The PERFECT 3rd Grade Adjectives Worksheets (that are actually fun)

The PERFECT 3rd Grade Adjectives Worksheets (that are actually fun)

3rd Grade Adjectives Worksheets

Hey there teacher! Are you on the search for the perfect 3rd-grade adjectives worksheets?

(That are actually fun).

You are in luck!

These adjectives color by number worksheets are an absolute blast.

And it’s pretty dang tricky to say that anything grammar related is an “absolute blast” (IYKYK).

Keep reading to learn all about the BEST 3rd-grade adjectives worksheets.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to snag your FREE color by number reading comprehension worksheet!

3rd Grade Adjectives Worksheets

What do adjectives mean and what are some adjective examples?

Growing up, I always was taught that an adjective is something that describes a noun.

And while this is true, I prefer to say that an adjective is something that TELLS US MORE about a noun.

Adjectives can refer to color (red), size (big), taste, smell, texture, sound, feelings.

I think the “trickiest” adjectives refer to time and number.

Like the first dog, this cat, Ancient Egypt, several mice.

Each of the bolded words above tells us more about the specific noun. That’s an adjective!

3rd Grade Adjectives Worksheets

How do these 3rd-grade adjectives worksheets work?

These color-by-number worksheets are just like they sound – a worksheet that gets colored as questions are answered.

We usually see color-by-number worksheets with multiplication facts, but grammar?

Oh yeah. 

It’s a new ball game.

Students answer various adjective questions.

Each multiple answer choice dictates what color to color part of a picture.

As students answer questions, their picture gets colored!

These worksheets are ENGAGING, MOTIVATING, and, FUN.

What more can we want?!

3rd Grade Adjectives Worksheets

What is included?

You receive 5 adjective worksheets in this set.

Each worksheet has 10 questions.

And, of course, there’s an answer key for each one!

Where can I get these worksheets?

You can grab these at Glitter in Third on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Click HERE to check them out!

3rd Grade Adjectives grammar interactive notebook

Looking for more info on adjectives?

Looking for MORE resources on adjectives?

I have other products available at Glitter in Third on TPT in case you want a digital or interactive product.

Click the links below to check each out!

Or if you need color-by-number worksheets for LOTS of grammar topics, read my blog post on FUN grammar worksheets!

Click HERE to read.

Want a reading comprehension freebie?

Are you new to color-by-numbers?

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It’s super fun for students (and doesn’t take an entire class period to complete, like reading comprehension passages often do!)

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