What’s Your Client’s Email Marketing Campaign Strategy?

Is your client’s email marketing campaign strategy for 2023 recession proof? With consumers and brands everywhere tightening their purse strings, it’s more important than ever that marketers make every ad dollar count. Email marketing is an old reliable form of advertising. But you can’t rely on old strategies to make them their most effective during a recession. So, here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your client’s email efforts.

What’s Your Client’s Email Marketing Campaign Strategy?

Hyper-Segmentation and ‑Personalization

According to mailjet, more than 20% of American consumers receive over 50 emails every single day. In order for your client’s email ads to stand out from the competition (and among the clutter), their ads need to give the people what they want. What is that? “73% of global consumers expect brands to cater to their unique needs and expectations,” writes mailjet. That means that hyper-segmentation and hyper-personalization need to become a norm in your client’s email marketing campaign strategy.

To achieve both of these without encroaching on your client’s recipients’ privacy, you need to utilize zero-party data. Mailjet defines zero-party data as, “data that the use shares freely with the company.” For example, information a consumer provides when they sign up for brand outreach. Use that data to not only include each recipient’s name in the email subject line, but also to provide each recipient with messages and offerings that are so relevant to them that they can’t help but learn more.

Need more information on what your client’s target audience plans to buy this year and how they want their purchases to make them feel? Check out their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. For example, did you know that Drug Store Customers want to:

  • Make purchases that make them feel healthy
  • Are 77% more likely than other consumers to make purchases that help them feel accepted
  • Make fashion purchases that include body spray/cologne, cosmetics and prescription glasses

Information like that can help give your clients email ads a more personal touch with their messaging.

Interactive Emails

Which are you more likely to commit to memory and get involved with:

  • A presentation where someone talks at you for its entirety?
  • A presentation during which the presenter asks for your input or calls you up to the front to be involved in a demonstration?

Probably the more interactive presentation, right? Email ads can be the same way. Instead of stagnant messages that are just a wall of text and maybe a picture or two, mailjet suggests creating interactive email ads. The key is to have all the interaction take place within the email, not through a link that leads them to a website.

To optimize your client’s email marketing campaign strategy, mailjet suggests making additions to email ads such as:

  • Surveys that can be completed within an email
  • In-email shipment tracking
  • Click-to-reveal components
  • Games

Interactive components not only make emails fun and stand out, they also make it easier for you and your clients to track their ROI.

Quality Over Quantity

It takes time to come up with creative email ads that are both engaging and relevant to their recipients. So, tell your clients that its okay to not send out as many email ads in 2023. According to MarTech, sending out a never-ending wave of email ads, especially ones that aren’t as creative as your client has demonstrated in the past, can result in a slew of consequences, including:

  • Higher unsubscribing rates
  • Complaints of spam against your client
  • Less ROI per email

So, when developing your client’s next email marketing campaign strategy, make sure you assure them that sending fewer, but high-quality, emails is the best for their ROI in the long run.

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