Types of Kids’ Toys Based On Age

Toys are an important aspect of a kid’s life. Not only do toys trigger creativity but they also play a key role in a child’s development. However, purchasing the right toy for your child is key. Remember, the market has a myriad of toys. Each of these toys is explicitly designed for different ages. To help you choose the right type of toy for your kid, here are a few guidelines. In this guide, you will learn about different toys for kids based on age. Keep reading.

Is your kid under the age of 1? Well, there are numerous toys that perfectly fit their age range. And Lego is one of the most popular options. Appropriate for newborns and infants, these toys allow your baby to develop fine motor skills, as well as, other developmental skills such as sitting, crawling, and grasping different items.
When your baby plays with such toys, their growth is substantially enhanced. Remember, physical activity is the basis of good health. So, don’t let your baby be left out when it comes to playing with toys.
Toddlers are always on the move. Toys intended for this age group generally focus on motivating them to start communicating with words. Plus, they’re also designed to help them engage in interactive play. At this point, you may want to consider getting them Elmo, Little People toys, or ride-on toys. There are also numerous outdoor toys for toddlers.
Preschool-aged children (3-5 years) are learning educational skills. They’ll, therefore, need toys that encourage them to use their imagination and creativity for pretend play with simple characters. There are also required to develop skills that help them recognize different colors, as well as, letters. There are numerous toys for preschoolers at StarWalkKids.com. Make a wise decision today!
Middle Childhood
After they get home from school, children aged between 6 to 8 years often look for fun and excitement. Most of them love movies, construction toys, and role play. They’re generally obsessed with collecting toys. They’ll always ask you to them get some blind bag collectible toys.
You may find it hard to get appropriate toys for your tween. This age group is strongly focused on the development of self-expression. While boys might be into collectible toys, girls will usually enjoy arts-and-crafts kits to model jewelry.
STEM toys are some of the most popular toys for this age group. And this is simply because such toys help them understand science, math, engineering, as well as technology.
Young Teens
Although cameras, iPods, smartphones, video game systems, and gift cards will make most teenagers happy, there are some fun gifts that can also make them interested and happy. Today’s market is filled with tech-based toys that can help teenagers get creative.
The Bottom-Line
Toys make kids happy. They promote creativity. They are an important aspect when it comes to the overall development of a child. With toys, you keep your kids busy and have the peace of mind to concentrate on other important matters. However, getting it right (when it comes to toys based on age) is the most important thing. That’s why you should go through the above guide and determine the best toys for your kid.   

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