X-HUB TOKYO’s Demo Day: Welcoming the 9 aspiring Japanese


Organised by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, X-HUB TOKYO connects startups and established companies in Tokyo with the global innovation ecosystem, accelerating their growth and innovation in a new era. To realise its vision, X-HUB TOKYO helps Tokyo-based companies gain insightful market information and analysis and provides networking opportunities for the companies to seek funding and mentoring with leading investors and venture capitalists at home and abroad. With win-win and lasting collaboration, X-HUB TOKYO aspires to contribute to creating cutting-edge technologies, and sustainable solutions to solve complex challenges and strengthen the ecosystem. 

In the upcoming pitch event, X-HUB TOKYO is delighted to introduce the nine promising Japanese startups actively seeking collaborative opportunities with Singapore companies and investors to take their business activities to the next level.

1. IDDK Co., Ltd.

IDDK Co., Ltd. focuses on developing a ground-breaking Micro Imaging Device (MID), which is a microscopic observation chip that can be delivered to places previously inaccessible by conventional microscopes due to physical, climatic, or technical restrictions. MID is believed to create a healthier and better future for societies by enhancing the accuracy of disease diagnosis, observations, and treatment discoveries. IDDK is creating a remotely controlled and fully automated laboratory that companies can access in the future to observe how things work at the micro-level. In addition to healthcare, the technology can also be applied in other industries, such as education. IDDK Co., Ltd. is open to partnership and funding opportunities to accelerate its business growth.


With the mission of “Creating a society that thinks and acts for the next person and generation”, in April 2018, INFORICH launched its innovative mobile battery-sharing service called ChargeSPOT to help people refill their mobile phone batteries conveniently. After five years in operation, INFORICH has provided over 30,000 charging units in Japan, 4,300 units in Taiwan, 3,000 units in Hong Kong, and 1,000 units in Thailand.

The company also continuously adapts to changing market conditions to improve user experience, such as integrating mini-programs with carrier-based payment applications, and upgrading the “ChargeSPOT” batteries with antibacterial and antiviral treatment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s comparative advantages lie in its international brand awareness, signage for every machine, and its respect for intellectual property.

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3. Credit Engine, Inc.

Credit Engine is a SaaS product provider, which leverages data-driven technology to innovate financial services, including online lending and debt collection. The product aims to deliver a more seamless and stress-free experience for users when dealing with stressful financial matters. It also ensures an ethical debt collection process thanks to the digitalisation and automation of the processes that increase transparency, leading to higher collection rates with lower costs. Users can also track most of the processes via history logs and optimise the flow for better performance. 

4. Skillnote Corporation

With the purpose of solving the challenges of companies for human resource and skill management, especially for the manufacturing industry, Skillnote offers a Skill management system to allow users to record employees’ skill data, which will enable strategic human resource development. The insights can be used for strategic human resource management and project management. Skillnote is used by over 120 global companies and 100,000 users. The product incorporated CEO Takafumi Yamakawa’s deep understanding of the workflow and operation of the human resource department thanks to his 25 years of experience.


Powered by blockchain and AI technologies, STANDAGE Inc. has developed a digital trading platform, DiGiTRAD, which can solve all the problems of sales channel development, negotiation, contract, settlement, and logistics necessary to establish a trading business. The platform wishes to support Japanese SMEs and aims to expand their global operation, having established bases in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Hong Kong and the United States, actively conducting import/export operations in each region. STANDAGE Inc. plans to expand its business further in other Southeast Asian countries and seek opportunities and funding for business development.

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6. SpoLive Interactive, Inc.

Creating the world’s first data management SaaS for various sports, SpoLive is a digital platform that enables emerging sports organisations to easily build an interactive experience with fans, just like Twitch. They can stream game stats and video simultaneously with ultra-low latency, creating real-time interaction between fans and teams and allowing fans to cheer remotely and feel a sense of unity and participation like in a stadium. The platform is also a tool for teams to collect and manage online data to improve their marketing activities.   

7. TBM Co., Ltd.

TBM aims to galvanise a global sustainability revolution by promoting two fundamental approaches: environmentally friendly materials and circularity. Regarding material, TBM develops and distributes LIMEX, a limestone–based new material that can be an alternative to paper and plastics, helping to preserve the environment. Major applications of LIMEX include booklets, posters, shopping bags, cosmetic packaging, and food containers, to name a few. In terms of circularity, TBM accelerates the circulation of materials such as LIMEX and plastic wastes by producing the flow of materials and operating recycling plants. LIMEX has successfully partnered with over 8,000 customers globally, and it is keen on speeding up sales expansion even further, especially in Southeast Asian countries.

8. NEWROPE Co. Ltd. 

Aiming to help the fashion industry to become more profitable and reduce waste, NEWROPE provides AI-powered services such as recommendation engines and trend analysis for E-commerce for fashion-related companies as SaaS. Based on these insights, fashion companies can understand growing customer trends, optimise their stock, and match customers with the right items. NEWROPE has developed its AI since 2016 and collected data since 2018, and it has cooperated with some fashion brands, retail including E-commerce, OEM, media and so on.

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9. Hacarus Inc.

Founded in 2014, HACARUS INC. provides big insights from small data. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan and backed by Osaka Gas and Miyako Capital (Kyoto University), among others, its technology enables humans to make better, faster and more reliable data-driven decisions. Its proprietary AI engine is built using Sparse Modelling, a method that understands data by its unique key features and is much more efficient than Deep Learning. Since its inception, the company has supplied solutions in 100+ AI projects across the Medical and Manufacturing fields. 

To learn more about these fascinating startups, join our Demo Day on December 6th

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