The 9 Best Free Apps to Boost Your Personal Productivity

Personal productivity is no less important than workspace productivity. However, many people often ignore the aspect of personal productivity, which they shouldn’t. Nowadays, many apps aid you in enhancing productivity at the personal level. You can improve productivity by making the best use of technology with the following free tools.

1. Calendly

You might need a calendar app to keep your tasks and time in sync. Even if you use some calendar tool for business purposes, keeping a personal calendar in a separate app helps. Calendly app offers free service to its individual users.

This app can turn out to be a substitute for your personal assistant when used correctly. You can set your availability for meetings and appointments, and the app will take care of the rest.

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It offers personalized reminders for appointments so that you don't forget any. The automation and integration features will also help you manage productivity by maintaining a work-life balance.

2. Slite

Want a note-taking app that’s fast and flexible? Choose Slite to keep notes on anything important or trivial. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require any learning curve.

You can store up to 50 docs on this platform. It supports the attachment of files up to 10 MB, with 2 GB total storage space. You can also keep a doc private or share it with others with a few clicks.

What’s more, it offers training on remote work for those who have started to work from home for the first time. You can also include code snippets and sketches in your notes.

3. Drag

Email management can be a hassle, especially if you have to maintain multiple email accounts. With Drag, you can seamlessly handle your emails. You simply need to install its Google Chrome extension.

Now, you can write emails with a personal touch using the customized email templates for Gmail. Drag’s email editor makes creating templates for the most frequently sent emails easy. You can also add unique information in the custom fields.

You can schedule an email follow-up to get the answers and wrap things up. It increases the response rate of the emails you send.

The email tracker feature of this app informs you when and how often the recipient opens your email. Turning the tracker on and off is just a matter of one click.

4. Wrike

Are you having a hard time managing all the tasks in your daily life? Task management app Wrike can help you sort and complete them in a hassle-free way.

It lets you add numerous tasks and subtasks that you need to perform in a day. You can also keep track of the time you took to complete a task to measure your productivity. In this way, you can find out what you need to do to become more productive.

Its various interactive board and chart views allow you to visualize your plans and progress effortlessly. The tool also offers advanced analytics data to show real-time insights into your productivity.

5. Habitica

Building new habits are tough, but not when you incorporate a habit tracker app into your lifestyle. Habitica is a habit-building app that lets you keep track of your goal until they turn into your habit.

This app has a fully customizable interface where you can seamlessly fit your personal goals. It has game-like features where you get rewards for achieving goals and punishment for failing to do so.

It also has a social network that can always motivate and inspire you to develop healthy habits. Whether you want to grow the habit of walking in the morning or going to the gym, this app is beneficial.

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6. Journey

You can only have a productive life if your mind is 100% ready to become productive. Journey is an app that lets you have a healthier and happier mind. It helps you have a calmer mind by filling it with positive energy and healthy thinking.

Apart from being a journal, it also works as your happiness trainer that makes you more productive through self-improvement. You can add images, music, and videos in this journal that takes you back to your fondest memories.

The app keeps track of your fitness and mood chart to showcase your overall well-being. Journey also values your privacy and has features like a passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, and Android Biometric to protect your entries from unauthorized access.

7. Penzu

Maintaining a diary or journal can significantly improve your productivity. But, always carrying a paper-based diary may be inconvenient. You can always choose to use a digital diary-like Penzu. You can write down your everyday experience in the app.

This app comes with the cloud sync feature that lets you use it from multiple devices according to your comfort. It also reminds you to write every day—a feature most suited for people with hectic schedules.

The app uses advanced security protocols like 256-bit AES encryption that ensures your ideas or personal thoughts remain safe. You can also customize the journal app view, advance search from your journals, and set email reminders for journal writing.

8. Dashlane

How many minutes do you spend remembering passwords for less used apps, or resetting the passwords when you can't remember them? Even if the total time taken on these activities seems insignificant, it sure hampers your concentration and has a negative impact on your productivity.

Dashlane is a password management app that lets you securely store up to 50 passwords for free. It also analyzes your password health and tells you if the password is weak, compromised, or used multiple times.

You can use this app to generate strong and unique passwords for online profiles in no time. The best thing about this app is, it alerts you if any of your passwords become the victim of any data breach event.

9. Yandex Disk

If you’re looking for a free cloud-based file storage app, Yandex Disk is the answer for you. This tool allows you to store up to 10 GB of files, including photos and documents. You can upload files and folders here to keep them safe.

It supports multi-device synchronization, which means you can upload files from all your devices into your Yandex Disk account. Thus, you can access the files from anywhere. Enabling device auto-uploads will automatically store all files in the cloud storage.

You can also share the saved files with others using public links that anyone can access even without a Yandex Disk account.

Make Yourself More Productive Using Free Apps

Using these tools together will definitely make your personal life easier and more productive. By resolving focusing and productivity issues in your personal life, you can automatically increase your work productivity. Moreover, these tools can be combined with the Getting Things Done (GTD) strategy for a sustained productivity boost.

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