Shibuya: 8 Things To Do To Enjoy The City To The Fullest!

The center of Tokyo and Japan's youth culture: Shibuya. Shibuya is best known for its super-busy Scramble Crossing and the fashion building SHIBUYA 109. But that's not all this area of the city has to offer.

Today, we'll be introducing 6 things you should do when in Shibuya.

1. View Shibuya Scramble Crossing


Right outside of Shibuya Station is the bustling Scramble Crossing. It's one of the busiest intersections in the world, and is said to have up to 3,000 people crossing at once. You may have seen it before, as it's often used as filming locations for movies or music videos.

So inevitably, this place is one of the most popular photo spots for tourists in Shibuya. You'll see many snapping pictures of the countless crossing pedestrians. There are even some who jump or get down on the ground for a unique shot.

When in Shibuya, you should try your favorite pose here for a great memory of your trip, but be careful not to get in the way of others.

2. Enjoy the City View from Shibuya Scramble Square

Shibuya: 6 Things To Do To Enjoy The City To The Fullest!

Picture from SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE - A New Tokyo Landmark In Shibuya

Shibuya Scramble Square is a new entertainment and shopping complex that opened in November 2019. The rooftop is an observatory that overlooks the Scramble Crossing, offering a swapping view of the city.

The observatory is part of SHIBUYA SKY, a facility that allows visitors to feel the pulse of the city through cutting-edge interactive exhibitions.

Shibuya Scramble Square is a one-stop for enjoying fabulous city views, shopping for the latest fashion, gadgets, and stylish Japanese souvenirs, as well as entertainment inspired by the vibrant metropolis.

3. Shop for Edge-Cutting Fashion and Japanese Souvenirs


Shibuya is known as a city that creates culture. You will always find the newest fashion brands at SHIBUYA 109, as well as other popular shops at Marui. Both are spots you want to check out if you are into fashion.

But that's not all. You will also find many made-in-Japan products at shops that handle traditional crafts or Japanese arts. Shibuya Hikarie, Maruara Watanabe, and Loft are all places where you can find great Japanese souvenirs.

There are various other shops that will satisfy the needs of anyone. One of the more famous is Mandarake for the otaku.

4. Enjoy Japan-Exclusive Sushi and Cuisine


You're in Japan, so you're probably looking for some Japanese cuisine to enjoy, right? Shibuya is a great place to find delicious Japanese restaurants.

Shibuya is especially popular among tourists, so there are many stores with menus in various languages. You'll also find that many are open 24 hours.

Less-expensive Japanese restaurant chains are also plentiful in the area, so you can choose where to dine depending on your budget.

5. Find Anime Goods and Games at Shibuya PARCO

Shibuya: 6 Things To Do To Enjoy The City To The Fullest!

Picture from Shibuya PARCO - Interactive Shopping, Art, And Hands-On Technology

Video game and anime lovers will be thrilled to visit the sixth floor of Shibuya PARCO.

The floor is occupied by shops dedicated to anime character goods and game technology such as Nintendo TOKYO, Pokemon Center Shibuya, Token Ranbu Yorozuya Honpo, and JUMP SHOT.

Shibuya PARCO is a complex fun to visit as a whole, as it contains excellent fashion shops, galleries, museums, cafes, restaurants, and even a beautiful rooftop garden connected through a staircase to the streets of Shibuya.

6. Relax at a Stylish Cafe


Taking a break from time to time is important when traveling. It's great when you find a cute or fancy shop to relax at when looking for somewhere to rest your tired feet.

Shibuya is famous also for its various unique cafes. Visitors can read manga for free at Cafe LAX or enjoy some board games at JELLY JELLY CAFE.

Many cafes in Shibuya also offer Wi-Fi and power outlets, which you can make use of to plan your trip while you rest. You might want to look up some cafes you want to visit beforehand so that you can enjoy your stops between sightseeing as well.

7. Enjoy the Nightlife


Many people visit Shibuya for its night clubs and live music venues. There are various places to choose from, such as WOMB (*1), which has been ranked 2nd place in the world club rankings, and club asia, which has an Asian feel and design.

Stop by Shibuya if you're looking for a fun night.

*1 Update from July 2020: Club WOMB has closed for an indefinite period as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

8. Participate in Japan's Craziest Halloween Experience


Halloween in Shibuya is the most exciting in Japan. The city is flooded with people in unique costumes taking photos and making new friends. The Scramble Crossing is a mess of costumed-participants going this way and that. The sight is pretty otherworldly.

It's a once-a-year event, but if you're traveling to Japan during the Halloween season, it might be an interesting experience to take part in.

An area in the center of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo: Shibuya. There are many ways to enjoy this great city, so choose the ones that will make you the happiest!

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