scrollino - Aniquariam

Vendor: Scrollino
Type: Books
Price: 10.00

Scrollino - Aniquariam is an interactive optical illusion that is designed to grab the attention of humans young and old alike. Scrollino puts a playful spin on what a book can be a playful new way. 

Each compact Scrollino box come with a pencil which you insert into the side (either to the left or right, whichever suits), so you can wind and unwind the paper roll inside at your own pace. This process helps to develop fine motor skills while also keeps kids engaged and excited, helping to active their imagination and curiosity.

Inspired by the ombro-cinema technique, Scrollino Aniquariam is beautifully illustrated with sea creatures swimming in the deep dark ocean that seem to move before your eyes as you scroll through.

Best of all, this revolutionary rewinding book is plastic free, zero waste and eco-friendly and needs no batteries (yeahy).

We love kids books by Irish Illustrators here at designist. We also have a large range of toys and games for kids too.

How does it come?
Each box is 12 X 8 x 2.5 cm approx. Made of recyclable materials of organic origin and manufactured in Europe. Designed and produced in a way to be as zero waste as possible. Plastic free. In English.

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