Review: Telling Lies - FMV Thriller on the Cusp of Greatness

Speech check.

As the video game industry begins to accommodate more and more unique experiences, what we define as interactive entertainment expands. This is largely thanks to the boom in independent development over the past two generations, which as a result, has given rise to select genres once assumed dead. Full-motion video is just one example, and Telling Lies feels like a premium take on that experience. The result is a captivating narrative held back by some clunky interaction.

From the developer behind PC hit Her Story, Sam Barlow has crafted yet another FMV thriller which takes place entirely on a laptop screen. It's your job to work out the story behind four select characters and learn what links them together by watching the videos they have recorded over a certain period of time. The left thumbstick controls the laptop's mouse and a search bar lets you dig through clips containing the term you choose.

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