Titan1Studios Blends Ancient Magic and Lovecraftian Horror With Open-World VR

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Titan1Studios has been busy since their 2016 launch at Fan Expo Canada. They’ve released comic series’ like Knight Guardians of Relativity, and Zomben, and they’re also behind the exciting Science fiction/Fantasy YA novel series The Coseema Saga. In 2020, the company began to explore the interactive space and push into gaming. Events at Unity Farm, a new horror VR experience based in the Multipocalypse Universe, represents the first major release from Titan1 in that space.

When she arrives at Unity Farm, Ruth Bowie is a shy teen who discovers she comes from a long line of occult scientists. Sent back in time to prevent the Multipocalypse with her great-grandmother’s journal, she must learn to use it to defeat hordes of creatures from myth, legend, technology, and human experimentation gone wrong, and bring her Grand Mother, Alliss, who roams the farm as a ghost, back to life.

The story is something new that gives The Events at Unity Farm a fresh vibe the VR horror genre needs. With a basis in an already existing universe, the developers have a wealth of concepts to draw from. Especially in VR, having a story worthy of a VR headset is key and something many developers lose when looking to make the plunge into the medium. With VR headsets only getting better, the industry is just scratching the surface of what can be done, and The Events at Unity Farm aims to put it to good use.

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The Events at Unity Farm‘s gameplay is said to be a unique blend of RPG elements and fast-paced shooter-style combat, set in an ever-expanding world full of Lovecraftian horror and fantasy. The Events at Unity Farm will take you on a journey to prevent the future Multipocalypse. Solve puzzles, craft items, and physically cast magic in order to save the world. The game will have plenty of scares waiting for the player, with monsters lurking around any corner, and some of them might even be human.

As you step into the shoes of the young mage Ruth, you must learn to harness the power of magic to defeat your enemies and solve puzzles. Your spell book is your key to success, and you must fill it with a variety of elemental spells. By wielding two spells at once, you can create powerful combo attacks. You can also tap into ancient places of power to improve your combat skills and purchase spell upgrades. So pick up your spell book and get started on your magical journey!

The world of The Events at Unity Farm is yours to experience and is full of ancient magic and steampunk gadgets left by your ancestors. You’ll need to explore every corner of the farm to find all its secrets and collect the pieces of information your family left behind for you. The game looks to blend many of the best parts of VR, all within a story universe full of imagination.

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Titan1Studios has created a unique visual style for its VR horror game’s cinematics, blending traditional comic book visuals with animated scenes and a haunting musical score. By working in virtual reality, the team has created key story moments that are visually stunning and emotionally impactful.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this project isn’t just the captivating story or the gameplay but how it strives to break new ground for representation in the gaming industry. The project takes advantage of the opportunity to subvert the horror genre and deliver a diverse, culturally rich narrative that is 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusive. This has always been a goal of TITAN1STUDIOS, a company founded to express inclusivity across mediums.

Earlier this year, The Events at Unity Farm was nominated for an UBISOFT Indie Series Award.  The company also launched a Film and TV with several projects in active development, including Peace River, which draws inspiration from The Events at Unity and the dynamic BIPOC women of the Bowie family.

For anyone excited to dive into The Events at Unity Farm, you can get your chance sooner than you think, with TITAN1STUDIOS running a Steam VR-Exclusive closed beta for the game from October 25th to November 1st, 2022. Head over to the Titan1Studios page to reserve your spot for the beta, giving you a chance to play the game before anyone else, and don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam!

If you are in the mood for some VR horror with a healthy dose of Lovecraft, The Events at Unity Farm sounds like the perfect mix to sink your teeth into.

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