Tiny Thor Nails Pixel Art Platforming And Puzzles In Stunning New Trailer

It's hammer time.

Retro-inspired platformer Tiny Thor, from Asylum Square Interactive, continues to look absolutely breathtaking in today's new gameplay trailer. Revealed in February, the upcoming 16-bit-esque adventure may look like the classics, but it's adding its own twist to pixel-perfect platforming.

Tiny Thor will be using mini-Mjölnir to help him get through the Norse Realms of Midgard, Svartalfheim, and Niflheim, among many others. There are 30 in total, spanning the length and breadth of Norse myth. Mjölnir's magical abilities include ricocheting off of walls, speeding through the air, ground-pounding, and absorbing different elements to tackle some tough puzzles.

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