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Christmas Music


Christmas Music Printable(** for Premium Members only)

Covering the gamut from traditional Christmas carols to pop holiday music, these Christmas sites include printable lyrics, music trivia, and streaming radio stations. May your holiday season be joyful and filled with music.

Christmas Songs

Calling itself “the most comprehensive Christmas song resource on the web,” Christmas Songs includes Christmas music trivia (with six interactive quizzes), links to sites with free Christmas sheet music, lots of printable song lyrics, and lists of top-selling Christmas CDs. “Jingle Bells is the most popular of all Christmas songs, but did you know it hasn’t always been associated with Christmas? The song was written by James Lord Pierpont and was copyrighted on September 16, 1857 with the title ‘One Horse Open Sleigh.'”

Pandora: Christmas

With 60 million listeners, Pandora’s Christmas radio station is one of its most popular. The “Christmas [station] rims your yuletide with an extensive mix of traditional holiday favorites. Listen here to play those timeless Christmas carols spanning the decades (and genres) from a variety of artists.”

Spotify: Christmas Classics

You will need to create a free account to listen to Spotify (and there will be ads) but on the plus side, you will find a lot of holiday playlists to choose from, and lyrics are included. This playlist is Holiday Classics and includes artists such as Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Judy Garland. To find more Christmas playlists, use the search function on the vertical menu.

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Quote of the Week

“Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is THE BEST.” ~~ Frank Zappa ~~ (December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993) American musician and bandleader. What do you think is the best? While you think about your answer, click this link to read some quotes about art.

Surfing the Calendar

International Calendar Awareness Month   December
Universal Human Rights Month   December
Game of Bingo Created by Edwin S. Lowe   Dec, 1929
Geminids Meteor Shower   Dec 13-14, 2022
Total Solar Eclipse   Dec 14, 2020
Bill of Rights Anniversary (Celebrated as Bill of Rights Day)   Dec 15, 1791
Ludwig von Beethoven’s Birthday   Dec 16, 1770
Boston Tea Party   Dec 16, 1773
Beatrix Potter self-published “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”   Dec 16, 1901
Jane Austen’s Birthday   Dec 16, 1775
Wright Brother’s First Flight   Dec 17, 1903
Slavery Abolished by 13th Amendment   Dec 18, 1865
Hanukkah   Dec 18 – Dec 26, 2022
Carter G. Woodson’s Birthday   Dec 19, 1875
France Transfers Louisiana Territory to U.S.   Dec 20, 1803
Sacagawea Dies   Dec 20, 1812
U.S. Supreme Court Declares Segregated Bus Seating Illegal   Dec 20, 1956
Anniversary of Establishment of Poet Laureate   Dec 20, 1985

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