101 Innovative Care Package Business Name Ideas

The care package was inspired by the humanitarian aid given by CARE, or the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere. CARE is an organization that was developed after the 2nd World War to support people affected by the war. The organization eventually evolved into an NGO helping people around the world overcome poverty and social injustice among many others.

Today, a care package is usually any bundle of food, money, self care products (think soaps, shampoos or incense), or any luxury item sent away to a loved one who’s away. A care package can include just about anything, but usually stick to a theme. Care packages items can also range from chocolates, bottled water, school supplies, stress relief items, and many more.

Care packages can be used as a way to let someone know you’re thinking about them or to celebrate a life achievement. We can probably say that this may be the best time to put up a startup care package company and we’re here to help.

Here are some care package name ideas you can use for your startup company inside this epic post.

Cute Care Package Name Ideas

A care package just for you.

Cute things usually make a person’s day. If you’re into cute stuff, you can use these cutie care package name ideas.

  • Sweet Things
  • Pretty Little Package
  • Kittens Smile Care Package
  • Cuddly Bear Care Package
  • Kids Art Care Package
  • Little Pups Care Package
  • Dainty Pony Care Package
  • Puffy Dogs Care Package
  • White Rabbit Care Package
  • Puppy Bundle Care Package
  • Sweet Little Children
  • Stuffed Pillows Care Package
  • Snuggle Panda Care Package
  • Curled Up Bunny Care Package
  • Sugary Kisses
  • Ardent Puppies
  • Yellow Kisses
  • Softy Care Package
  • Sweet Cupcakes Care Package
  • Little Stuffed Toys Care Package
  • Tiny Umbrella Care Package
  • Mini Stuff Care Package
  • Snugly Things Care Package
  • Colorful Pets Care Package
  • Tiny Little Fingers

Food Care Package Name Ideas

Can’t go wrong with boxed chocolate.

Food also makes great care packages. These delightful treats range from ordinary to mouthwatering goodies inside a package. Here are some good name suggestions.

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  • Yummy Treats
  • Heavenly Delights
  • Scrumptious Goodies
  • Appetizing Treats
  • Tasty Fun Care Package
  • Gourmet in a Package
  • Stuffed Goodies
  • Goody Goody Treats
  • Tasteful Joys
  • Experience Happiness
  • Delightfully Boxed
  • Loads of Food
  • Bunch of Love
  • Creative Juices
  • Basic Necessities
  • Lotsa Foodstuff
  • Mix-A-Lot of Goodies
  • Good Morning Package
  • Tummy Yummy Package
  • You’ll Never Know What You’re Gonna Get
  • Relief Goods
  • Love in a Box
  • Food Stock
  • Break Time
  • Solids and Liquids
  • The Edible Box
  • Doorstep Delights
  • Eat it up Box
  • Fresh Care Pack
  • Farm to You Delivery Co.

Work From Home Care Package Ideas

Work from home care packages are a growing segment of this market.

Work from home or remote employees needs care and attention too. Here are some work from home care package suggestions.

  • Branded Mugs PackageMini White Board package
  • Phone Stand with wireless charger
  • Laptop cooler with keyboard protector
  • Headphone and Earphones package
  • Mini Coffee Maker package
  • Artic Air (mini cooler) package
  • Water Bottle package (with snacks)
  • Mini LED touch lamp package
  • Journal with Pen
  • Pedometer package
  • Movie and Music subscription package
  • Mini cork board with push pins package
  • Yoga mat package
  • Breakfast package
  • Assorted snacks
  • Android and Apple chargers with cables
  • Tea and Juice package
  • Spa gift package
  • Inspirational Books package
  • Herbal set package
  • Health and Wellness package
  • Branded coffee package
  • Scented candles package
  • Spreads and Jams package

Other Names For Care Packages

If you’re still undecided on what to name your care package, here are some more care package name suggestions.

  • Supply In Demand
  • Box of Happiness
  • Basically Yours
  • Big Things in a Small Package
  • Goods from the Outside
  • Best Consumed Before
  • Personalize This!
  • Desktop Goodies
  • Work Hard, Play Hard
  • WorkTable Essentials
  • Home Necessities
  • Random Goods
  • Make Your Day
  • Must Haves
  • Keep Productive
  • Home Based
  • Home Survival Kit
  • Heaven Scent
  • Rescue Package
  • Life Fuel
  • Fun in a Box
  • Goods to Go
  • While Supplies Last
  • Usable Things
  • Full Tank

Care Package Content Ideas

Here are some ways you can create in innovative business in providing this service:

  1. Box of Happiness. This care package’s contents can depend on your recipient’s interests. You may also decide on what you think your recipient might like. Some examples would be assorted chocolates, assorted snacks, wellness products, tiny gadgets set, and more.
  2. Supply In Demand. This care package can contain what the person you intend to give, needs. If you have a remote employee, especially during this time of the pandemic, you can put some desk supplies into the package. Some examples include stationery with a set of pens, markers, post-it’s, a memory card, notepads, among others.
  3. Food Stock. This package practically contains food for your recipient. It’s up to you if you wish to send the recipient food he or she usually wants. Some suggestions include chips, nuts, candies, cookies, trail mix, and others. Edible Arrangements is an excellent example of a successful business using this approach. Check our food business model canvas if you plan to start something in this category.
  4. Spa Gift Package. This care package should typically contain the following: bath salts, loofah, scented candles, meditation CD, or probably suggest your favorite spa streaming music link, scented soaps, and moisturizer. You may also throw in a body brush, essential oils, facial masks, among others.
  5. Personalize This! The name speaks for itself. This package should contain items personalized for the person you’re sending it to. Some ideas include a personalized mug, personalized desk supplies, personally embroidered towels, or paperweights. If you want to preserve the items, personalizing things using stickers is also a good idea.
  6. Life Fuel. Beverages are the ones suggested inside this care package. Ready to drink goodies can be a good idea. Some suggestions include energy drinks, kombucha, bottled iced teas, RTD coffees, among others. Just make sure the beverages you put in there cater to the needs of the person you’re intending to give to. Giving a person with a health condition an energy drink may not be a good idea. Be conscious of what goods you would give to your recipient.
  7. Sugary Kisses. Every sweet tooth’s fantasy. Package contents can include an assortment of Reese’s peanut butter cups, Hershey’s classic chocolate, Twix bars, Hershey’s cookies N creme, 3 Musketeers, or possibly any chocolate or candy you think can satisfy your recipient’s sweet tooth.
  8. Work Hard, Play Hard. Some suggestions for this package include a yoga mat, a pedometer, music or video streaming subscription, a journal, a pen, some post-it’s, or anything which you think a recipient would enjoy using for both works and play while at home.
  9. Gourmet in a Package. Suggestions for this package include baked cookies, savory crackers, cheese dip, peppermint chocolates, specialty coffees, and any food that they don’t normally see or eat.
  10. Random Goods. This package is literally what you put in, is up to you. It may or may not be what your recipient may want, but be sure to put in something useful for the one you would be sending it to. You can put a mix of food, beverages, and things. Just make sure both edible and non-edible things can go together not ruin each one out.
  11. The Aspiring Entrepreneur Box. There’s a big hustle culture online that encourages folks to go out on their own and start a business. You could create a box that helps entrepreneurs start a business. Some items that could be included in this type of box would be posters that include motivational quotes, business books, success stories and daily planners. I think you could see a lot of success in this market!

We hope this post offered some novel business name ideas that resonate in this market. What type of care package company are you planning to start? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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