RK Royal Kludge keyboards: The best large-sized gaming and typing keyboards?

If you’re an avid gamer or spend a lot of time typing, chances are that a default keyboard doesn’t meet your requirements. It might not have the right design, feel, or sound, and all those factors can make for an underwhelming experience.

Getting a professional keyboard is one answer. Rather than settling for whatever came in the box along with your computer, you can get a custom device that will make every minute behind the keyboard an absolute joy.

RK Royal Kludge produces precisely that kind of keyboard, in addition to other quality-made peripherals. This article will provide a detailed overview of four RK Royal Kludge keyboards: RK H81, RK S108, RK100, and RK918.

After going through these details, you’ll undoubtedly find the right model to fit your needs.

RK H81

The RK H81 is a gasket mechanical keyboard with a compact 80% layout and 81 keys. It comes in white with colour-blocked keys and features a clean design that can match any desk.

Mode Knob

The RK H81 has a five-position knob that allows users to switch between different modes in an instant. The first three modes swap between Bluetooth devices, the fourth switches to Wi-Fi mode, and the final position powers off the keyboard.


To make sure the RK H81 is truly universal, RK Royal Kludge has equipped the keyboard with three connection options. There’s a stable wired connection via a USB Type-C cable, a Bluetooth low-latency option, and a wireless connection at 2.4 GHz. In addition, the keyboard features a USB hub for Type-C connections.

Large Capacity Battery

The H81 keyboard has 3750mAH large capacity battery to make sure of long-term use on the go. While fully charged, RK H81 can easily work for over a week.(Turn OFF the RGB light can improve battery life)  What’s more,  it supports power display during usage.


This keyboard supports hot-swapping and features quality Sky-Cyan switches, which sound like a flurry of sprinkles. It is very comfortable and flexible. With the hot-swap support, users can customize how the keys sound and feel. 


The lighting options for the RK H81 include a full-colour RGB mode, with a function that allows users to record backlight settings.

OS Support

The keyboard is designed for universal use. The RK H81 works on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

RK S108

If you want a retro-style mechanical keyboard with a full 108-key layout, the RK S108 is the ideal choice. The keyboard features rounded keys in typewriter fashion, giving it a unique visual impression.


In line with its retro look, the RK S108 features only the traditional wired connection. It has a USB cable that ensures a stable and continuous connection without latency.


The RKS108 comes with 168 backlights and seven sidelight LED modes in full or RGB colour. The global colour can be changed easily by pressing Fn + Pause.


The switches on this keyboard can’t be swapped, and you likely won’t ever want to change them. The keys are mechanical with medium resistance and pleasant sound and feedback. 

Wrist rest

The keyboard features a collapsible wrist rest with an ergonomic design. 

Key features

As the name says, the RK S108 has 108 keys. They feature technologies like anti-ghosting and N-key rollover that provide clean, error-free typing with no delay whatsoever.


A 96%, full-size keyboard with advanced connectivity options, the RK100 is quality-made, versatile, and compatible with different devices. Instead of flashy looks, this keyboard is built for ultimate functionality.


The RK100 features three connection types: Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, and a wired USB Type-C connection. But the connectivity here isn’t only about output. You can also connect up to three devices to the keyboard. 

Programmable keys

Every key on the RK100 can be programmed using dedicated software that comes with the keyboard. Note that the software is for Windows users only and will function when the RK100 is in wired mode.


You can hot-swap between blue, brown, and red switches. The blue variants are the hardest with a pronounced clicking sound, while the red is the smoothest and quietest. The brown variant represents a middle ground.


The RK918 features mechanical keys and a streamlined ergonomic design. This keyboard is built for the ultimate gaming experience, but it will be a great fit for typing, too.


Connecting the RK918 to your computer is made easy with the plug-and-play USB wired connection. This connection type is chosen due to its speed, reliability, and practically zero latency. 


The RK918 has 18 RGB lighting modes with five interactive and 11 dynamic options for backlight. There are also customizable sidelight modes, as well as a special “breathing” backlight variant.


You can swap switches between the blue, quieter brown, and nearly noiseless red. The caps are removable for cleaning purposes and can be replaced with custom keys. 

Aluminium frame

The panel on the RK918 is made of brushed aluminium, making it very clean-looking and resilient to hard use and wear and tear.

Ergonomic design

The bracket stands on this keyboard are adjustable, allowing you to customize RK918 by height and angle. They also feature non-slip feet to ensure the keyboard stays in place.

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