You Can Play Spielberg’s Interactive Film With Tarantino As Main Character

Image via Denis Makarenko / and Ga Fullner /

Director Steven Spielberg’s 1997 video game Director’s Chair, launched to coach directors through the filmmaking process, has been rebooted with a choose-your-own-adventure spin.

In the original game, players would work with problems that arise on set and create a film through footage shot by Spielberg himself, per Vice.

For the new version, worked upon by Carnegie-Mellon University lecturer Paolo Pedercini, players will pick options from the pre-recorded footage, with Quentin Tarantino as one of the main characters. The game also stitched together pre-recorded clips of Jennifer Aniston and Spielberg himself.

The concept is similar to Netflix’s Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch, where viewers can make decisions which lead to unique endings. So, start your adventure here.

📽️New(ish) Release
Steven Spielberg's Director's Choices

An interactive movie made with bootlegged footage from a terrible '90s CD-ROM.

Starring Quentin Tarantino, Jennifer Aniston, Penn and Teller.

— Paolo Pedercini (@molleindustria) August 8, 2020

[via Vice, cover image via Denis Makarenko / and Ga Fullner /

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