10 Cool Decor Brands You Never Knew Were Available on Amazon

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We turn to Amazon for our most basic needs: books, music, storage, groceries (yes, some are more exciting than others). But when it comes to home decor, the retailer doesn’t always come to mind. We’re here to change that.

See, what you might not know is that Amazon houses quite an impressive array of design-forward brands, from the Scandi chic to the outright whimsical and everything in between. The best part? You can Prime them all and refresh your space without leaving the comfort of your sofa. 

Read on for 10 of the coolest names in decor we spotted on the site—and what we’re snagging from each. 
The gist: The home accessories brand transforms everyday basics into vibrant accent pieces. You’ve never seen bottle openers, drink rocks, or building blocks this intriguing.

Why we love it: It’s basically an excuse to load up on toys—all, of course, in the name of design. 

What we’re snagging: Coasters that double as art.
Table Tiles, Areaware, $22.50 MoMA
The gist: The beautifully curated shop of Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art, which seamlessly marries art with functionality. 

Why we love it: The discovery factor, plus its wildly eclectic assortment of finds, from Pantone postcards to ramen sporks. 

What we’re snagging: A cereal bowl with a splash of whimsy. 
La Maison Inondee Bowl Small Green, MoMA, $31.95 The Sill
The gist: It’s your neighborhood garden center but with a design-forward spin. 

Why we love it: Cute plants and colorful pots you can Amazon Prime? Say no more.

What we’re snagging: A curvaceous planter. 
Dolores Indoor Planter, The Sill, $19 Seletti
The gist: This Milan-based design company is all about pushing the boundaries of decor. Banana lamps, anyone?

Why we love it: Its cheeky approach doesn’t take design too seriously.

What we’re snagging: Plates that do double duty. 
Zoe Hybrid Dessert Plate, Seletti, $37.50 Normann Copenhagen
The gist: The Danish design brand is the epitome of Scandinavian cool.

Why we love it: Its streamlined furniture and decor seriously inspires—and goes with everything.

What we’re snagging: Probably Definitely the most beautiful dustpan + broom combo we’ve ever seen. 
Dustpan And Broom, Normann Copenhagen, $22.98 Muji
The gist: The Japanese retailer of home goods, clothing, and accessories celebrates simplicity and sustainability. 

Why we love it: Its minimalist approach makes way for a line of essentials that can live within any decorative style. 

What we’re snagging: A creative take on a toothbrush holder. 
White Porcelain Toothbrush Stand, MUJI, $6.92 Sunnylife
The gist: The Australian lifestyle brand reimagines poolside accessories as statement pieces—expect vibrant prints, saturated hues, and playful motifs—and we can’t get enough. 

Why we love it: It serves as a gentle reminder that it’s always summer somewhere. 

What we’re snagging: A colorful rendition of a classic outdoor game.
Giant Jumbling Tower, Sunnylife, $54.98 Menu
The gist: Like Normann Copenhagen, Menu has nailed the Scandi-chic aesthetic, with a focus on effortless neutrals.

Why we love it: The line will inspire you to rethink your blah household basics. 

What we’re snagging: A part-glass, part-concrete vase that’s begging for a spray of vibrant florals. 
Willmann Vase, Menu, $99.95 Yamazaki
The gist: The Japanese home goods brand is basically a master class in getting organized in style. Who knew shopping for dish racks and umbrella holders would give us this much pleasure?

Why we love it: It’s the quintessential small space–friendly option. 

What we’re snagging: A versatile bin you won’t want to keep out of sight. 
Tosca Storage Basket, Yamazaki, $35 Umbra
The gist: You may know Umbra as the retailer behind the ingenious floating bookshelf, but there’s a whole lot more cool where that came from. 

Why we love it: Umbra’s take on the everyday also happens to be budget-friendly. 

What we’re snagging: A sleek coffee table inspired by 1960s highrises. 
Marine Coffee Table, Umbra Shift, $409.57
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