ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade

My kids have been trapped inside for months now, and while some businesses are starting to open, most of the activities they enjoy are still off limits. One of the things they miss the most are our visits to our local arcade. Shooting games are always their favorites and our regular game systems simply can't mimic them. ProjeX, however, gives you a real arcade feel right inside your home.

ProjeX uses a projection arcade that kids can play in any area of your home. It comes with a projector and two blasters that allow you to have a real arcade experience. There is no assembly required. Just add three AA batteries and plug in the blasters and you're all set to go. The protector displays the target and the blasters have lasers that allow you to track them. You even get to reload your weapon. The projector shifts so you never know where your target will land. It's a fun and challenging game that kept my children entertained for hours.

The game system comes with three different shooting games including targets, ducks, and UFOs. Each option has different levels of difficulty so kids of all ages can enjoy the game system. One of the coolest features of the game is that  you can easily move it from room to room, so kids can play anywhere, anytime. As long as the lights are dimmed, the projector will work on any clear, flat surface. Since its battery operated, it will even provide entertainment on nights where summer storms make the power go out.

If you want to get a  ProjeX Projecting Game Arcade you find them in stores and online at Walmart and Target. For only $49.99,  you can provide hours of interactive fun for your family. You can learn more about the product on their website

You can also take a chance to win a ProjeX by entering the giveaway below.

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Please note this giveaway is being run by ProjeX and they will have access to any information you provide. They are responsible for selecting and notifying winner, and will send the prize directly.

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