PS5’s User Interface Could Help You to Plan Your Game Sessions

How long to beat?

We know that Sony’s planning to streamline the PlayStation 5 experience by creating interactive widgets for games to take advantage of. On current consoles, for example, you have to load up a title and then select the multiplayer component before you can hop into a match. Next-gen will change this, as you’ll be able to bypass in-game menus by selecting exactly what you want to do directly from the system's user interface.

A new patent, however, hints at how far the Japanese giant intends to take this general idea. It proposes a software solution whereby players could be informed how long on average it’ll need to play to complete the next objective. It’ll also then make suggestions that could potentially optimise your playtime, such as using a specific resource. If you’re having difficulty to complete a section, then the console will surface hints or tips.

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