Roller Drama is secretly a brilliant houseshare simulator

Hello! I've been playing Roller Drama over the last week or so. It's not a long game, I gather, but I'm taking it slow, because it feels, in its own way, like it's a whole world I am being dunked in, and I want to make the most of it, and to live it as fully as I can.

It's a wonderfully strange thing. In Roller Drama you play as a coach to a roller derby team. You play the matches - which are brilliant and tactical and exhausting, and I have yet to finish one without someone on the team dropping on the track out of sheer knackerdness - and in between you knock around the house you all live in together, solving surreal little puzzles and talking to a ghost who looks a bit like Shakespeare. There's a cat involved too, who, physics fans will be glad to hear, may or may not be dead. It's hard to tell.

It's rare for a game with this many pieces to fully click, I think. But Roller Drama is clicking for me. And that's because I like the hectic, thoughtful spin on a sport I can barely comprehend, and also because this game, I think, is secretly something very coherent and very welcome. It's secretly an absolutely stellar houseshare simulation.

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