10 Large Indoor Plants To Feature in Your Home

ZZ Plant

Small indoor plants can take a dull common area from lifeless to lively. One of the easiest ways to warm up a home is to place succulent planters on windowsills, coffee tables, and dining tables. I love this look, but some spaces are roomy enough to decorate with large indoor plants instead.

From bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, your spacious area could greatly benefit from a new houseplant with lots of greenery. These air purifying plants aren't too overbearing, but add just enough ornamentation to bring your room together.

Large Indoor Plants

1. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants love low-light conditions. Their large green leaves stand tall, making them the perfect plant for rooms with high ceilings.

2. Peace Lily

Peace lilies can grow to reach over three feet tall. Whoa! That's one large plant. For white accents, consider this beauty.

3. Snake Plant

This low-maintenance plant enjoys low light. It isn't a facing window plant, so be sure not to let it get too much direct sunlight.

You only have to water snake plants once a month. This plant is perfect if you travel often or just didn't inherit a green thumb. The striped design on the leaves is lovely!

4. Palm Tree

Bring the beach to your home with a palm tree. Costa Farms is selling a palm at Home Depot for only $27. This gorgeous tree will arrive anywhere between 38 to 44 inches.

Have a teacher friend that has a summer aesthetic in their classroom? Gift them a palm tree.

5. Spider Plant

Spider plants are known for growing quickly! Check out those leaves. It would also look wonderful in a hanging pot.

6. Rubber Plant

The rubber plant or ficus elastica is a staple in bright, roomy office spaces. Sometimes their glossy leaves are so dark that they look black.

7. Weeping Fig

Fig trees are popular choices for indoor trees. They can grow up to 18 feet tall! Be sure to prune.

8. Money Tree

Money trees are loved throughout the world. They're known for bringing peace and fortune. These lucky plants would look amazing in your living room.

They do love humidity, so consider keeping a humidifier around. You can find a budget-friendly option on Amazon.

9. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf figs or ficus lyrata make lovely home decor pieces. Look at how tall this beauty is! Find a spacious corner for your new plant.

Fiddle leaf figs thrive in bright light and moist soil.

10. Umbrella Plant

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Schefflera arboricola aka umbrella plant 🌿

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Umbrella plants enjoy bright, indirect light. They are low-maintenance, so don't bother watering them daily. The schefflera plant can grow up to six feet tall indoors.

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