10 Instant Costumes, No Matter the Weather

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A rainy day doesn’t have to dampen your kid’s unique sense of style. Western Chief parts the clouds with their showstopping collection of high-quality rain gear that doubles as instant Halloween costumes your kids can rock in any weather. Dressing up in Western Chief’s delightful ensembles transforms the ordinary act of suiting up in outerwear into an extraordinary occasion for little ones to express themselves and let their imagination soar. Scroll down to check out Western Chief’s fun rain boots, rain coats and umbrellas featuring lovable characters, for an all-weather costume your kids will love! They’ll never argue about putting their coat on again.
photo: Western Chief Lightning McQueen

Little racers can confidently dash the raindrops while dressed as race champion Lightning McQueen. They'll zoom past the best style finish line wearing the Lightning McQueen rain coat with its adorable checkered flag detailing and Piston Cup badge. They'll also be able to zip in and out of puddles in bright red Lightning McQueen rain boots lined with checkered flags and bearing the clever car's signature smile. If they're really trying to "ka-chow" the rain, the Lightning McQueen umbrella will keep them dry at every pit stop.

photo: Western Chief Minnie Mouse

We bet all the cheese that you won't find rain gear cuter than this Minnie Mouse rain coat. Its peplum shape makes it look just like Minnie's sweet polka-dotted dress, and the classic mouse ears with bright red bow on the hood make anywhere your kiddo goes the happiest place on earth. Pair this fashion forward coat with Minnie Mouse rain boots that boast a winking Minnie and a jovial, long-lashed Minnie on each foot. Complete the ensemble with a Minnie Mouse umbrella topped with a pop-up winking Minnie. Mickey's sidekick never looked better.


photo: Western Chief Mickey Mouse

Oh boy! Dress your kiddo up as one of the world's most famous icons to greet the weather with a wide-eyed grin. Western Chief's Mickey Mouse rain coat comes complete with those instantly recognizable ears on the hood along with his red shorts and yellow buttons as details. Keep kids' feet dry with Mickey Mouse rain boots that bear the mouse's happy face and feature easy to pull on handles complete with Mickey's face silhouette. Top off the look with a cheery Mickey Mouse umbrella that has pop-up ears and a handle with ears too. This accessory would even be darling to tote around on a sunny day!

photo: Western Chief Wonder Woman

Your kiddo will put the pizazz in a cloudy day wearing this Wonder Woman rain coat that looks just like the remarkable superhero's star emblazoned get-up. Little ones can pull on the matching Wonder Woman rain boots to fight the 'crime' of wet feet––and they'll be thrilled by the tiny capes that soar off the back of each boot during their spins and turns. They may not have Wonder Woman's magic bracelets, but this bold Wonder Woman umbrella is the next best thing to shield them from raindrops.

photo: Western Chief Ladybug

A ladybug is never luckier than when decked out in Western Chief's Ladybug rain gear. The vibrant, red Ladybug rain coat will brighten even the grayest skies with cute black polka detailing and a precious, smiling ladybug face on the hood. Ladybug rain boots are also a must, with their 3D ladybug eyes peering out to join all your kids adventures. Give the Ladybug umbrella a twirl too, because its stand-up antennae will delight both your child and all her friends.

photo: Western Chief Batman

No joking around, this is your bat signal: fly, don't walk to get this super Batman rain coat. Tricked out with a utility belt, Batman logo, lined hood, bat ears and a cape, you won't find a cooler rain coat than this unless Alfred Pennyworth hands it to you himself. Don't leave your little Bruce Wayne without Batman rain boots that each have... wait for it... a Batman cape that soars off the back as your kiddo runs about to save the day. And holy smokes, the Batman umbrella will keep your superhero protected from the elements while looking totally hip with Batman's bat signal shining through Gotham.

photo: Western Chief Hello Kitty

It's time to dress-up in the iconic pink hue and matching bow made famous by everyone's favorite feline: Hello Kitty! Putting on the Hello Kitty rain coat is the purr-fect way to greet any kind of weather in style. The ruffles on the back of the coat are an adorable added detail that will make kids feel extra special. The matching Hello Kitty Cutie rain boots add even more sparkle with their glittery soles, Hello Kitty face and big pink bow. The bold, pink Hello Kitty Cutie umbrella ties the whole look together with its polka-dots and ruffle trim. Your kitty will certainly be the cat's meow in this outer wear.

photo: Western Chief Firefighter

Your off-duty firefighter will set hearts ablaze in this dashing gear. Let him/her suit up in the F.D.U.S.A Firechief rain coat to save a rainy day in heroic style. Make them look the part from head to toe with F.D.U.S.A. rain boots that will keep their feet toasty and dry while they're out on the town. Don't start those sirens before you grab their coordinating F.D.U.S.A Firechief umbrella which ties the whole look together––all they'll still need is a Dalmatian.


photo: Western Chief Frog

Hop to Halloween and beyond by donning a Fritz the frog rain coat. Young nature lovers will leap at the chance to wear this green amphibian as their sidekick––and we know they'll have even more pep in their step in the Frog rain boots that'll help 'em clear puddles with a jump or protect their tootsies if they make a splash. Hand over the Frog umbrella so that Fritz can lead the way with his giant pop-up eyes. 

photo: Western Chief Little Mermaid

Aspiring Ariels will certainly make a splash in the Ariel rain coat! Even if rainy weather has your little one feeling under the sea, this jacket will have him/her singing with its 3D flower on the hood that's an exact replica of the one everyone's favorite mermaid wears. The coat's ruffled bottom resembles seaweed and the seashell top makes this piece more akin to a costume than outer gear. Definitely go the extra mile with the Ariel rain boots which have Ariel herself sitting pretty on the side, swimming in a magical sea. Make this winning combo part of your kiddo's world ASAP!


––Beth Shea


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