Idea How Much This Meant To Me

Image credits: blern8792

#130 A Note Left For A Neighbor

Image credits: missvh

#131 I Was Hit By A Car A Few Years Ago And Stayed Home For A Couple Months. My Neighbor Planted A Garden For Me To Make Me Smile. She Still Keeps It Looking Beautiful Every Year. Today She Added The Purple Flowers. I Smile Every Time I Look Out The Window At Them

Image credits: olivepig

#132 Neighbors Left This On The Door. I'm Gonna Bake Then Some Cookies

Image credits: KittyBeeJr

#133 This Is My Neighbor, Victoria. She Turned 98 On The 14th. I Run Errands, Do Small Household Chores And Spend Time With Her Throughout The Week

When she saw me get the vacuum, she said “let me get my feet out of the way”!!! OG Queen with a heart of gold!

Image credits: truthhealsandhurts

#134 I Found This On Our Porch Tonight. A Neighbor’s Child Must Have Left It

Image credits: techtechgoose2

#135 After 9 Weeks In ICU, My Neighbor Has Recovered And Is Coming Home

Image credits: Planet_Coco

#136 One Of My Neighbors Gave Me A Card And 40 Dollars To Congratulate Me On My Graduation. I Don't Know Them, So It Was Quite The Surprise

Image credits: MetagrobolizedMush

#137 Found This On My Doorstep This Morning... I Love My Neighbor

Image credits: imgur.com

#138 Most Considerate Inconsiderate Neighbor? Came Home To This And A Bag Of Cookies On My Door Today

Image credits: imgur.com

#139 Good Guy Neighbor

Mailbox pole had a crack in it, bust wasn't a problem. Until wind pulled it over the other night. "Well that's unfortunate" was my thought when I left for work at 6:30 am. 


When I came home for lunch, my good guy neighbor had welded angle iron to it and even spray painted the base. Thanks, neighbor bro!

Image credits: derfmcdoogal

#140 My Neighbor (Active Mountain Bike Rider), Has Spent The Last 30 Min Out Front Teaching My Son About His New Mountain Bike, The Pieces Of It And How To Use The Gears Correctly

Image credits: nica082408

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