120 Of The Most Brilliant Design Ideas That People Have Ever Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Over the years, we at Bored Panda have released quite a few pieces on subpar design. And while these publications are incredibly fun to prepare and scroll through (just take a look at this one), we need to balance them out a little. After all, not every designer is an incompetent 3-year-old. Some of them are 4... light-years ahead of the competition.

There's a subreddit that features high-quality images of interesting designs, including architectural, graphic, industrial, furniture, and product design, and even though we already covered it once, there are so many gems on it, we need to do a follow-up. From a restaurant half-sunken into the sea to a suitcase that can measure its own weight, continue scrolling and check out the best that human ingenuity has to offer.

#1 Harnessing Nature To Shade A Walkway

Image credits: Whisker_dan

#2 Norwegian Restaurant Under, Half-Sunken Into The Sea

Image credits: post_scriptor

#3 This Ladle

Image credits: dunnO_wat21

#4 Awareness Ad For Seatbelts, Canada

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#5 Time’s New Cover

Image credits: sudde004

#6 A Suitcase That Can Measure Its Own Weight

Image credits: Rimbo90

#7 The Bag My New Glasses Came In

Image credits: sadshuichi

#8 Just Amazing

Image credits: herodov

#9 Poster For The Borat 2 Film

Image credits: shamalamadingdong00

#10 Back Cover Of Dune. Turn It And It Always Says Dune. Design By Alex Trochut

Image credits: PortlandsBatman

#11 Door Lock Designed With Elderly (Or Intoxicated) People In Mind

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#12 Ww1 Memorial In Vácrátót, Hungary

Image credits: OoORebornOoO

#13 The Way These Milk Jugs Line Up!

Image credits: Unicorn-Shaman

#14 Igloo Hotels In Lapland, Finland

Image credits: omermeijk

#15 Interesting Ad For Jeep.

Image credits: GlutenAttack02

#16 The Built In Cable Management On This TV

Image credits: ohsobogus

#17 Gothic Architecture Of Lawyer's House (Kelch Mansion) In Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Image credits: beersjob

#18 Continuos Banister

Image credits: blauer_geist

#19 This Is A Giant Iron Tree Built Into The Side Of The Russian Ministry Of Agriculture

Image credits: snoopdog16

#20 The Underground Station Signs Near Playstation Headquarters In Oxford Circus Have Been Changed For The Launch Of The Ps5

Image credits: DanceEats

#21 Apartment Building In Istanbul, Turkey

Image credits: Cecca105

#22 “It’s The Hat” Clever Ad For Hut Weber, A German Hat Company. One Of My All Time Favorite Clever But Incredibly Simple Advertising Designs

Image credits: DangerNoodle808

#23 Putting Rails Under A Bench So You Can Always Be In Shade

Image credits: DhyeyLim

#24 Ads Against Littering In Toronto

Image credits: Underhat3d

#25 This Dishwasher Projects A Timer Onto The Floor

Image credits: organiksoulkv

#26 The Drain Is Right Under The Soap Dispenser So It Doesn’t Stain The Sink

Image credits: droo46

#27 Elvish - Elvin Silverware

Image credits: cenabollywood

#28 This IKEA Pillow Ad

Image credits: RaymonDGYC

#29 Bed Sheet Tells You Which Side You Are Holding So That You Can Orientate It When Putting It On The Bed

Image credits: NotMyCabbagesAgain

#30 Apartment Building In Turin Holds 150 Trees

Image credits: karmagheden

#31 Art Nouveau Architecture Of A House Built In The 1880s, Brussels, Belgium

Image credits: Nadene_Stapleton

#32 Artistic Twist On Glassware

Image credits: Ohad22

#33 This Bottle Opener

Image credits: waynology

#34 This Bottleneck Is At An Angle For Easy Fill And Drinking

Image credits: neeraj_agarwal

#35 This Exit Sign Actually Looks Really Neat

Image credits: Andr0ximus

#36 This Contemporary House Glass Ceiling Bedroom

Image credits: mtlgrems

#37 This Graffiti Font

Image credits: chubbybooger

#38 Three Years Ago This Week, Saudi Arabia Began Allowing Women To Drive. This Was Ford's Ad Campaign To Go Along With It

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#39 This Enchanting Gothic Victorian House Built In 1888 In Arcata, California

Image credits: beersjob

#40 This Dining Chair

Image credits: Puzzleheaded-South58

#41 This Small Cinema Theater Designed By Erika Hock, Germany

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#42 Royal Mail's New Electric Delivery Van Is Just The Cutest

Image credits: Bigiottiur

#43 Refrigerator With A Lazy Susan Built In

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#44 The Perfectly Cut And Re-Assembled Log At Reception

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#45 These Playing Cards

Image credits: brutalproduct

#46 This Bread Knife In A Swiss Restaurant Has A Silhouette Of The Major Peaks In Switzerland

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#47 Subway Details In Sweden

Image credits: psgenius

#48 2020 Badge Design

Image credits: dochev30

#49 Zipper-Shaped Boat "Unzips" Tokyo's Sumida River

Image credits: echowood

#50 Cozy A-Frame House

Image credits: SteveCalloway

#51 My Plastic Wrap Just Told Me To Add It To My Grocery List!

Image credits: itsmer

#52 This Chair By Oki Sato

Image credits: __-omen-__

#53 Multi Coloured Hair Ad

Image credits: CheapShotNinia

#54 This Downspout With Vertical Garden Attached In Seattle.

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#55 My New Toaster Has An “A Bit More” Button

Image credits: trianglecat

#56 What All High Schools Should Have

Image credits: dunnO_wat21

#57 At The Back Of This Intel Sticker You Can See The Processor Architecture

Image credits: MolecularSenpai

#58 In 1983 Hartmut Esslinger Prototyped An Apple Flip Phone

Image credits: post_scriptor

#59 Clever Use Of The Captain’s Arm

Image credits: punchdrunk22

#60 This Puzzle Comes With A Stand To Hold The Box Up

Image credits: ToddlerOlympian

#61 The Architecture Of This Home Office/Library Located In The 13th Arrondissement Of Paris

Image credits: neatlysanta

#62 20 Foot Tall Door Facade By Gabriel Schama

Image credits: ScottieDoooo

#63 Self-Taught American Artist Brian Mock, Turns Reclaimed Materials Into Breathtaking Sculptures

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#64 "Der Spiegel" Covers 2017 And 2020

Image credits: xohax

#65 Every Time This Bus Stops, An Endangered Animal Disappears

Image credits: tellybelly87

#66 A Soviet Poster From 1944 Depicting Legions Of German Soldiers Fated To Die In The Russian Winter Due To Hitler's Orders

Image credits: whydyousaydat

#67 Lil Wayne's Album Cover For 'Funeral', Which When You Flip Says 'Lil Wayne'

Image credits: jahaandesai

#68 This Anti-Plastic Bag

Image credits: Moritzxd

#69 The Urban Gardens Of Copenhagen, Denmark

Image credits: omermeijk

#70 Plexus By Gabriel Dawe

Image credits: beepboop069

#71 Double Helix Table Legs

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#72 Donald Hiding In The Latest Cover Of The Economist

Image credits: reddit.com

#73 Pigalle Basketball Court Designed By Ill Studio & Nike

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#74 Perch Is A Unique Lamp By Multidisciplinary Designer Umut Yamac. Composed Of Folded Paper With Brass Trimmings, This Elegant Origami-Inspired Light

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#75 Thought This Was A Very Clever Way To Make A Caution Sign. It's Still Highly Visible And Does It's Job But With Some Fun. As An Added Bonus It Was In A Jamba Juice So It Makes Sense With Their Aesthetic

Image credits: RGZoro

#76 Burger King New Logo (Monogram Version)

Image credits: eraldopontopdf

#77 The Art For Better Call Saul Has An Empty Spot Where The Heart Should Be, And The Paper With The Aforementioned Heart Is Being Weighed On A Scale. I Thought That Was Kinda Big Brain!

Image credits: frailfern

#78 This Backyard Deck

Image credits: mtlgrems

#79 This Airplane Eye Patch Tells Flight Attendant Whether Passengers Will Eat Or Not

Image credits: E5728

#80 Maintenance Guy's Shirt Doubles As A Helpful Sign

Image credits: Jugglerguy

#81 Google Gives Us A Visual Example

Image credits: elviejozuloqi

#82 Pop-Up Illy Cafe

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#83 Kaleidoscopic Snake Nest Built By Genius Architect Javier Senosiain

Image credits: InevitableTeaching35

#84 Tree In The House Project

Image credits: primljenhu

#85 The Road Reflectors In Korea Are Connected To The Water System And Double As Devices To Clean The Road

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#86 1948 Timbs Buick Streamliner — Designed By Mechanical Engineer, Norman E. Timbs, It Was Mostly Aluminum With A Steel Chassis. It Cost $10,000 And Took More Than 2 Years To Build. To Keep The Shape Clean, It Had No Doors. It Had A Buick Super 8 Engine And Topped-Out At 120 Mph

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#87 Amazing Flower Design Torch For The Tokyo Tbd Olympics

Image credits: johnahreah

#88 Ammonite Wash Basin By Hightechdesign

Image credits: forestpunk

#89 I Simply A-Door-E This

Image credits: coilerknee

#90 Heatherwick Studio's Little Island Creates An Artificial Landscape Above The Hudson River

Image credits: conorthearchitect

#91 The Cauldron At Tokyo Olympics Was Designed By Japanese Designer Oki Sato

Image credits: musterduster284

#92 This Danish Brewery Is Called Gamma, And Its Logo Resembles A (Gamma?) Wave

Image credits: Nastapoka

#93 The Thumbnail Of The Economist

Image credits: Pecadis

#94 This Awesome Deck

Image credits: mtlgrems

#95 This Doorknoob At My Butcher's

Image credits: 0nissay

#96 The 1961 Holiday House Geographic Travel Trailer

Image credits: dittidot

#97 20201 Tokyo Olympics Logo

Image credits: olib2

#98 Castello Di Reschio In Lisciano Niccone, Italy

Image credits: karmagheden

#99 Unique Packaging Design By Ig: Angelina_pischikova

Image credits: Brone9

#100 Umbrella Logo That Only Shows When It Gets Wet

Image credits: justinmantan12

#101 This Rock Crafted From A 700-Pound Boulder, Excavated From The Homesite And Then Hung From The Wall To Be Used As A Sink In A Home In Jackson, Wyoming

Image credits: coilerknee

#102 IKEA Anti Ageing Cream

Image credits: sigurx

#103 Steampunk Spider.peter Szucsy

Image credits: zeR0-0_o

#104 Peach Hut Community Center / Atelier Xi

Image credits: conorthearchitect

#105 Chaise Renversée - Double Duty Idea

Image credits: NickyC75P

#106 Clever Roadside Campaign To Raise Awareness Against Using Your Phone Whilst Driving.... Love This!

Image credits: Kaf33nRush

#107 Saw These Cute Little Stools At A Burger Joint

Image credits: dacoobobswife2

#108 Solio Lodge, Kenya

Image credits: forestpunk

#109 Have A Break. Have A Kit-Kat

Image credits: noooneimportant

#110 Stylish Mailbox

Image credits: NewYorkJewbag

#111 This Spray Bottle With A Label Showing Different Concentration Ratios

Image credits: MrSeaBoot

#112 LEGO Necklace

Image credits: chocolat_ice_cream

#113 This Plane Logo Concept Art

Image credits: zeR0-0_o

#114 Invisi-House

Image credits: synapsesucker

#115 This Carbon-Framed Ebike

Image credits: lozzobear

#116 1950's Maico Mobile Scooter

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#117 I Think The Gamecube Logo Deserves More Credit. It's Actually A Cube Which Forms A G For Gamecube While Forming Another Cube In It

Image credits: DasEvoli

#118 Miroslav Vujovic Aka Graforidza Created This Ad Campaign To Raise Awareness Of Harmful Smoking Effects

Image credits: thirsty_turtle95

#119 Walt Disney Concert Hall By Frank Gehry

Image credits: forestpunk

#120 Monarch Loudspeakers From Oswalds Mill Audio (Designed By David D'imperio)

Image credits: 3FiTA

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